5 Best Medicated Flowers in India

Flowers have been admired for their beautiful look from ages. Certainly, they don’t just raise the warm in our heart with their charm but also effective as remedies to several problems. These colourful, vibrant, fragrant flowers offer much beyond their looks. Some are utilized medically and some are suitable to eat. The endless features of flowers make it more special than any other pretty creature.

Flowers Treatment

From broken bones to heal wounds, flowers have the magic to treat you soon. Below are some most effective medicinal flowers, which could be used for handling diseases.

  • Rose

Undoubtedly, nothing on the planet could be more lovable than the rose. This fragrant flower is ware house of emotions. Love and happiness can’t be expressed without rose. But, the medical usage of flower has always been under shed of its beauty. They contain Vitamin C and are very suitable for human consumption. The petals are edible and increases blood circulation in body. The ‘Gulkand’, made of roses, cool down the heat in intestine and stomach. Rose water are profusely used to lower ruddiness in eyes, also they glow skin if applied daily.

  • Lotus

The flower is associated with the pride of the nation as it is the national flower of India. Beside its beauty, lotus offers various medical benefits to body. Mostly the flower is used to fight against diseases like fever, diarrhea and also illness as cholera. Cough and cold could be well treated with lotus syrup. Cosmetic products often use lotus as important ingredient. It is used as eyeliner to improve eyesight and effective as a face pack.

  • Jasmine

This beautiful aromatic flower is ubiquitous in summer season. A vase filed with blooms of jasmine could refresh the mind. They are sweet in taste, which makes the tea or coffee more delicious, if added. Jasmine leaves are used in treating stomach ulcer and digestive problems. Also, women who face bad menstrual cycle could eat the petals raw to grow regular cycle. Moreover, insomniac should sip the brew of flower for a better sleep.

  • Saffron

The flower is an important ingredient in lotions and creams for glowing skins. It provides resilience to the body and is used for treating asthma, cough, and to loosen phlegm. It overall calms down the nervous system and distress the body. Also, saffron is helpful in curing sleep problems, Alzheimer, mental shock and dry skin. Saffron strengthens immune system, if eaten regularly.

  • Sunflower

Sunflower seeds have several health benefits. First of all, it lowers the cholesterol and sodium, thereby protect the heart. They are highly rich in vitamin E, which prevents any cellular damage. Sunflower brew turns very helpful in ulcer and menstrual cramps. Also, it increases the body energy, improves digestion and strengthen digestive system.

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