Top 5 Hospitals in India for Neurology!

India is known for some of the best hospitals and doctors all around the world. The country has a large number of hospitals specialized in various portions of medicine. With every hospital introducing new techniques and technologies over the years, it can be tough to pick one for your treatment. If you are planning to come to India for neurosurgery, make sure you check out these 5 hospitals for your medical care. These are the leading best hospitals at the moment in India for neurology as per the All India Critical Care Hospital Ranking Survey 2016 done by Times of India: –

1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi – Indraprastha Hospital was made 20 years ago and is NABL, JCI and NABH accredited hospital. It was the first ever hospital in the country to perform Pediatric Liver Transplant in the year 1998. It is ranked number one in Neuroscience, Oncology, Gynecology, Renal Sciences and Obstetrics & Emergency. The transplant team of the hospital completed about 500 liver transplants in the year 2011 in Feb. If you are planning for medical tourism in India for your neurosurgery, you know just the place to come to.

2. Medanta – The Medicity – This Gurgaon hospital was founded in the year 2009 by well-known Cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan. Other than being stellar for neurosurgery, the hospital was awarded as Best Multispecialty Hospital by Asia’s First Bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant HealthCare Global Enterprises in the year 2010. The hospital also launched India’s first ever Air Ambulance popularly known as Flying Doctors India in the year 2013. The hospital is well-equipped with Digital X-ray, Brain Suite, Da Vinci Robot for Minimal Invasive Surgery, 4 Linear Accelerators, Tomotherapy and much more. Foreign patients get special treatment packages and international cuisine too.

3. Fortis Hospital, Mohali – If you haven’t heard about the Fortis Group of Hospitals, you are surely living under a rock. The Brand Fortis was established in the year 1996 and has a widespread of health centres all across India. The Mohali branch outdid itself and stands third in the list of top 5 hospitals in Surveyin the Neurosurgery department. They are also specialized in various other departments like Speech Therapy, General Surgery, Sports Medicine, Dermatology, Cardiovascular surgery, Rheumatology and many others. Fortis Hospitals largely promote health tourism in India and are a great option for foreign patients for treatments.

4. Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai – Everyone living in and outside Mumbai is aware about the excellent services of Bombay Hospital. They provide diagnostic aid, surgeries, therapeutic treatments, medical support and so much more. They have a special Bombay Hospital College of Nursing which is quite popular in the city. Their neurosurgery department has been awarded for their brilliant work over the years.

5. BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi– The first hospital in the NCR region to install automatic pneumatic chute systems to advance healthcare, BLK Super Specialty Hospital stands 5th on this list. They are known to provide intensive care in Surgical, Neonatology, Paediatrics, Neuroscience, Organ Transplant and Cardiac department. They have several equipment like cyberknife VSI, PET CT scan, Nuclear Medicine, Endoscopy Suites, etc.

So here are the top 5 hospitals to pick from if you are planning to get a neurosurgery done from India!

Easy way to ship your car!!!

You need not worry anymore about shipping your car from one place to another. All you have to do is to take the service of a reputed shipping company which will help you to move your car to your desired location. There are many shipping companies, and it should not be a tough task to find a good quality service provider near your place. However, it would make sense to take care of some issues before choosing the right shipping company to move your car. Let us look into some of them in detail.


Take care of these factors:

  • Get quotes from leading market players to find out the best deals for moving your car.
  • Remember that the rates can be negotiated and you can choose a plan that suits your budget and requirement.
  • Discuss your plans in detail and understand their method of working.
  • Make sure to choose a service provider who provides you with insurance guarantee.
  • Also, ensure to get a proper tracking number so that you can get to know the status of the transport at any point of time.
  • Follow the guidelines provided by the shipping company before you hand over the vehicle to them.

When you take care of these issues, you will have a peaceful time while shipping your car from one place to another. When it comes to shipping cars, you can either go for the enclosed transport option or the open carrier vehicles. While the open carriers will cost you less, it may not be suitable for long distance transportation due to dust and other factors. If you are looking for luxury car shipping service, you should always prefer the enclosed carriers so that your car will not have to face the effects of harsh weather and dust. Many service providers offer door to door service for moving your cars. It is a good option to choose this kind of service as you will save a lot of time. Otherwise, you will have to deliver the vehicle at their collection point and receive the vehicle at their destination point. However, it may help you to save some money on the transport. You can choose this depending on your budget. This is the most hassle free method to ship you a car. You need not take the trouble to drive your car for long distance and just hire the services of a reputed shipping company.


Best places to visit in Bhopal

If you are thinking about planning a trip to one of the most historically significant places of India, then Bhopal would make a very good option.

There are a lot of things to see and witness here and the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, exposes its Nawabi grandeur from time to time. Since this is a city, it is best that when you decide to tour Bhopal, it is best if you book hotels near bhopal station to save time. Since this is a very important tourist destination, hence you will have no problem in finding the perfect place for you to stay.


Bhopal is a store house of places to see. You can either travel a few kilometres away from the city or roam about in the city itself. Let’s take a look at some of the must visit places in Bhopal.

Outside the city

Two very important places are located very near to Bhopal- the Bhimbetka caves and the Sanchi Stupa. You can head out to Sanchi for a weekend trip, but Bhimbetka serves as a one-day sightseeing visit. It is only 46kms away from the city and hence you can book a car and go there. Cave paintings and etchings of the prehistoric man has been found in the caves of the Bhimbetka. There are more than 700 such caves in this area and it needs no other explanation as to why you need to visit this place.

Places within the city

Upper Lake: This is one of the most important places to see when in Bhopal. The Upper Lake has been there since the 11th century and local people believe that the water of this lake has healing powers! This is a nice spot to enjoy with your family on a lazy evening.

Van Vihar National Park: This sanctuary is located right in the heart of the city. No matter whether you are staying in hotels in bhopal railway station or some other part of the city, this park is so centrally located that you will not have any problem reaching this place. If you want to catch a glimpse of some rare species of birds, then you must visit this park during the winters.

National Museum of Mankind: If you want to see exhibits that portray the evolutionary process of man, then head out to this museum. It is also known as the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghralaya. The museum covers an entire area of 200 acres with more than thousands of interesting exhibits. Being located on the Shyamala Hills, the museum also commands a beautiful view of the surroundings.

The Bhojpur Temple: The wonder of the Bhojpur Temple is the Shiva Linga. It has a total height of 18 feet and naturally is an imposing but awe-inspiring structure. The Betwa River runs by the side of this temple. A very interesting feature about this temple is that it is an unfinished structure but it is not really very clear why it is so.

The presence of these places, both inside as well as just outside the city, makes Bhopal the coveted tourist destination that it is and hence they are a must visit on your trip to Bhopal!

Singapore Chinatown Food Street

7 hotel safety tips for your next travel

Traveling, whether it be for business or leisure, is a great way to release some steam and enjoy the new scenery outside the window. That is to say, your hotel or accommodation is now your temporary “home” away from home.

Photo by Loic Djim

Check out these hotel tips to keep you safe and worry-free while away from home.

Choose the hotel that suits your needs

This is a no-brainer. When looking for a hotel to stay, look for those that meets your quality standards and demands, and choose among your curated list. Your top requirement when looking for a hotel should be its security and safety.

Every city has its upsides and downsides, don’t let the great amenities outweigh the lack of security when searching. Keep in mind: location is key to comfort and satisfaction.

Do some research

When searching for a potential hotel, go beyond the basics and feed your mind with the latest news and current events around the city. Is the area close to terrorist threats? Are tourists and women safe in the area? What are the crimes common in the area and who are their usual targets? Are the streets safe?

Test the waters before you dive in. Do also look into the top safety tips for tourists and travelers when around your destination.

Inspect the room

When entering your hotel room, don’t get carried away with the comfort of the bed, view in the balcony and all the other knickknacks. What should you do first thing when entering your room? Inspect if the locks are working.

That way if you find a faulty lock, you can inform the front desk and ask to get transferred to another room. Add to that, keep the windows and doors lock whenever you enter and leave the room. Don’t trust the number of stars the hotel boasts, whether it be a 2-star of 5-star hotel, keep your safety routine at work.

Know your surroundings

How far is your hotel from the airport, train station and other public transport? How far is it from restaurants, parks, malls, and the like? Are pickpockets, robbery and other crimes common in the area? Again, location is important. Moreover, go on Google Maps and familiarize yourself with the streets prior to your trip. If you know where you’re going and know how to go there (appear less of a tourist and more of a local), chances of you being a target could less in the eyes of those who are up to no good.

Secure your valuables

This shouldn’t be here since it’s common knowledge but as a reminder, secure your valuable at all times—don’t leave it out of your sight.

Upon entering your hotel, one of the first and most important steps to do is to place your valuables (passport, extra money, credit cards (if need be), laptop, etc.) inside the hotel safe. If you don’t feel the vault to be a safe place for your valuables, ask the front desk if you could leave it there instead and don’t forget to ask for a written breakdown receipt of your valuables in case of loss.  

Keep their business card at hand

After a meeting at a place quite far from your hotel or a night of drinks in a bar, can you still imagine yourself speaking out the right hotel where you’re staying? Ask if you can get two business cards on the front desk: one for you to keep beside the hotel phone and one to keep in your wallet. Also, write down the State Department’s emergency hotline numbers just in case. It’s always better to be prepared and safe than sorry.

Pay attention with calls

Speaking of hotel phones, don’t give any personal and risky information through calls (e.g. credit card number verification) even if it came from the front desk. You could come down and speak personally to the front desk regarding the matter just for safety measures.

Any other hotel safety and security tips you don’t mind sharing with our readers? We’d love to hear it—let us know in the comments below!

About the author: Chie Suarez sails from the PH. She spends her downtime writing for Holiday Inn Parramatta, the perfect hotel choice to stay in for both business or leisure.


Things to do when you visit Ranikhet

Ranikhet in Uttarakhand, located close to Nainital, is an extremely popular hill station. Aside its natural beauty, here are the top things to do there.

Spend Some time at the Chaubatia Garden

One of the most popular attractions of Ranikhet, the large and lush green ‘Chaubatia Garden’ is famous for their large number of orchards of apples, peaches, apricots and plums. Situated at a distance of 15km from the heart of Ranikhet, Chaubatia gardens are a great spot for picnics and one day outings. The garden also is one of the best examples of Himalayan step farming. You can spend a few good hours here but the place does not offer any kind of accommodation. Stay at the hotels in Ranikhet and then drive to spend a few hours in peace.


Enjoy the Settings of Bhalu Dam

Situated at a location of approximately 5 km from the Chaubatia Gardens is a small artificial dam lake in Ranikhet that was built as a source of water for British soldiers nearly 300 years ago. Serene settings of the lake and the Himalayan peaks in the background, chirping birds and mountain air; together make it a great spot for picnickers, bird watchers and nature lovers.

Golfing Fun at the Upat Golf Course

Upat is a town lyingin the lap of Garhwal Himalayas at a location of 10 km only from Ranikhet. Upat is famous for its 10 holes Golf Course which is looked after by the Indian Army. It is also considered to be the highest golf course in Asia. Those who are golfing freaks, can definitely try a game here. Other major attraction near Upat Golf Course isa temple called the ‘Kalika Temple’, which is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Situated at a distance of 2 km. from Upat, the town of Kalika is where this temple is and it is visited by several tourists coming to Ranikhet.

Take part in Nanda Devi Fair

One of the most important attractions of Ranikhet, the grand annual‘Nanda Devi Mela’ takes place at the ‘Nanda Devi Temple’ which is in Almora, at a distance of 60 km from Ranikhet. The fair is organized in the month of September in honour of Goddesses Nanda Devi and also Sunanda Devi, and is believed to bring prosperity in Kumaon region. The fair lasts for 3 days and also sees hordes of pilgrims from across the country.

Scenic Vistas of Majkhali

Majkhali is a small village situated at a distance of about 23 km from Ranikhet. It is known for its captivating vistas of Mount Trishul that can be best viewed from Majkhali. If you are a nature lover and it you a feel of relaxation and inner peace then Majkhali is just a good place for you. Some people come here to meditate and do yoga as well.

So, if you visit Ranikhet, do not forget to engage in the above activities. For accommodation, you can check out the resorts at Ranikhet or other hotels as per your budget.

Some Specific Criteria to Remember While Choosing the Furniture Designers in Delhi

The interior of your home always spread a vibe of alacrity. Not only this but, it imbibes newness in the entire styling of the room. But you need to put ice on the right investment. So that the ambiance gets enlightened with some charming decor that will make the house inviting. To get some prolific ideas it would be better to catch up the tips suggested on brochures as well as catalogs. However, as a prudent homemaker; it will be sound enough to embark on the best furniture designer.

Now, let us see how you should choose them.


  • Select the furniture material for the room: Firstly, experienced and confident furniture designers in Delhi take the vitals from you. Initially, they heedfully listen to your preferences. Once done, they mindfully seek for the furniture type. To strike some ideas they even give you clues on the material that you have a fetish for. Largely to add opulence and grandeur homemakers feel opt to choose the hardwoods often crafted from mahogany and teak. Now if money is not a restraint, then the designers often tips you to bank on some prime categories of the woods like the maple, oak, willow, cherry and cedar. Certainly, it gives a detail and ingenious finish to make it look resplendent.


  • Styles of the furniture: For a consummate furniture designer, it is the theme of your room, which actually clues him to proceed. Now if your room is styled on a traditional theme, then definitely the designer will scout and explore to incorporate furniture, which are brushed in a vintage look. In between to bring some exclusive freshness, antique designed center table or corner table is also added. These creative designers forage to the ultimate to deck up your room. Now that is why they design the furniture differently for sophisticated homemakers, mostly they cling to the modern and tropical style furniture. But if contemporary bewitches your attention, then no way the pedant designers scour to furnish the room with contemporary furniture which actually portrays a much precise look as well as it alludes to classiness as well. Thus, these are some of the specifications, which are always remembered by the furniture designers in Gurgaon.


  • Diversity in variety: A prolific furniture designer is too competent and enriched in its field. He or she thinks out of the box and take precedence to nail on different types of furniture tailored for different purposes. Different ideas are infused to design the architecture of furniture meant for the bedroom, living room, and dining room office as well as outdoor. Experiments are also made in colors ranging from dark to lighter hues even timbers are also matched accordingly.

Once you feel pacified with the design ideas and architecture of the furniture. Now it is time to set your budget line. A certified designer would never ask you to cross the limit.

However, to acknowledge his credit surely you should consider the competency. Again, from their end, they will give you a perfect and right quote on the designing of the furniture.

This Festive Season Go for Tape-in Hair Extensions

There are various kinds of hair extension attaching method used by numerous people. Depending on your hair texture, your budget, your stylist’s suggestion and the result you want, the kind of hair extension method is chosen for your precious locks. One such method is the tape-in hair extension method. The hair strands are taped into the natural hair of the client. The hair strands are sandwiched between the strand of natural hair and it makes the natural hair looks more voluminous. The tape is basically a keratin tape. It is one of the newest method that has come into trend. The tape can be both single-sided and double-sided. Various lengths of extensions are available online and from the supermarket for any length you want. It can be 16 tape in hair extensions, 14 tape in hair extensions, etc. This festive season go for this kind of extension and see how your hair looks brighter and with it your look will bloom up as well.


Cost and maintenance

It is comparatively cheaper, but also depends on the kind of salon you will be visiting and the rate of the hair-dresser. Always ask your hair stylist for maintenance tips. Brush hair every day with a wide toothed comb,but do not apply oil based or siliconbased product at the root of the hair. Clean your extensions regularly as dirt can cause severe damage to them. Avoid using too much of your hair dryer while you are wearing your extensions and also you must avoid using a straightener directly on your tresses taped with extensions as it weakens the tape and the extension might come off. Go to your salon for regular maintenance and chose your hair-dresser wisely. Always towel dry your hair very gently without damaging the extensions and pulling them down.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages are:

  • They are very easy to apply.
  • It is best for a temporary duration of two to three months.
  • It looks very natural and can be styled like your own hair.
  • The method of application is even easier than compared to other methods. It takes a less amount of time than other methods of attaching hair extensions.
  • It doesn’t do much damage to your hair as there is no use of any heating tools while taping in the tape in extensions.

Disadvantages of tape-in extensions are:

  • If you have very thin hair, then the tape might be visible. It is not advised for thin hair for this very reason.
  • Just after the procedure is completed you will not be able to wash your hair for one or two days.
  • With these extensions you will not be able to style your hair many ways. There is going to be limited options only.

For beautiful and gorgeous mane, you can surely think of getting this extension done. They can help your mane feel more naturally long with a very easy application process. You can also opt for Remy hair extensions for getting more natural hair. There are various sizes of Remy extensions available like the 16 inch Remy tape in hair extensions, 20 inch Remy tape extensions, etc.

Why Meditation is Taught in a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Transcending the boundaries of ethereal, meditation is a gift to mankind from the Vedic Culture to make it through stress and tension. A yoga teacher training course teaches the students to practice this harmonizing art daily in the meditation classes. These guided classes offer many benefits to the learners, which they can use to synchronize their professional and personal lives. Without analyzing and speculating, meditating involves the attention of the practitioner to his/her thoughts. It demands us to sit without the attitude of judgment rather requests us to imbibe the attitude of gratitude.  Those who regularly practice meditation can be identified distinctively from those who are under constant stress or depression:

Meditation and yoga teacher training go hand in hand, let us see why is tranquility an integral part of a month long certification program:


An aid in course

A yoga teacher training program can be intense and challenging. Daily meditation classes in the course act as a breather for the fatigued. Usually the students are asked to meditate once the entire day’s schedule is wrapped up. After working both the body and mind, our entire being gets tired and needs a boost of relaxation and tranquility to assimilate everything thoroughly. Our mind finds a sense of peace and calm through this process and also is able to refine the loads of information it is exposed to in the program. Also, meditation helps in performing asanas in the practical classes and the other way round. Both the asana and dhayana are like two rivers that help each other flow smoothly. Inculcating patience, focus, gratitude and a calm demeanor, a teacher training course would be a waste or incomplete if meditation is not practiced.


An essential for yoga teacher

An extension to the aforementioned point, a yoga teacher is expected to have all the qualities and skills of an adept or a yogi. The future clients would come to the graduates of a yoga teacher training course for both yoga and self-contemplation. If a teacher is unaware of the meditative practices, he/she will not be able to help those who are looking for deeper answers or meaning in life. Therefore a meditation in yoga teacher training is inevitable. One cannot expect to be a master of it when they do not know the basic and it would not be wrong to say that the art of concentration is the key to mastering yogic studies on the whole.

A handy tool

It is not necessary that all the students of the course are planning on taking up yogic teaching as a career option. Some are there to just enhance their lifestyle and understand the ancient art forms deeply. Mediation in yoga teacher training course is helpful to these students as well. They take home more than they can imagine. With the help of yoga nidra, chakra meditation, color meditation, inner silence etc. one can expect a higher quality of life, better sleep patterns, enhanced relationships with the world and the self, better focus and also patience as well as anger management.

Meditation classes are a boon to the society and must be practiced by everyone to enjoy a healthy body, mind and soul.

Author Bio – Manmohan is a yoga enthusiast, free spirit, traveler and freelance writer from Rishikesh. He run yoga teacher training in India, Nepal, Thailand and various other countries, where yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and spirituality is taught under the expert guidance of traditional and authentic yoga instructors.

Know All the Safety Measures for The Power Lines from The Effects of Lightning

The lightning is caused due to the flow of electrical charge from the clouds to the earth. This natural incident can harm the power lines to a great extent.

There are many government agencies around the world that record all the data from different lightning accidents of power lines. These agencies have a strong data related to lightning accidents and determine easily if the cause of any fault in the transmission and distribution was lightning or not.


When lightning attacks a voltage network

Usually, in the case of lightning attack, voltage networks create a flash over. The one reason of this flash over could be the surge of the electricity. However, in case the lighting hit a high tower, then a back-flash occurs due to the development of excess voltage.

When the low capacity of lightning hits the phase wire, the shielding gets failed and a flash occurs. This effect of lightning is clearer in high-voltage transmission lines than low-voltage lines.

Even when lightning hits the ground very close to the sub-transmission lines, dangerous voltages cultivate on the phase conductors due to the electromagnetic field created by the stroke. This high voltage causes severely dangerous short-circuits on the insulators.

Safety measures necessary for the safety of voltage networks

There are certain rules that can save voltage transmission and distribution lines if followed perfectly.

Save phase conductors through shield wires

Shield wires save the phase conductors from lightning strikes in a transmission line. Hence, adding the necessary numbers of shield wires is a wise idea to save the conductors from the short circuits. The place of the shield wires in the distribution line is also very important. If placed carelessly, it can lead to more faults in the phase conductor due to lightning.

Reduce the voltage development by controlling the ground impedance

The voltage that develops after the lightning strike on the shield wire, needs to be controlled. And the method of controlling this voltage is by reducing the ground impedance of the tower. It decreases the insulation stress on the line during the lightning and ultimately controls the back flash-overs.

Insulation of transmission lines

Adding long insulators is beneficial during the construction of the transmission line because adding insulation becomes really difficult once the construction is done. The long insulators control the induction of flash overs due to a great extent. 

Limiting the voltage by installing arresters

Adding surge arresters with Polymer disconnectors can solve the problem of the voltage induction between the tower and the phase conductors. This, as a result, prevents the faults from happening in both low voltage and medium voltage networks.

It is really important that the engineer working on a particular distribution project takes all the safety measures to avoid any hazardous situations. By utilizing the best arrestors and other corrections on the power line, the preciseness and the accuracy can be achieved.

Hopefully, these tips will help the engineers in taking critical decisions to ensure the safety of the distribution lines from the lightning strikes.


Development Of The Software Application Services

The industry works on the principle of  force driven capabilities of  android app development companies to make the outcome , which is the very best version possible of the previous one. These android development companies work on different level to make the technology as smooth and match up to the desired level of clients demand.


Smart Phones Bringing Counter Competition

The working of such android application development companies are based on the desired level of the demands of the client and the type of pattern they ask for . Every app development company tries really hard to reach the level of the new developments and works on the content and design of the ever growing technology.

The dedicated companies make themselves an established over to reach counter for the clients with the set standards of reliability to be matched These companies many a times offer freelance developers also to work with a particular team so as to create the desired level of software while sticking to the desired level of pattern and design that is asked for.

Increase In The Demand Of Android Phones


With sudden increase in the demand of android phones , we notice an inevitable trend taking the market with rage. With launch of every new phone , the demand in better versions and better software’s keep on growing . Such android app development makes web developers put their rare of capabilities to sustain the competition and sustain in the market.

Android app development companies work on the principle of ever growing and daily learning techniques. It is a field which never stops and thus making it impossible for the developers to stop working even if for a day. The growth is obviously result of such huge demand and with every demand there is ever growing demand in the newest possible technology . To come up with a new technology everyday is quite impossible , so the developers of android app development work towards the improvement of old versions making it cover and compete with the upcoming market range.

Author Bio – Author wanted to introduce people with the right set of believes regarding the android app development companies and android app development. The work that is put in to come with new idea and the working on it to reach the highest level of customer requirement.