5 travel disasters and how to prepare

You’re armed with extra undies, travel pillow, bookmarked your guides and other materials, but do you come ready for battle against untimely crisis?

There’s no harm in preparing for a few bumps on your journey. It’s always better to ready yourself with whatever circumstance there may be for the reality is: bad things happen specially when we least expect it.  Even the most experienced travelers have their vacation horror emergencies to share. So there’s no excuse for you to skip the umbrella and first aid kit.

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No, you can’t predict when an emergency will happen for it’s unforeseen and just takes you by surprise. But yes, there are ways to avoid and prepare for such WTF-travel disasters.

Illness or injuries

Health care in your destination can cause a shock to those unaware. Procedures in hospitals in different countries vary and if you don’t understand it, it can be really daunting. You’re lucky if you get a doctor who speaks English and able to convey his message across clearly.

Similarly, in-flight illnesses are no joke. You’d think you’re used to traveling frequently and haven’t experienced any traveler’s tummy since you started, you thought wrong. Turbulence and other factors such as food digested before you board the plane may churn your stomach.


Prior to your departure, take note of your country’s emergency numbers, embassy contact details and location. Look up their website, chances are they have there a list of acknowledge physicians and hospitals.

For in-flight illness: You’ll never know when it will hit and if it hits, you must come prepared. Always have an extra shirt with you in your carry-on bag so if such events occurs, you won’t have to wait hours to grab your luggage and change.

Most important of all, bring a small first-aid kit! There’s no excuses and no further explanation for this needed. This is a necessity and an essential to pack wherever you may be.

Lost luggage

You’re standing in front of the conveyor belt awaiting and looking for your bright-yellow hard shell luggage or those with neon tapes (for easy spotting), passengers after passengers have pulled their bags and still yours is nowhere in sight. What to do?

Do ensure that you have the baggage claim ticket with you and do not lose it otherwise the hassle of losing a luggage and the claim ticket doubles the amount. 


The least you can do to prevent your luggage from getting lost is to remove any unnecessary tags that may affect the airport’s scanning metrics. Make sure that your name and other necessary contact information are labeled properly.

Another thing to consider, as much as possible pack your valuable belongings in your carry-on just in case the worst comes, these valuables are with you. Do also include in your carry-on a set of clothing for lost luggage can get retrieved days after.

Lost Passport

This is every traveler’s utmost nightmare. Instead of panicking and allowing the situation take charge, find solutions and act immediately. Rewind and track back where you went and where you last put or seen it. Maybe you left it in the hotel or within the deep and dark parameters of your carry-on. If it’s nowhere to be found, contact and show up to your local embassy and apply for an emergency passport.


It’s a no-brainer but always keep your passport close your body (along with other valuables) and keep both eyes open; be alert.

Make PDF and hard copies of your passport (and other important documents) and store it in a safe place different from where you keep the original. We recommend you keep your passport in the hotel safe whenever you’re out and about while your hard copy in your luggage or your day-to-day bag.

Missed flight

If your flight gets delayed, you’re lucky to get an apology. If you’re the one to miss a flight, you don’t get a pardon even if you were only a few minutes late. You get to wait hours for the plane, but the plane won’t waste a minute to wait for your arrival.


As a general rule of thumb: be there early! The only way to avoid this from happening is getting yourself there in the airport early. As unfair as it is and as frustrating as it sounds, it’s better to wait for a delayed flight than miss a flight.

To prepare for it though, check out available flights bound to your destination on the same departure time before your trip. Get a note of it just in case.

Stolen purse or loss of access to funds

One of every traveler’s dreadful nightmares. Never, ever, EVER leave your bag unattended and keep your alert meters high at all times wherever you are.


Along with your passport, do consider leaving one of your credit cards and a few bucks in your hotel safe. Also, keep emergency cash with you. Who knows when, why and where your cards might unknowingly stop working and you’re left there without cash in hand. Cards are convenient but having cash on hand is still better.

In terms of your gadgets, make sure to install a tracking app. Worst case, if it gets stolen, you can still have a high chance of retrieving it with the use of the app. Aside from Find My iPhone for Apple users, there are several other tracking apps to try.

You’ll never know when the unexpected might hit so it makes sense to always be prepared for the worst. No excuses. Even the well-thought out plans and itineraries can get awry.

Have any travel disaster stories to share? Leave a comment below!


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