3 Week Diet

Low fat diets is not the best solution to lose weight long term

As reported by the EIA, the diets that emphasize on low-fat foods, do not lead in the long run-for periods longer than one year-in greater weight loss than other higher fatty diets, such as the Mediterranean diet and low carbohydrate diet, according to a new American scientific research.

The researchers, led by Dr Nteirntr Tompaias School of public health Harvard University, who made the relevant publication in the journal of Endocrinology “Lancet & Diabetes Endocrinology”, comparing (meta-analysis) 53 – now published clinical trials, a total of 68,100 related people in several countries.

“No satisfactory evidence to justify recommending low-fat 3 week diet . The perception that it is sufficient to reduce the intake of fats to lose weight naturally, not confirmed by scientific evidence, “said Tompaias.

The study showed that there is no noticeable difference in average weight loss per person among the low-fat diets and those with more fat. Indeed, the diets with low carbohydrate achieve marginally better slimming (almost a kilo) over time.

A gram of fat contains more than twice the calories compared to a gram of carbohydrate or protein. Nevertheless, according to the researchers, the science does not support the view that low-fat diets are the best strategy for long-term weight loss. ”

Researchers have pointed out that the contentious issue of the best method for weight loss in the long term should be meletithei better with new investigations. Given, however, that any diet though started, difficult to comply with for a long time, many scientists believe that the solution ultimately is one: less food in General and more exercise.

To know where you are in terms of the need to follow a healthier diet to try to lose any extra pounds you may have, please do not hesitate to see what is your ideal weight and calculate your body mass index with the Iatropedia.gr tool.

Surely you have read a variety of articles that suggest to reduce carbohydrates, eat more times in the day or drink much water.

It is important to follow some basic steps when you diet, but the monotony is your worst enemy. Worse and starving!

We found an interesting article on the Internet, which gives some brief, simple, but definitely effective tips to help you lose even more weight.

Read in queen.gr, some very useful dietary tips, which will help you make this small difference in your effort to lose weight:

The first thing you should do when you wake up is to drink a glass of warm water with lemon. Helps detoxify and improve your metabolism.

If you are looking for the ideal breakfast meal, then put in your program the oats. It is rich in fiber and protein and is the ultimate food for a good start. Helps in reducing fat, especially from the area of the abdomen.

Go now to your lunch or dinner meal. With one simple movement can help your organization to make better combustion. Cayenne, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon is ideal your allies in your battle with excess pounds. Reduce the amount of salt in your food and give them more flavor with spices that we propose.
Finally, replace lunch or dinner meal with soup. A vegetable soup will offer you valuable for your body vitamins and will not load with unnecessary calories.

Eat fiber … before your meal! There are many foods, especially vegetables, rich in fiber. The best solution so far is glykomannani. You will have before you even start to eat. Click here.

Certainly, none of the above tips is not difficult to implement. You can customize your eating behavior, from today. By now!

Remember, that results in a diet does not depend on big jumps and very hard, but from small daily steps that completely change your bad eating habits, without hassle.

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