7 bathroom trends you’ll see a lot of this year

If you’re about to have a new home in a few months’ time, don’t forget to check out some ideal styles for your bathroom. You could be too busy setting up the layout and theme for your living room, kitchen, and bedroom; that you forget to give some attention to the part of the house where your throne is designated.


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Since you spend the first and last few minutes of your day in the bathroom, it’s acceptable to style your bathroom the best it could be. Skip the 2016 trends and look at this year’s latest. Below are our recommendation to keeping your bathroom stylish and updated.

Eye-catching tiles

In this age, tiles are no longer seen as just a plain background in a room. Nowadays, tiles are seen equally important as wall colors; after all, bathroom walls are most likely tiled. Mediterranean motifs, patterned tiles, combine multiple tiles, and the likes are the trend this year.

So skip plain white large tiles that date back who knows when and experiment with it. Work it in honeycomb patterns or fish scales; combine various tile patterns, or decide on a color palette for your bathroom theme. It serves as a great visual display that your eyes can feast on.

Put art on walls

When it comes to displaying artworks, the bathroom doesn’t even come to mind when it comes to finding a place to put it for show. There’s no limitation to where you should showcase your art. Plus, it’s your home anyway to you can put it wherever your heart desires.

A bold wallpaper, framed movie poster, a few photographs and the likes are good to display in your bathroom—where you spend your most relaxing baths. Having a few while you enjoy those minutes isn’t too bad.

Bathroom greenery

Who said houseplants aren’t ideal to place in bathrooms? As you may know, houseplants, depending on the type, serve to purify the air you breathe in its space proximity. And if you have a bathtub, it’s great to have some greenery inside to keep you calm and relax.

Round mirrors for a change

If you’re planning to give your bathroom a low-cost yet stylish makeover, consider replacing your square or rectangle mirror with a round one; preferably oversized. If you have a square or rectangular sink, round mirrors are the way to go.

Don’t worry too much about whether or not it should be up on the wall with luxe frames or without. Frames add personality; bare ones, too, since it’s naturally grand-looking.

Darker, mercurial colors

Dark color schemes have been a trend for quite a while. Sulky shades on your bedroom walls can be dramatic and comforting in its own way. However, look beyond your bedroom walls. Why not apply the color approach on your bathroom?

Partnering dark colors with white fixtures and gold, rose gold, or brass accents (i.e. faucets, mirror frame, cabinet knobs, etc.) will perfectly balance the whole ambiance of your bathroom.

Wall mounted faucets

This is a great space-saving solution especially to those with small bathrooms: mount your faucets directly onto the wall. It’s a stylish and clever trick that we expect to see more of as the year progresses.

Creative, space-saving storage

We know how much toiletries, tools, and other knickknacks you have sitting on top of your bathroom cabinet. Add to this the decor and other stuff you put on there for show. Look for functional, space-saving, customized storage that accommodates more than it looks. For instance, a honeycomb wall shelf can accommodate a few things inside as well as a few on top. Also, do look for “stackable” organizers and storages.

Any other bathroom trends you adore that your think our readers would as well? Share it with us!

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