6 trends & elements of modern web design

When incorporated with extreme care and thoughtfulness, some elements are powerful and expressive enough to define your company in a storytelling manner. Others simply improve looks of the content on a particular device. Although, implementing every trend that comes on the website isn’t necessary or preferred, many have the potential to improve visitor’s experience and keep them coming back.

With so many options to choose from, picking the best ones can be challenging. Here, we’ve listed some of the most important elements crucial for a Dubai web design agency to improve website’s performance.

  1. Large & unique typography

Most of the companies today have specific font/typography that helps customers in identifying them immediately from the pool of competitors. During the recent years, a typical Dubai web design agency and associated designers received a large selection of fonts that makes it easier for brands to express themselves to their fullest.

  1. Responsive & huge hero images

Large images are the rage and have all it takes to define the concept more broadly. On the contrary, focusing only on the text-filled images instead of CTA or social buttons creates a strong visual experience that further encourages users to scroll down.

Large hero images are mostly placed in the background alongside the text and overlaid content. Irrespective of the approach, large images tells the entire story from visual perspective without just relying on the text. Always remember; “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

  1. Background videos

With images bringing such an optimistic change to a website, the power of a background video is simply immeasurable! Background videos add a lot to a website and used to tell real-time stories, reduce the amount of other content while upping attractiveness. In addition, scientific analysis concluded that video is processed 60,000 times faster by a human brain as compared to text so why not give user a better experience in real-time.

  1. Semi-flat design

Take example of Apple that essentially shifted to flat design back in 2013! In simpler terms, flat design is any element that doesn’t give the perception of 3D like shadows. The design is extremely user-friendly and loads a website quickly without that annoying hang up or overly-technical elements. Dubai web design agency and many other organisations irrespective of the size have shifted to flat design following footsteps of Apple.

  1. Hamburger menus

Many websites feature a long menu of options to choose from. One benefit of this particular style is helping users in finding what they’re looking for without sifting through the entire website however, it takes valuable screen space. Hidden or hamburger style menu changes this for it was once a common web application and now making its way into web design. Look for hamburger menu in Google Chrome.

  1. Huge product images

Most of the B2B websites nowadays display large product images highlighting different features or product components. This isn’t coincidental as large images on top of a webpage followed by additional in-depth product images are a trend nowadays. These pictures are also responsive to fit different screen sizes such as desktop, laptop and mobile.


If yours is a Dubai web design agency, be sure to follow the trends ruling design industry, for now!

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