5 financial tips for young entrepreneurs

Starting up a business is no easy feat. it requires a number of factors from the management and its strategies to succeed, one of which is financial management—one of the most essential qualities entrepreneurs should hold.

You may have great management skills but if you’re negligent with handling your finances and keeping it in order, sooner or later you’ll find yourself struggling to keep the business afloat.


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters /Unsplash

As a business owner, you need to carefully manage your cash flow and overall finances. If you’re not knowledgeable with the fundamentals of it all, here are some basic tips to keep your business finances at bay.

Learn how to read a financial statement. This is extremely important: financial statements illustrate where your business’ or company’s money come from, where it goes, and it’s current state.

With this, as a business owner, you ought to understand what the numbers show—how to read balance sheets, cash flow, income statements, and other documents. Knowing how to read these numbers allow you fully grasp and effectively handle your finances. If you think you’re a long way from understanding the fundamentals of it all, seek the help of a financial advisor to look into it and help you learn the basics.

Seek help from financial advisors. As mentioned above, if you’re having a hard time reading the numbers, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to help you understand and manage your company’s finances.

These professionals will also help you set a budget, create invoices and help you understand them, as well as decipher your taxes. It’s also their job to pick you your company up from financial hurdles as well as avoid them.

Learn how to manage your cash flow. A lot of startups and small businesses fail to keep their company up and running because of a number of reasons; it could be mismanagement or the likes. However, one common denominator is running out of money.

This roots from neglecting their cash flow. No matter how great your products are or if your idea is worth a million, if you fail to keep your money from running out; not staying on top of your cash flow, you won’t make it in the industry.

Separate your personal from your business finances. This is a no-brainer. To all the entrepreneurs out there, keep separate accounts for your personal and business funds. This will help you easily track your cash flow and keep you from spending your business fund for personal luxury purposes. If your business is a corporation, you’re required by law to keep a separate business account.

Create a financial goal. Most businesses fail to create doable and attainable financial goals. Create a monthly or daily revenue goals to keep tabs on your growth and see if there are necessary adjustments. This will help you determine where you lack and improve on that area.  Small goals, when combined, leads to reaching one big goal.

Do you have any experience in business? What are your game-changing financial tips for budding entrepreneurs? Help a reader out—share your thoughts with us!


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When she’s not at home binge-watching shows, Chie Suarez writes for MarketLend, Peer-to-peer lending or marketplace online lending company that cuts out the middleman, cuts down on red tape and puts the investors and borrowers in direct relationship


7 bathroom trends you’ll see a lot of this year

If you’re about to have a new home in a few months’ time, don’t forget to check out some ideal styles for your bathroom. You could be too busy setting up the layout and theme for your living room, kitchen, and bedroom; that you forget to give some attention to the part of the house where your throne is designated.


Photo by William LeMond/Pexels

Since you spend the first and last few minutes of your day in the bathroom, it’s acceptable to style your bathroom the best it could be. Skip the 2016 trends and look at this year’s latest. Below are our recommendation to keeping your bathroom stylish and updated.

Eye-catching tiles

In this age, tiles are no longer seen as just a plain background in a room. Nowadays, tiles are seen equally important as wall colors; after all, bathroom walls are most likely tiled. Mediterranean motifs, patterned tiles, combine multiple tiles, and the likes are the trend this year.

So skip plain white large tiles that date back who knows when and experiment with it. Work it in honeycomb patterns or fish scales; combine various tile patterns, or decide on a color palette for your bathroom theme. It serves as a great visual display that your eyes can feast on.

Put art on walls

When it comes to displaying artworks, the bathroom doesn’t even come to mind when it comes to finding a place to put it for show. There’s no limitation to where you should showcase your art. Plus, it’s your home anyway to you can put it wherever your heart desires.

A bold wallpaper, framed movie poster, a few photographs and the likes are good to display in your bathroom—where you spend your most relaxing baths. Having a few while you enjoy those minutes isn’t too bad.

Bathroom greenery

Who said houseplants aren’t ideal to place in bathrooms? As you may know, houseplants, depending on the type, serve to purify the air you breathe in its space proximity. And if you have a bathtub, it’s great to have some greenery inside to keep you calm and relax.

Round mirrors for a change

If you’re planning to give your bathroom a low-cost yet stylish makeover, consider replacing your square or rectangle mirror with a round one; preferably oversized. If you have a square or rectangular sink, round mirrors are the way to go.

Don’t worry too much about whether or not it should be up on the wall with luxe frames or without. Frames add personality; bare ones, too, since it’s naturally grand-looking.

Darker, mercurial colors

Dark color schemes have been a trend for quite a while. Sulky shades on your bedroom walls can be dramatic and comforting in its own way. However, look beyond your bedroom walls. Why not apply the color approach on your bathroom?

Partnering dark colors with white fixtures and gold, rose gold, or brass accents (i.e. faucets, mirror frame, cabinet knobs, etc.) will perfectly balance the whole ambiance of your bathroom.

Wall mounted faucets

This is a great space-saving solution especially to those with small bathrooms: mount your faucets directly onto the wall. It’s a stylish and clever trick that we expect to see more of as the year progresses.

Creative, space-saving storage

We know how much toiletries, tools, and other knickknacks you have sitting on top of your bathroom cabinet. Add to this the decor and other stuff you put on there for show. Look for functional, space-saving, customized storage that accommodates more than it looks. For instance, a honeycomb wall shelf can accommodate a few things inside as well as a few on top. Also, do look for “stackable” organizers and storages.

Any other bathroom trends you adore that your think our readers would as well? Share it with us!

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Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.

online cake delivery in Bhiwadi

Want to make the anniversary celebration a memorable one?

A party without a cake is almost a sweet without sugar. The cake cutting is believed at the beginning of the party and hence irrespective of the event, the cake is a must for every party. However, for different parties, there are different types of cakes. The themes of the party for events also vary and so is the cake. It is considered as a duty of the host to communicate the theme of the party to the guests who are invited so that they can prepare themselves accordingly and enjoy the party to the fullest. Hence, while choosing a cake one needs to keep a few points in mind which are as below.

online cake delivery in Bhiwadi

Here are a few key points one must keep in mind while arranging a party:

  • Location: The location of the party is the primary requirement one must focus on. There are various options; one can think of while deciding the location. It can be arranged in a hotel, a cottage, garden restaurant, home or at a party plot. One needs to check the cons and pros of different locations and finalize a venue that can be suitable in all respects. As one can order anniversary cakes online one can think about a remote destination also as a venue. One can go for a party location which is already decorated as per the theme, while in another case one can decorate the location as per the theme.
  • Occasion: The occasion is the very important point here. The party theme depends on the occasion and hence if it is a silver jubilee or a golden jubilee the theme may get changed and hence the location can also change accordingly.
  • Budget: The cost of the party is an area where usually people take some leverage. However, in some cases, the unreasonable cost may not be feasible, and hence one needs to avoid it. One must remember that the party is an area one can arrange in any amount. Hence, one must choose a prudent limit of the budget and choose the rest of the aspects accordingly. If one needs to arrange everything for the party theme, it can be a costly affair while if one goes for a location where the theme is already set, it can prove cost effective.
  • The arrangement of food and entertainment: The food and entertainment are considered as the prime areas where one must make a sound arrangement. The food items must be chosen with care, and the preference of the guests must be kept in mind. There must be a separate arrangement for people who do not love to have non-veg and alcohol.
  • A list of guests: One must decide who all are going to be invited to the party. The number of invitees can affect the arrangement such as sitting, dance, drink and food. Hence, one must check the invitee number so that the arrangement can be made accordingly.

One can have online cake delivery in Bhiwadi, and hence this area can be left for the expert bakers to have a delicious cake and deliver the same on time.

Truck tyre: 4 salient features & buying tips

Most of the tyres have coverage against defects and wear but the best ones features tread warranty as well. A prorated warranty guarantees tread that would last to a defined number of miles and the longevity for truck tyre is approximately six years or 70,000 miles.

Unless you drive the truck only for dedicated off-roading, a typical truck tyre should just deliver smooth and comfortable ride on dry pavement irrespective of the tyres being all-season or all-terrain. You’d probably drive on paved tracks if the vehicle is primary source of transportation.

Off-roading ask for better grip and it depends on tyre quality as best ones would easily adapt to any condition be it muddy, wet pavement or gravelly. If gas mileage or long-term price is a top priority, truck tyre with low rolling resistance are preferred the decreases traction and boost miles per gallon.

Here’re a few details to go along with before you buy a pair!

  1. Street performance OR off-road traction

Different categories of tyres for trucks have their own advantages and pitfalls. To decide which one’s best for you, consider your driving habit, terrain and weather. All-season tyres are for pavement driving whereas all-terrains are best for those who hit the roads frequently while engaged in occasional light-duty off-roading. Knobby tread patterns and rigid sidewalls can be seen on mud tyres which allow them to climb rocks, skim smoothly on muddy tracks without bogging down or punctured.

  1. Tread wear ratings

Most tyres come with Uniform Tyre Quality Grade (UTQG) which is a specification for temperature, tread wear and traction/grip. Theory goes like this; higher the tread wear rating, longer the truck tyre would last. However, this isn’t always the case and experts warn buyers to be careful of the count. Tread wear rating also indicates hardness of the tyre compound and determinant of longevity. Yet again, this isn’t beneficial for all drivers whereas softer compound provides better grip. High-performance tyres have better traction, lower tread wear hence a shorter life span.

  1. Size matters

Industry experts recommend replacing the tyres with same size and features as slightest indifference may hamper overall driving. If you’re unsure of the size, check owner’s manual or sticker usually found on the driver’s door inside panel. Driving the vehicle with mismatched truck tyre would only wreck the ABS system especially if it carries a particular traction control system. Another important fact for tyres is to match exactly side-to-side, must never run on biased plied wheels on one end with radials on another.

  1. LT v/s P-tyres

LT represents Light Truck and these tyres are designed typically to carry the weight of full sized SUVs, lighter trucks and vans. Tyres that bear a “P” or simply no prefix at all are identical and aren’t meant to carry too much load. Taking vehicle’s weight into consideration means you can conveniently put on the tyres on a light truck but with certain limitations.


The above features and tips form the basis when it comes to buy a perfect truck tyre.

Reasons for Why You Must Visit Karachi At Least Once

Karachi — The Fifth Largest City of the World and Indeed the Largest (Former Capital) City of Pakistan — isn’t just all about the huge crowd of 25.3 Million. This amazing city of Pakistan is known as the City of light that’s all about fun, food, beaches and wedding seasons that goes up till 364 days out of 1 year. Why not 365th day then? Well, it’s the New Year Night or probably another wedding day. You never know because Karachi is simply unpredictable and interesting place to be.

No matter which part of the world you are in now, it’s really the best time to Book PIA flight and check-in to Karachi. Making it more persuasive, here are few amazing reasons to why you should visit Karachi at least once in your entire life.

Architectural Value

If you are a traveler, you truly realize that either one can find the modern architecture or the ancient at one place. How about trying out the finest mixture of Old and New all together at one place? Being in Karachi, you can explore the true colors of exquisite past at Mohatta Palace. This palace is also a symbol of love and quite an intense one because this Palace was constructed to save a loving wife from dying before time.

Undoubtedly, the vibes Mohatta Palace is based on is enticingly nurtured with love, care and affection. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why that vibe of love is still alive.

Food that is Limitless

Being in Karachi, you will get to front a bazillion of food choices and all good enough to tease your taste buds. If the waving fragrant smoke coming out of Dheg (Large Commercial Cookers) doesn’t invite you to simply rush and order a plate for yourself, you are not in Karachi then.

In addition, Karachities are known for being foodies and why not as it’s the place that gives you easy access to Biryani, Raita, Karhai, Naan, Lassi, Chay (Tea), RusGulla & GulabJamun at almost every commercial street. Whether you are a fan of sweet dishes or you are fond of spicy food, just try Karachi and I promise that you won’t wish to have your way back so soon.

Sea-View & Bhutta

Looking for a place that is forever pleasant? Must Book PIA flight and visit sea-view Karachi. There are many beaches spread all around the city that adds up to its beauty. In addition, this beauty is further enhances when you hear crackle sort of voice coming out of coal that are preparing Bhuttas (Corn on the Cob) for you. With the true Desi (Traditional) way of bhutta preparation, one gets to stick around the mouth watery moments when find spices being sprinkled over hot-Bhutta being further coated with a layer of lemon-rub. Lemon Juice of the Bhutta Makes it even yummier and makes one feel like want-to-have-a-bite now.


It’s the word mostly used in Karachi when people especially women are willing to shop and even shop to an infinity. Karachi gives you with so many varieties for shopping that you can’t resist yourself from over-shopping in the Bazaars (Market). If you want to shop from mall, must visit Forum, Ocean Mall, Park Towers, Ashiana, Neuplex, hyperstar, Millennium Mall, Atrium and many more. In case, you are willing to discover the true yet traditional color of Karachi, it’s time to visit Hafta-Bazaar & Itwaar-Bazaar.

Hafta (Saturday) and Itwaar (Sunday), these are held at various spot in Karachi where middle class and lower middle class oriented people can find goods at affordable price. Mina Bazaaz, Kagzi Bazaar, Kaharadar Market, Bolten Market, Empress Market, Saddar, Light House and Zainab Market are the places you can discover the true color of Karachi.

In a nutshell, Karachi is simply a colorful place to be so just Book PIA flight check in to Karachi this season.


If you want to visit Karachi, just read this article that will help you discover more about this colorful city. You can book cheap flights on مسافر  and avail amazing discounts and offers.

Amazing Benefits of Undergoing a Plastic Surgery

When it comes to improving one’s appearance, plastic surgery is what comes in mind at first. But it’s not the only thing that plastic surgery provides, there are tons of benefits one can have through this. A better-look is just one out of many possible benefits of Plastic Surgery. In case, you have any ambiguities of whether you should undergo this or not, just check out some amazing benefits of it below;

Self Confidence

If that’s something you lack and the time is favorable enough for you to go through a plastic surgery, you must then.  That doesn’t mean anyway that everyone lacking self-confidence should undergo this. Conversely, improved appearance is more likely to translate into an increased self-confidence. So having a plastic surgery does ensure that you are going to be much more confident than you used to be earlier.

It puts a great influence to your personal, professional and social life. Most probably, you didn’t like to socialize more and wear certain clothes before surgery but things are more likely to turn into way better after having a surgery.

Physical Health

Ambiguous right! Many people are like what plastic surgery has to do with physical health since it’s all about the appearance and look. For all the medical reasons, plastic surgery has a lot to do with physical health as well. Rhinoplasty that’s also known as nose reshaping surgery, it can improve your breathing alongside fixing the aesthetic of the nose. Breast Reduction Surgery is mainly inclined towards improving the body contours but it has some physical benefits as well. After undergoing this particular surgery, one feels relived from the pain and discomfort in the body. The best part is that women can get rid of the irritation due to large breasts.

Mental Health

Believe it or not, one gets to have major mental health benefits after undergoing the plastic surgery. Many people get stuck with the social anxiety just because of their look. After the surgery, when their self-confidence revives back, they start having a natural reduction in their social anxiety. Keeping it that way, people start having a great control over their own lives that rewards them with much better and stronger mental state. Consequently, the healthy mental state enables an individual to accept new challenges and transform himself into better than before.

Motivation for Healthy Lifestyle

People undergoing liposuction for body contouring would find it much easier to put the weight down after the surgery. Mostly, people get to have the positive results out of liposuction. The best part here is that most of them are encouraged enough to maintain healthy lifestyle keeping up with the exercise and diet. As per the medical science, obesity does lead to many other diseases as well perhaps that’s the reason as to why healthy weight leads to the healthier body.

If you have found all the plastic surgery benefits fascinating, just undergo one for improved, better and healthy life. It would be no less than a favor you can do to yourself. So just live a life you want.


There are tons of physical and mental health benefits that you can get from plastic surgery, so just read the article and discover more.

Latest trends in mobile application industry

It is a fact that smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Whether you are a teenager, professional or a senior citizen, it is not easy to go by without having a good phone. Ranging from waking up with a morning alarm, using WhatsApp, listening to music, reading the news, watching videos, to checking emails and updating project statuses, we depend on smartphones for many purposes. We need smartphones to execute our daily tasks. It is interesting to note that there are more than 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world. It is even interesting to note that this trend has evolved over a last few years.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is unbelievable that such a huge number is using smart devices every day. Research says that the use of smartphones and mobile apps is going to increase in 2017, by all means. But, the recent mobile app trends may shed some new light on the industry.  In this discussing, you are going to learn about the current trends in mobile application in Dubai.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) technology

Unlike back in the past, now people will be able to enjoy a seamless experience on their smartphones. As Google has launched accelerate mobile pages, more and more businesses are focused on giving their customers a good experience on their web and mobile apps. If you talk about importance of AMP in terms of search engine optimization, you will get to know that this AMP innovation is proving very successful in optimizing your web and app content on mobiles.

Google AMP not only improves the loading speed of your pages but it also ensures that bounce-back rate is reduced to a minimum. As a result, this latest trend will certainly be leading on the list of mobile apps. So, incorporate this trend in your mobile application in Dubai.

Immersive AR and VR technology

If you have seen a VR or AR box, you should be a little familiar with modern mobile application development trends. It is interesting to note that the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps are increasingly becoming hot trends in the market. In 2016, AR and VR app technologies have brought about a revolution in gaming and entertainment industry. For instance, very popular games like Pokemon Go, iOnRoad and MyNav are good examples of AR games. Moreover, VR devices like Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.

Explosion of artificial intelligence (AI)

A recent research conducted by Gartner reveals that those companies who have invested in artificial intelligence has gathered up more than 300% increase in their returns on investments as compared to 2016. By tapping into artificial intelligence, businesses can leverage advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces into complex systems, and machine learning techs. Thanks to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, Google, IBM, eBay and Facebook have already started initiating startups that proficient in artificial intelligence. Before opting for mobile application in Dubai, keep above trends in your mind.


It is interesting to note that the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apps are increasingly becoming hot trends in the market.

How to Prepare for a Reunion Party with Your Old Friends?



Meeting with old friends of the school or college days is a refreshing change in itself. It is a feeling which fills the people with immense joy and happiness that lasts for a long time. This is often marked with the celebration of the whole incident with a grand reunion party that can bring all the lost memories back again.

If you are planning to celebrate a reunion party with your old friends, you need to consider this blog. Check out the tips that can help in organizing the reunion party without any error or failure.

Send the Invites to Your Good Old Friends – To make your reunion party a true success; you need to invite all your good old friends for a bash. Prepare the list and inform them about the celebration through phone call, email, group chat or any other such medium. It will be of no use if you could not make all the old friends gather for the reunion party on the required day.

Order the Cake for Your Party – In order to celebrate the occasion of reunion; you need to order the appropriate cake from a cake delivery in Gurgaon online or you can buy the same if you have plenty of time for it. You can avail the services of an effective cake delivery services that can send cakes to Gurgaon online in the minimum possible time.

Decide the Venue of the Occasion – For the successful completion of your reunion party; it is important to select the venue of the occasion. You need to arrive at a consensus regarding the celebration of your reunion party. With a clear choice about the venue of the celebration, it will definitely add up to your moments of joy and enthusiasm. Don’t be confused about the venue till the eleventh hour.

With all these planning tips, you can easily make your reunion party a huge hit among all your invited guests and it will be a memorable moment for all.

Explore Different Styles of Wearing Hijab in the 21st Century

Hijab is a must have traditional wear available in the form of breezy, light and easy to carry scarves. Although you are accustomed to its long established looks, but the twenty- first century stylists have revamped its very look to invoke a new sense to its existence.

Gradually the fabrics also have gone through immense improvisation, to prove it expert designers kept on experimenting from rayon to simple cotton. The bottom line is they attempted to recreate the age- old style in a new form.

Let see how you can add the hijab in your twenty- first century style routine.

Wearing styles:

  1. Style 1: If you want to set a transparency in your style, then you should hack the ways of securing your hijab in the right place. In order to do so, you will have to neatly drape it and secure that to one portion of the head with a pin. But make sure that you tie it firmly pulling to the back portion instead in the front portion of the head. Well if you want to try this, then make sure that you should visit the hijab online shop.

  1. Style 2: Style sentient always looks high and low for stylish hijab online. Certainly, they won’t step a single step back to look like a fish out of water. Instead, they would try out different wearing styles to look lean and chic. In this context, you need to broaden your look to some categories of hijabs like the oblong hijabs. To get a wholesome look, try out the hijab which is in the form of pashmina shawl, make sure that you place it long on one portion while shortening it on the other portion of the head. Thereafter simply fold one section of the hijab and pin both the borders very securely. While doing this make sure that you should pull the longer section underneath the chin. This is necessary to note down that you should make the hijab look very neat so that no creases develop on any side.

hijab online shop

  1. Style 3: Time to redesign your hijab look by simply trying hands on the turban style ones. Definitely it is like reechoing the old hijab style in a new color. To wear this style, you will have to again secure the edges of the hijabs by pulling that to the back portion of the head, again you need to pull that back to the front portion of the head as well. Once done you need to repeat the process of twisting the sides from all the ends. Now make sure that you tie the extra portion behind anywhere or simply pin on any one of the sides.

Thus to conclude these are some of the tried and tested hijab styles that you can seamlessly add to your everyday routine because these are simple and not at all time- consuming. Therefore, just try any one of the styles, but the latest turban style is the most sought after. Well, twenty- first century women are smart enough to set off their beauty with these outstanding hijabs. Hence, get ready to catch the furtive looks on the hijab clothing online shopping.


Worried about moving your sports items?

For a common man to move from one location to another is quite easy, but this is not the case with large vehicles and other items. There are particular items which are highly important such as sports items. At this stage what one needs is the help of an expert in the field of moving who can simply move the required items using his expertise and professional skills.

Somewhat same is the case of sports equipment delivery service where the equipment is costly as well as much important. One can go for neither delay in transporting nor damage to the item can be permitted. Power boats, motorcycles, racing cars, and snowmobiles, as well as power sports items, fall into such category where an ordinary mover cannot suffice, and one needs to hire an expert only.

How to get an expert mover?

There are many movers in the market that one can contact and ask for the service, but at such juncture, one needs to have an experienced and professional mover who knows the ins and outs of the movement of such vehicles. To offer great ease, to such clients only, there is a service available which is known as a load board post. Here one can post his requirement and provide the details of the vehicle. From the details, the movers who offer the services in this field will contact the client directly and offer the quote or estimate. In some cases, some of them may also ask for an appointment so that they can inspect the vehicle and after the inspection only can offer the quote.

Once the inspection is done, the service provider provides the quote in writing and client can study the terms and conditions as well as the amount of moving.

The quote:

The quote includes the charge for the transporting sports equipment as well as other charges such as insurance and road taxes and permit charges. The client can get the quote from different service providers and compare all of them keeping on the same platform. This can help one get the exact idea about the cost and time that the transportation, as well as delivery, may take.

One can bargain with the selected service provider and if all goes well can seal the deal. The date of vehicle movement, as well as delivery, is decided, and hence the client needs to make necessary arrangement to prepare the vehicle so that it can be transported without any hassles.