Be efficient: Work from home do’s and don’ts

People nowadays steps away from the traditional 9-to-5 work hours and aims for a better work-life balance. Sure in corporate workspaces there are functional office furnitures to get you going and organized; plus, connecting with other people and many opportunities could be offered but what if you can work from home?

More and more professionals are jumping in the work-at-home workforce, it’s becoming common and big in the industry. Surely many people desires to work in the comfort of their home for various reasons and its handful of perks however, there are challenges to it as well.


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The concept is undoubtedly appealing however what they don’t know about it is the huge responsibility it requires. Those professionals who have the privilege to work from home must have great organizational skills and full commitment to get their projects done.

Here’s to helping you be more efficient, get more organized and maintain an effective home office.

Do keep and follow a schedule

Just because you’re your own boss and you don’t have a strict schedule to follow doesn’t mean there’s no need to maintain one.

Whether you’re comfortable working 8 hours in the evening or morning or 4 consecutive strict hours focused primarily on work, you should be sticking to a regular schedule. It’s the best way to be consistent in getting work done.

Stick to your schedule and daily routine. If possible, keep away from any distractions, resist and temptations to lie in the bed for 10 minutes for it may only fly by to an hour or two. Also, don’t attend to a text, email, or call that isn’t urgent and that you can attend to once you finish your task. That way, you’re able to maximize your time and finish the task as scheduled or earlier so you can go and call it a day early.

Do take breaks

As much as it is important to maintain a regular schedule, do give yourself sufficient time of breaks just so you won’t burn out with all the task at hand.

Include 10-20 minute breaks every 60-minute work hours you think necessary. Or as mentioned previously, work hours straight then take as much break as you want.

If you feel like you’re creative juice is burning out, maybe it’s best if you stroll outside for a quick brain restart. You could also take your work in your nearest coffee shop and get a different atmosphere.

You’re a freelancer and not trapped in an office cubicle, don’t let yourself get trapped in your home. This is a fun perk for freelancers, you get to work wherever you want to so long as you deliver your job in quality.

Do keep organized

A home office should be as organized, neat and tidy in a way how you would want your corporate office desk appear. Get a filing cabinet and other storage organizers for your documents. Use to-do lists, calendars and develop a system that would help you produce more work and minimize distractions.

Do designate a workspace

Most common caveat home-based professionals face is lack of space to place your own home office. Keep in mind especially if you’re primary device for work is a laptop and printer, you don’t need a separate room to have your own home workspace. A table and a comfortable chair will do.

A small living space isn’t an excuse to work in the kitchen or in the bed. Find a good working spot that should serve as your productivity station where all work is done and where your complete concentration is designated on. You should step away from a relaxing spot and do your work in a motivating spot.

Don’t neglect home office furniture/tools

Ergonomics are strictly observed in corporate work community. It plays a huge role in productivity and employee satisfaction. A nice and comfortable office chair is greatly appreciated by an employee more than their employer realizes. If employees feel valued, they are satisfied and stays in the company for long.

This should also be observed in a home office. A wooden, uncomfortable and inducing back pain chair should be thrown out and replaced by a more comfortable one. Create a filing system to keep you organized. If you’ll be needing a printer, scanner, photocopier in a daily basis, invest in a 5-in-1 quality printer. You deserve a nice and comfortable work station at home, don’t shy away from it.

Don’t get distracted

It’s really tempting to get up later than your schedule, lay in bed for a moment, watch TV or movies online, stay in the kitchen for long and the works when you’re working at home.

However, this takes a great toll on your work and productivity. If you allow this to yourself, you’ll only let a should’ve been productive work day slip by. Stay focused and commit to your schedule and daily routine.

Don’t procrastinate

Since you work by yourself; not having to deal with a boss, chances are you might be leading yourself in the wrong direction.

Avoid doing a project at the very last minute. Even if a project isn’t due for weeks, don’t just sit around doing unrelated activities if you can utilize that time to start on that project.

Would you be kind to share a few tips for our freelance professional readers? Don’t hesitate to comment below!


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