KVPY – For Talented Students

Kishore Vaigyanik Pratibha Yojana or better known as KVPY is a government run National fellowship scheme which is administered by the IISc or Indian Institute of Science and currently being run by Department of Science and Technology (DScT), Government of India (GOI). The aim of this National Fellowship program is to inspire the students who are extraordinary to pursue basic science courses and then finally pursue Research Career in the field of Science. The Objective of the program when it was first launched in 1999 by the then Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was to encourage students who are highly talented and have an aptitude for Science and realize their true academic potential by inspiring them to take up a career in the field of Research.

The students at three different levels are given the opportunity to get qualified to avail this fellowship scheme. To get qualified to avail this scheme, interested students have to give a KVPY exam 2017, on the basis of which students are selected who have a greater aptitude, then an interview is conducted for the students who have been selected. The students are further segregated on basis of this interview and the final remaining students get qualified to avail this fellowship. The students can give this exam in Class 11th, Class 12th and while studying in the first Year in a Basic Sciences Course.

On basis of the level the Students give the paper in, they are classified into three streams. Different Schemes have different eligibility criteria and different examination syllabus and pattern. The streams are Stream SA, Stream SX, and Stream SB. The students who give the qualifying exam while studying in Class 11th are called Stream SA students, the students who give exam while studying in Class 12th are called Stream SX students and students who give the exam while studying in the First Year are called Stream SB students.


The Eligibility criteria for different streams of students are different but are linked to each other. For an SA Stream student to be eligible, he must be pursuing his studies in Science stream, he/she must have more than 80% marks in aggregate in Mathematics and Science subjects in class 10th or equivalent. They also must score more than 60% marks in Class 11th and 12th in aggregate in Mathematics and science subjects to remain eligible for the Fellowship.

They also must take up Basic Science Courses at Under-Graduation Level and must score a minimum of 60% or equivalent in the first year to remain qualified to get the fellowship. For an SX Stream student to be eligible to give the exam, he/she must pass the qualification eligibility criteria of Stream SA students and moreover, they must score more than 60% marks in aggregate to remain eligible to get the scholarship.

For a student to be eligible to give exam as Stream SB student he/she must pass the qualification eligibility criteria of Stream SX students and moreover, they must secure a minimum score of 60% marks in the 1st-year examination. Basic Science courses include B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math. The students will keep getting scholarship till the period they remained qualified to get the fellowship. For students to remain qualified after Under-Graduation, they must pursue M.Sc./M.S. at Post Graduation level.

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After they have located and removed the inbound links from your website, they will approach it from a technical standpoint and ask the following questions:

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  • Is your content logically organized?
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  1. They Will Re-evaluate your Content Strategy

The content on your website is critical to its search rankings. The trick lies in creating a combination of sterling content and SEO optimization. It is not enough simply to create and publish piles of blog posts while ignoring the need to evaluate the content your site currently has.

Search engine optimization companies in India will ensure that your content is grammatically correct and error-free. This has a positive impact on both readers and search engines. Your website’s content needs to be valuable to your visitors. It needs to be relevant, engaging, resourceful or problem-solving in nature to keep users hooked and wanting more. Most SEO professionals will keep your target audience in mind when they create your content.

  1. They Will Integrate your Social Media Strategy

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See Nature in Action This Summer

See Nature in Action This Summer – Enjoy the Eclipse

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