13 steps to remove any stains

When it comes down to the usual household matters like how to remove stains, almost everyone has a few quirky yet effective tips and tricks up his sleeves. As a matter of fact, there’re so many remedies that here we’ve compiled only the most effective of all so check out how to deal with many different stains on anything.

  1. For red wine stains, soak the area in white wine and layer it with a thick baking soda paste. Allow it to sit for a few hours and wash as usual. You’ll be surprised to see the spot completely gone!
  2. Protective foam that’s mostly used on dry-cleaning hangers works perfectly against white perspiring stains on a garment. All you need is to rub the foam gently against the fabric on the spot and see the difference only after a few minutes.
  3. For an oil stain on your favourite leather item such as jacket or perhaps a handbag, coat the mark with baby powder and leave it intact overnight. In the morning, the stain would have been gone completely but just in case it persists, repeat the process till it goes away.
  4. Due to high level of surfactants, dish washing detergent is excellent at removing grease and oil-based stains from clothing.
  5. For liquid makeup collected on shirt collars, use shaving cream and a washcloth to effectively remove it without ruining the rest of the garment.
  6. In case you collect wax on a cloth, spread wax paper directly on the hardened wax, give it an iron treatment and gently pull off the paper. The wax would come off like butter!
  7. To remove stains made from dirt and soot, cut the sides of local bakery bread and allow it to stale. Now, rub the dirt and stain with edge of the staled bread and surprisingly, the dirt and soot stains would go off. You may also de-scuff using an eraser or a nail file.
  8. Lipstick stains on a cloth can be effectively removed by spraying a hairspray and gently dab the area with a clean cloth.
  9. There’re times when your favourite blush or bronzer breaks inside the handbag. No need to fret as long as you’ve pre-moistened makeup removing wipes as they cleanses loose powder smoothly.
  10. If you spritz perfume on the delicate silk clothing by accident, simply apply a few drops of dilute alcohol on cheesecloth pad and sponge outside in. This’ll effectively remove perfume stains from silk.
  11. Tough perspiring stains can be treated with a mixture of tartar cream, warm water and crushed aspirin. All you need is to stir up all the three ingredients and apply on the stain, wait for approximately 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  12. Watermarks on leather boots are usual yet unwelcomed so all you need is adding a few drops of vinegar in cold water. Scrub the area with a soft bristled brush till the stain is being completely removed. Leave the garment to dry overnight.
  13. Wipe the coffee or tea stain with lukewarm water before blotting it with glycerine.


The above steps help to remove stains; no matter the source of collection!

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