5 travel disasters and how to prepare

You’re armed with extra undies, travel pillow, bookmarked your guides and other materials, but do you come ready for battle against untimely crisis?

There’s no harm in preparing for a few bumps on your journey. It’s always better to ready yourself with whatever circumstance there may be for the reality is: bad things happen specially when we least expect it.  Even the most experienced travelers have their vacation horror emergencies to share. So there’s no excuse for you to skip the umbrella and first aid kit.

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Image source: Pixabay, user stevepb

No, you can’t predict when an emergency will happen for it’s unforeseen and just takes you by surprise. But yes, there are ways to avoid and prepare for such WTF-travel disasters.

Illness or injuries

Health care in your destination can cause a shock to those unaware. Procedures in hospitals in different countries vary and if you don’t understand it, it can be really daunting. You’re lucky if you get a doctor who speaks English and able to convey his message across clearly.

Similarly, in-flight illnesses are no joke. You’d think you’re used to traveling frequently and haven’t experienced any traveler’s tummy since you started, you thought wrong. Turbulence and other factors such as food digested before you board the plane may churn your stomach.


Prior to your departure, take note of your country’s emergency numbers, embassy contact details and location. Look up their website, chances are they have there a list of acknowledge physicians and hospitals.

For in-flight illness: You’ll never know when it will hit and if it hits, you must come prepared. Always have an extra shirt with you in your carry-on bag so if such events occurs, you won’t have to wait hours to grab your luggage and change.

Most important of all, bring a small first-aid kit! There’s no excuses and no further explanation for this needed. This is a necessity and an essential to pack wherever you may be.

Lost luggage

You’re standing in front of the conveyor belt awaiting and looking for your bright-yellow hard shell luggage or those with neon tapes (for easy spotting), passengers after passengers have pulled their bags and still yours is nowhere in sight. What to do?

Do ensure that you have the baggage claim ticket with you and do not lose it otherwise the hassle of losing a luggage and the claim ticket doubles the amount. 


The least you can do to prevent your luggage from getting lost is to remove any unnecessary tags that may affect the airport’s scanning metrics. Make sure that your name and other necessary contact information are labeled properly.

Another thing to consider, as much as possible pack your valuable belongings in your carry-on just in case the worst comes, these valuables are with you. Do also include in your carry-on a set of clothing for lost luggage can get retrieved days after.

Lost Passport

This is every traveler’s utmost nightmare. Instead of panicking and allowing the situation take charge, find solutions and act immediately. Rewind and track back where you went and where you last put or seen it. Maybe you left it in the hotel or within the deep and dark parameters of your carry-on. If it’s nowhere to be found, contact and show up to your local embassy and apply for an emergency passport.


It’s a no-brainer but always keep your passport close your body (along with other valuables) and keep both eyes open; be alert.

Make PDF and hard copies of your passport (and other important documents) and store it in a safe place different from where you keep the original. We recommend you keep your passport in the hotel safe whenever you’re out and about while your hard copy in your luggage or your day-to-day bag.

Missed flight

If your flight gets delayed, you’re lucky to get an apology. If you’re the one to miss a flight, you don’t get a pardon even if you were only a few minutes late. You get to wait hours for the plane, but the plane won’t waste a minute to wait for your arrival.


As a general rule of thumb: be there early! The only way to avoid this from happening is getting yourself there in the airport early. As unfair as it is and as frustrating as it sounds, it’s better to wait for a delayed flight than miss a flight.

To prepare for it though, check out available flights bound to your destination on the same departure time before your trip. Get a note of it just in case.

Stolen purse or loss of access to funds

One of every traveler’s dreadful nightmares. Never, ever, EVER leave your bag unattended and keep your alert meters high at all times wherever you are.


Along with your passport, do consider leaving one of your credit cards and a few bucks in your hotel safe. Also, keep emergency cash with you. Who knows when, why and where your cards might unknowingly stop working and you’re left there without cash in hand. Cards are convenient but having cash on hand is still better.

In terms of your gadgets, make sure to install a tracking app. Worst case, if it gets stolen, you can still have a high chance of retrieving it with the use of the app. Aside from Find My iPhone for Apple users, there are several other tracking apps to try.

You’ll never know when the unexpected might hit so it makes sense to always be prepared for the worst. No excuses. Even the well-thought out plans and itineraries can get awry.

Have any travel disaster stories to share? Leave a comment below!


About Chie Suarez

Chie Suarez sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late, not to mention she writes for Kims Luxury Accomodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay NSW Australia.


6 overlooked tax deductions to include in your report

Tax time is just around the corner. Although you have an option to contact your trusted accountant to deal with your tax returns or do it yourself, knowing which items you can claim deductions for is critical in the process.

Not everyone knows which items are deductible and often times, some of which are overlooked. Don’t become one among those people and be responsible and aware of your deductibles. It’s either you see the tax season as a nightmare or a bonanza, it better be the latter.

Let’s get you started with your tax returns. Here are the top six overlooked tax deductions you’re entitled to that you should know.

1: Cost of managing tax affairs

You’ve been settling your taxes annually and perhaps you’ve sought assistance from online tax return services or with a tax agent.

If you paid for professional assistance to accomplish and lodge last year’s tax return, you’re allowed to claim the deduction for the expense this year. Input the details into the respective section: Cost of Managing Tax Affairs. Travel costs to and from your agent as well as tax advice fees can also be deducted. Basically, the fees you put into tax return are tax deductible.

2: Property expenses

For those with rental property, business property and homeowners alike, can claim a deduction for mortgages. However, there are more deductions you can claim that are beyond mortgages — your assets.

If you’ve paid for any among these expenses, you can claim deductions:

  • Maintenance and repairs,
  • Bookkeeping/secretarial fees
  • End of lease cleaning costs
  • Gardening and lawn mowing fees
  • Pest control
  • Expenses on installation of qualified residential alternative energy equipment (i.e. wind turbines, solar hot water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, etc.)
  • Home or office improvement

There are many other assets you may find depreciation for and you can consult a quantity surveyor or qualified experts for acquisition.

3: Home office expenses

And if you happen to be a work-from-home professional, you may be able to enlist the use of your personal computer as tax deduction.

If you’re self-employed or a home-based employee, you can enlist your home office space an “occupancy cost” for it to be deductible. You may include expenses on software, furniture, equipment and certain percentage of your mortgage/rent and other bills and utilities applicable.

4: Charitable contributions

Though these are gifts and services you wholeheartedly provided this year, your philanthropic deeds can be of help to you when it comes to tax deductions.

Let’s say you offered to hand your time of driving for the charity organization, you may deduct 14 cents per mile as well as the parking and toll fees. Do keep your receipts and if you’re able to contribute at least a total of $250, request an acknowledgement from the charity documenting your support. This shall make for the tax returns.

5: Membership and subscription fees

Subscriptions can be quite hefty. Worry not, if you’re a part of a professional association, work-related union or have acquired a membership fee, you can claim a deduction for their respective amounts.

6: Internet and mobile phone expenses

Your work phone, the one you use for making and receiving business and work-related messages and calls, also counts for claimable deductions. Likewise, if you use your home internet service for work-related matters, you may also claim a certain percentage of the expense.

Now, don’t forget to review and include these deductions in your next tax return report.

What other overlooked deductions you think should have been in this list? Share it with us and for others to know, leave a comment below!


About Chie Suarez

Chie is a daytime writer for Depreciator – Tax Depreciation Schedule, a company dedicated completely to Tax Depreciation Schedules that aids the Australian property market.

8 worth-exploring destinations in Asia

For those of you who have always dreamed of traveling but doesn’t know which country or city to start your journey, begin your adventure in the continent of Asia.

Not only is traveling in Asia a breath of new culture, some Asian countries doesn’t require visas for tourists and if so, it’s rather easy to acquire. Plus, you won’t go over budget if you plan to go there since you can score cheap flights and affordable accommodations in the places.

Traveling in Asia is currently on the rise and that’s due to amazing sights, beautiful and vibrant cities as well as fascinating history behind these destinations. Check out these destinations to get you started on your journey to Asia!

Beijing, ChinaSummer Palace, Beijing, China, Rocks, Cliffs, Steps

Photo source: Pixabay

With just the right percentage mixture of history and modernity, China’s capital is a home to the country’s imperial age. The second largest Chinese city next to Shanghai and third most populous city proper, this one among the six ancient cities in China dons several shopping districts which boasts wide variety of goods.

Do visit the outdoor markets as well as it offers one of the best experiences you’ll ever encounter while in the city. And since you’re in China already, visit their famous Great Wall of China and roam the path many people of the country and tourists alike have walked on and got a glimpse of the beauty over the horizon.

Hong Kong

Located in southeastern China, Hong Kong is a glittering city you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Here you’ll find anything from delightful dim sum to street markets where you can shop til you run out of money.

Enjoy the traditional Chinese infrastructures in Ngong Ping village and go straight to the top of Victoria Peak by taking the tram. And let’s not let the visit pass without putting a smile in that 5-year old you by touring Disneyland.

Mumbai, India

Gateway Of India, Mumbai, Gate, Architecture, Monument

Photo source: Pixabay

The gem of western India shows off a captivating atmosphere from its exquisite chaotic streets to the colorful and cultural atmosphere, Mumbai is a pleasing picture of India.

The city illustrates the story of the many Buddhist and Hindu caves, one among the reasons why the city is a valuable destination which opens your mind and soul to their cultures and traditions. Feel free to also be extravagant when it comes to shopping and be adventurous when it comes to their delicious foods.

Osaka, Japan

The lesser traveled destination in Japan, Osaka is the country’s second-largest city with an estimate of 19 million residents. The city was Japan’s capital during the 8th and 9th century.

Osaka reserves ancient shrines and has many other attractions that can face-off Tokyo. From amusement parks to its historical monuments, the city offers a wide range of scenes to tourists and travelers alike. Never leave the city without visiting the Osaka Castle and Shitenno-ji.

Bokeo Nature Reserve, Laos


Photo source: Lifehacker

This nature reserve was established to safeguard the black-cheeked gibbon. To get a sight of the gibbons or see the beauty the forest preserves, you can check the Gibbon Experience as well as the Waterfall Gibbon Experience which offers three hours of trekking along the Nam Nga River.

Why is it the Bokeo province protects the gibbons? IT was thought to be extinct for a while! Don’t you want to be a part of the few population which gets to experience the breathtaking nature it offers and of course, see the gibbons.

Bali, Indonesia

At about south of the Philippines and north of Australia, the so-called Island of Gods, it could be the perfect tropical paradise that suits you. It’s one of the most-visited tourist destinations which attracts millions of travelers yearly.

Not only should you experience their pristine beaches, dive inside their caves and temples and learn more about their culture. Enjoy the food and extremely warm people as you roam in the small island.

Banaue, Philippines

Travel Guide: The Picture-Perfect Banaue Rice Terraces

Photo source: Aileen Adalid of I Am Aileen

A small town in the Philippines yet boasts an amazing rice terraces, Banaue is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its jaw-dropping landscapes you should go see for yourself.

If you want to get a grasp of the Philippines’ authentic culture, traditions and food, this is where you should go to. Say no to shopping malls, nightlife, neon lights and busy streets for a while and embrace the rural side of the country. Speak with the locals and there you’ll feel the welcoming approach and warmth of the people.

Daehan Dawon, South Korea

Rejoice green tea or matcha lovers out there for you’ll find your home and happiness here in Boseong. It is the home of green tea plantation in South Korea which provide at least 40% of the nation’s green tea.

Relax and appreciate the view while indulging in your favorite green tea products.

Which Asian countries have you been to and how was your experience? Share it with us!


About Chie Suarez

Chie Suarez sails from the PH and enjoys travelling with her family and dog. She found her passion for travelling quite late, not to mention she writes for Kims Luxury Accomodation & Romantic Getaways in Toowoon Bay NSW Australia.



Inflatable trade show displays

Inflatable Trade Show Displays will Serve Your Purpose Well

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Once you are going to be all that is really going to find out a better reason for the greater good of things, and for best sources as well. You can have a better look at what is the best scope of action if you really want to have a better scope of action with inflatable displays. You can make a better display with the great rising gadgets that are going to work for your benefit, and for a better presentation of a product as well. You will definitely find great benefit of displays at your place and in a proper way of course.