4 best places to enjoy street food snacks in Goa

Have you ever tried Goan local street food snacks while your stay in this beautiful city? Well, if you have tried yet then you would be amazed to know how much you have missed so far. It goes without saying that Goan cuisine is a unique blend of sea, spices and foreign interlopers. By foreign interlopers, I meant to say that first Goa was ruled by the Portuguese and later hippies. With growing tourism and increase in the number of food-savvy travelers coming to Goa, delicious Goan snacks, mouth-watering fish, and contemporary blend are all on offer in this place.

The best way to enjoy different types of Goan cuisine is to book your rooms in North Goa resorts and move out to explore and relish different delicacies here.

Here you will not only find one combined cuisine: Konkan Hindu and Goan Catholic have their discrete dishes. The former exemplified by the maximum usage of coconut and fish, the latter loves to make use of vinegar, pork and beef. Well, there are some of the international cuisines, occasionally a perfect blend, and at times the heritage of overseas colonists hanging onto their old cuisine.

However, the big-shot restaurants nearby the beach area always get the tourist attention. On the other hand, the smaller eateries are also worthy of praise and attention. If you plan your stay in North Goa resorts this time, make sure that you try the local food as well.

Here are some of the places that you must visit while you are in Goa:

Pousada on the Beach, Calangute beach

This place is awesome and very popular among the travelers for the sesame-grilled tuna and beef carpaccio. Apart from this, the chocolate thali is fabulous. Don’t forget to savor the lip-smacking saffron risotto with grilled prawns as well as the house special mussels.

Noronha’s Corner, Anjuna beach

This is the best place for all the fast food lovers out there. Well, three brothers -Charles, Lazarus, and Joseph Noronha are running their food truck at the Anjuna Circle and serve hearty Goan-Catholic snacks, including the beef cutlet, chilly-fry and roast, spicy Goan-sausage burger, fish cutlet and chicken cafreal (spicy grilled chicken).  Definitely, try out this place this time.

Surya Beach Cafe, Galgibag beach

Want to try out the best mussels, oysters, prawns, mackerel, crab, Pomfret, white and red snapper? Yes, then you won’t feel disappointed ever once you visit this small kitchen.

Ciao Bella, Assagao

If you really want to try good Italian food in Goa, then this place is definitely a big yes. This place is run by Mario and Simona and popular among travelers for some of the best pasta and pizza in India. They have a regular menu which includes starters, salads, pastas and one or two of seafood and meat mains. You must try Coccoli, porcini and truffle oil pasta, salmon squid ink tagliolini, and beef pepper stew and anchovy and artichoke pizza here.

Do you wish to visit all these places while your visit to Goa? YES! Then book your rooms now North Goa resorts and explore different places and local Goan food this time.

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