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Two Popular Markets Without Which Every Delhi Trip Is Incomplete

Delhi is renowned all over India for its markets for shopping. Shopping buffs from every nook and corner of the world come to Delhi to stock their little bags with myriad of things. Delhi’s markets are known for their variety, prices and quality. Curious tourists flock these markets to buy some amazing things they can take back home.

A lot of tourists visit Delhi every other day as is evident from the myriads of flights coming and leaving Delhi every day from all major cities of India. Airasia flights from Bangalore to Delhi are quite frequent now, and one can book them any time. There are also train running everyday and if you want to save some bucks, then choose the train journey. However, if you put up nearby then catch a bus or a taxi and make way to Delhi in few hours.

Here are the famous markets of Delhi, which no tourist can leave without grabbing some stuff from there.

  1. Kamla Nagar: this market is located close to the north campus of Delhi University and therefore is frequently trotted by the college students. There are myriads of girls’ stuff available here like all kinds of casual tops and trousers, of latest variety and patterns. There are hair accessories available along with other make-up things. Wallets and purses of all colours and sizes, can be brought from here, a dime a dozen. And how can one forget the legion variety of slippers and fancy bellies which ladies flock to buy. You can even find vendors selling cheap mobile covers (of a variety of designs, funky, girly and sporty) and screen guards. And for the book lovers, come here to buy your favourite classics or other latest novels at the best prices you can afford. If all this is not enough, then you have popular eateries and other showrooms here too.

The famous ones which captivate Delhi’s crowd include Momos Point and the famous Chhole Bhature wala. These shops are always bustled with people, both from inside and outside. They sell the most scrumptious dishes, the most spicy ones, which Delhiites love to savour.right next to the Kamla Nagar market is the old and popular Kolhapur Road, which is famous for Kolhapuri chappals. This boulevard is lined with a plenty of shops and kiosks selling the best and cheapest footwear items. Visit here and buy whatever you wish for, and do not forget to bargain for the best prices.

  1. Connaught Place: centered in the heart of Delhi,is the Connaught Place market and you can easily reach there using Delhi Metro. You simply need to deboard at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, which forms the junction of the yellow and the blue lines. This is the biggest metro station of Delhi and you will find it crowded all the time. Talking about the market, it is dotted with a plethora of posh showrooms and malls. There are also eateries which will never leave you hungry.

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7 rules of office etiquette

What makes you want to get up early in the morning and go straight to work? On the downside, what makes going to work drive you nuts?

Ask your employed friends, relatives and even coworkers these questions. Chances are, if not most then some of them would retort their issues and concerns regarding the office setup and etiquette.

In addition, appropriate office behavior should also be strictly observed. Respect and courteousness is a two way street and is important not just for the clients but for the workers as well.

Photo source: Dylan Club Blog

Strict implementation and observance of proper office etiquette and manners should be brought upon. These rules of etiquette isn’t just beneficial for the office and clients but also for the overall professional and personal growth of each and everyone in the workplace. Here are some of the most important rules of office etiquette.

Keep the noise down. This shouldn’t even be a reminder to anyone even when not in a work environment. Keeping the noise level low should be the first and foremost rule people should keep in mind when in workplace.

Be mindful of the people around you. These people are in the office accomplishing their tasks at hand and what they need most at this time is focus.

If possible, take calls away from the work area especially if these are personal calls that could take up more than a minute. Not everyone in the room is interested to knowing what the call is about let alone hear the full conversation.

Get organized. There’s nothing more pesky to anyone’s sight than an unorganized, messy and cluttered desk. It goes to show how unprofessional and unsystematic a person work. It sure does give that impression and what do they say about impressions — it last.

The least you want your coworkers, especially the upper management, to think is how incapable you are of managing your workload. Project a professional image by keeping your workspace tidy.

Don’t be a distraction. Employees come to office to get their tasks done, not to talk about their personal issues or recent vacation. These small talks can wait until break time but during work hours, do your work. And if you’re feeling a little under the weather, don’t bring your coworkers down with you.

Don’t distract, interrupt or chat with them especially if they’re working. Be aware of what you do. The smell of your tuna meal can be distracting as well as your continuous fidgeting on the floor. Be mindful of your actions as well.

Don’t steal supplies. One of the most unethical things to do is stealing other people’s belongings. Pens, sticky notes, stapler, puncher, paper clips, and the likes are things that are necessary to always keep on your desk.


If you run out of any of these, always ask permission and don’t just reach out to your coworker’s desk and grab the item. Also, don’t be too comfortable with borrowing. Chances are, they’re not comfortable handing you too much. Don’t take advantage of anyone’s kind gesture.

Respect is a must.  What keeps a company intact and organized is due to respect and courtesy. Respect a coworker’s need to work. Respect a coworker’s privacy. Respect a coworker’s opinions and beliefs. Respect a coworker’s culture. 

All foundations of each and everyone’s relationships are built with respect and integrity. Remember, anything you see or hear, you should leave it be unless otherwise stated.

Check out your hygiene. Most often than not, hygiene is where coworkers initially reads you if you have proper etiquette. Sticky mouse and keyboard? Tissues, snacks, sandwich crumbs and the works all over your desk? Bad breath? Inappropriately dressed and dons a foul smell? If you’ve ever encountered someone or you yourself have been “the one” you might want to keep your hygiene in check.

Be productive. Going on Facebook or other social media platforms during work hours and wasting more time scrolling through rather spending time accomplishing your task hurts your morale. It shows not only lack of etiquette but disrespect as well towards your profession, coworkers, bosses and the company. 

Given all the responsibilities and tasks one needs to accomplish can be exhausting and draining however, an environment lacking rules of etiquette is more irritating than sitting in a desk full of business projects. A professional atmosphere is vital in keeping a workplace ‘workable’ and respectable.


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Chie Suarez is a writer for Ideal Office Furniture, a company specialising in a wide selection of office furniture designs servicing large corporate businesses to small home offices throughout Sydney.

8 must-read books to feed your wanderlust

Literature makes a lasting impression to us. It makes our imagination work and go wild as we read pages after pages.

Books are one effective tool to fuel our imagination. Let’s talk about travel and adventure books that will ignite your wanderlust.

Regardless if you already have a trip scheduled and coming up in a month’s time or still undecided on where to spend your next holiday, here’s a good reading list to help you decide where to go and help you give a taste of adventure until the day comes. Happy reading!

The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

One of the most read books in history and remains a classic tale of travel, adventure and following one’s dreams. The Alchemist takes on a young shepherd boy who went on a quest from Spain to Egypt and along his journey, meets different people that will leave impact in his life.

This novel has transformed and inspired millions of lives and generations after generations. It has the perfect mix of wisdom and magic than leads the readers to their own self-discovery.

The novel is also filled with inspirational and eye-opening quotes that will open your mind to the meaning of life, your soul to go with the flow and your heart to follow your dreams.



A Moveable Feast

Author: Ernest Hemingway

A memoir of Ernest Hemingway’s, this book narrates his life in Paris from all his experiences writing the book to drinking, mingling and wandering the streets of The City of Lights.

His memoir perfectly captures the ups and down of being an American in a foreign land and. It can be lonely but in his own words “Paris is a moveable feast.”





Me Talk Pretty One Day

Author: David Sedaris

A tidbit different from other travel books, this one is a ludicrous collection of essays by American humorist David Sedaris recounting his experience in Paris and narrating his hilarious attempts to learning French. The book also takes on him wrapping his mind around the French culture.








Author: Cheryl Strayed

This is a memoir of Cheryl Strayed recounting her female solo adventure in Pacific Crest Trail when she was just 26. With a heavy burden in her heart following the death of her mother, family scattered and failed marriage, Cheryl made the most impulsive and life-changing decision of her life.

You see, being impulsive and going out of your comfort zone can be the answer to the many questions popping inside your head. Take risks, maybe it’s what you need.





Into the Wild

Author: Jon Krauker

Wild and Into the Wild are two books people always talk about when discussing the other for they have similarities. One of which is that both reads tackles on going on a solo journey, creating a new life for themselves. The tragedy that hits Into the Wild however is unforgettable, Christopher McCandles died in the wilderness.

The events and unfiltered experiences before his death are certainly a great representation of what traveling is about: connecting with new people, taking what nature offers, make an impact in other people’s lives and vice versa; and the works.





The Art of Travel

Author: Alain de Botton

This is a  witty and incredibly articulated narration of the different emotional stages a traveler experiences during their journey. In addition, de Botton perfectly captures the anticipation of starting, during and ending of the trip. The book also details how and why we travel.

It is a thought-provoking read that will make you question why you ought to explore the world. Once you start reading it, you’ll have a hard time putting it down for it will suck you in.




All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes

Author: Maya Angelou

The inspiring, remarkable and legendary poet shared her experiences living in Ghana, finding her “home” in Africa and what it means to be an African-American. Beautifully written, her mastery of language makes the autobiographical book pleasing all the while challenging to read.







Author: Rolf Potts

If you’re currently on a long-term travel or planning to do one someday, Potts shares his experiences, valuable insights, practical knowledge and words of wisdom to inspire and guide travelers. Go and pick up this book for it will greatly help you in planning, saving and adapting to your nomadic lifestyle.






Packing a book with you on your journey makes a good company. So don’t forget to bring one especially during long-hour trips.

What travel book has inspired you to wander? Share us your recommendations!


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Chie Suarez sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late, not to mention she writes for Kims Luxury Accomodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay NSW Australia.

5 things to do in Delhi before you die

If you think that India and Pakistan cricket match is the most fierce competition in the world, then probably you haven’t been involved in the dual between a Mumbai and a Delhi loyal. People from both the regions just don’t like to give up on the topic and you can feel the temperature rising when they are at it. Though, they still love each other and often look at their counterpart for things that are unique to each other. If Mumbai has a better nightlife, then Delhi has a boisterous club culture. If Mumbai has a beaches, the Delhi has big gardens. If you stay in Mumbai and want to see for yourself, if Delhi is upto your expectations or not, then just choose from Mumbai to Delhi flights to come here and find out. Here is a list of things to do while you are in Delhi.

  1. Explore the ancient: Delhi was one of the most popular places in India from where all the rulers wanted to rule India. It’s proximity to the Middle Eastern nations and Yamuna river were the factors, that everyone wanted Delhi to be its ruling capital. The interest can be easily noticed as their are lots of ancient Hindu and Muslim monuments in Delhi. Delhi has a lot of ancient landmarks like Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Agrasen ki baoli and a whole lot of other interesting places.

jantar mantar

  1. Taste awesomeness: With so much delicious food out there on the streets of India, you just can’t go back without indulging in the different cuisines. Like Punjab, people in Delhi want their breakfast heavy and lunch even heavier and the taste is a must. That’s the only reason that any hawker or a vendor you find serves you the best taste possible. Visit Chandni Chowk, Hauz Khaz or Delhi Haat for nerve tickling and delicious food. Best thing though is you can find awesome food at so of the cheapest rates in Delhi.


  1. Feel the history: Delhi has a rich past and it can be seen in the form of various monuments and places that were as a bastion for the freedom struggle. From Jantar Mantar to India Gate and the Red Fort, people fought for India’s struggle for freedom was marked by people who sacrificed their lives for the nation. You can visit Bhagat Singh Memorial park or Sharif Manzil Haveli where Mahatma Gandhi, Maulana Azad and Jawaharlal Nehru has numerous meetings. There are a number of places here that should be on your list if you want to feel the history.

jantar mantar

  1. Go shopping: If you are a shopaholic then Delhi is the place where you can buy a lot without spending much money. From clothes to shoes, Delhi has some of the best markets where you can buy latest fashion products at cheapest rates. If you have good bargaining skills then you should visit Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and Janpath to get best deals. Best thing is that every market is just 10 minutes from the nearest metro station.

lajpat nagar

  1. Visit nearby hill stations: Being a North Indian state has a lots of advantage. There are so many hill stations in the 500 km radius from Delhi, that you can easily go a for a weekend trip with your friends and join the office back on Mondays. With places like Dharamshala, Kasauli and Lansdowne at close proximity, Delhiites have no dearth of natural places to visit.


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