6 holiday last minute makeup looks you can pull off

Only a few days left until 2017 unwraps itself to us, do you already have an idea what you’ll be wearing for the holiday? Do you know how you should complement it with your makeup?

This is the last holiday of the year and an important one to celebrate so it’s only normal to expect everyone to show up in their best form at family gatherings and office party.

If you’re still debating whether to go all fun and bold: neon eyeliner or red lipstick; or naturally beautiful: nude lips and brushed up eyebrows, we’re here to help you out.

Bold lines


Image source: maccosmetics, via Instagram

We’re celebrating a festive season, there’s no better time than going all out with your makeup than now! Go bold and funky by stepping up your look with a bold eyeliner.

It can be any color so long as it complements your outfit and doesn’t clash with your whole makeup. A medium to thick line just above the lashes will do the trick. If you’re one of the cool girls, upgrade the look by lining your crease instead of the upper lash line. Friendly reminder: do not overdo it.  

Berry luscious lips

Remember when you were younger, you used to use your berry-flavored lollipop as a lipstick stain? Everyone can agree that a berry lipstick shade or tint suits anyone regardless of age and color. It’s a one shade, fits all kinda lippie!

A berry lips, whether it be a stain, gloss, velvet, or matte, completes a look with no effort. Wear it with a bare face, not even with your eyebrows filled, as it brings out your natural beauty. It’s perfect for the lazy girl who has little to no time to fix herself.

Red hot

Red lips are a timeless classic. It’s every woman’s go-to lipstick whenever they only have a minute left to prepare for and go to work. It’s their go-to lipstick to parties and date nights. Whether you’re running late to the family gathering or feeling fiery hot this holidays, a swoosh of a bright red lip is a go-to to look sophisticated in seconds.

Brushed-up brows for days


Image source: gigihadid, via Instagram

A well-groomed brows is all it takes to pull your whole face together. If it’s thickly overdrawn, it would be noticeable enough to have people staring in distaste. You don’t want that, do you?

After all, brushed up natural brows are the trend nowadays. Just look at Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and Gigi Hadid as some of the many celebs donning the full brushed up brows effect.

Glitzy glamour


Cranberry-stained/colored lips paired with a classic hairstyle? It’s a great look you can wear from day to night, straight from the office to your family to celebrate the season with.

Naturally beautiful


Image from: joansmalls, via Instagram

It’s New Year’s anyway and not Valentine’s Day. So go and show up however you want to be even if it means in your natural form. Albeit we suggest you put on some moisturizer, a few pats of blush, brush up your brows and some lip tint, to show a naturally radiant glow. It’s the perfect no makeup-makeup!

What will be your look this New Year’s Eve? Share it with us to help a girl out!

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