7 rules of office etiquette

What makes you want to get up early in the morning and go straight to work? On the downside, what makes going to work drive you nuts?

Ask your employed friends, relatives and even coworkers these questions. Chances are, if not most then some of them would retort their issues and concerns regarding the office setup and etiquette.

In addition, appropriate office behavior should also be strictly observed. Respect and courteousness is a two way street and is important not just for the clients but for the workers as well.

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Strict implementation and observance of proper office etiquette and manners should be brought upon. These rules of etiquette isn’t just beneficial for the office and clients but also for the overall professional and personal growth of each and everyone in the workplace. Here are some of the most important rules of office etiquette.

Keep the noise down. This shouldn’t even be a reminder to anyone even when not in a work environment. Keeping the noise level low should be the first and foremost rule people should keep in mind when in workplace.

Be mindful of the people around you. These people are in the office accomplishing their tasks at hand and what they need most at this time is focus.

If possible, take calls away from the work area especially if these are personal calls that could take up more than a minute. Not everyone in the room is interested to knowing what the call is about let alone hear the full conversation.

Get organized. There’s nothing more pesky to anyone’s sight than an unorganized, messy and cluttered desk. It goes to show how unprofessional and unsystematic a person work. It sure does give that impression and what do they say about impressions — it last.

The least you want your coworkers, especially the upper management, to think is how incapable you are of managing your workload. Project a professional image by keeping your workspace tidy.

Don’t be a distraction. Employees come to office to get their tasks done, not to talk about their personal issues or recent vacation. These small talks can wait until break time but during work hours, do your work. And if you’re feeling a little under the weather, don’t bring your coworkers down with you.

Don’t distract, interrupt or chat with them especially if they’re working. Be aware of what you do. The smell of your tuna meal can be distracting as well as your continuous fidgeting on the floor. Be mindful of your actions as well.

Don’t steal supplies. One of the most unethical things to do is stealing other people’s belongings. Pens, sticky notes, stapler, puncher, paper clips, and the likes are things that are necessary to always keep on your desk.


If you run out of any of these, always ask permission and don’t just reach out to your coworker’s desk and grab the item. Also, don’t be too comfortable with borrowing. Chances are, they’re not comfortable handing you too much. Don’t take advantage of anyone’s kind gesture.

Respect is a must.  What keeps a company intact and organized is due to respect and courtesy. Respect a coworker’s need to work. Respect a coworker’s privacy. Respect a coworker’s opinions and beliefs. Respect a coworker’s culture. 

All foundations of each and everyone’s relationships are built with respect and integrity. Remember, anything you see or hear, you should leave it be unless otherwise stated.

Check out your hygiene. Most often than not, hygiene is where coworkers initially reads you if you have proper etiquette. Sticky mouse and keyboard? Tissues, snacks, sandwich crumbs and the works all over your desk? Bad breath? Inappropriately dressed and dons a foul smell? If you’ve ever encountered someone or you yourself have been “the one” you might want to keep your hygiene in check.

Be productive. Going on Facebook or other social media platforms during work hours and wasting more time scrolling through rather spending time accomplishing your task hurts your morale. It shows not only lack of etiquette but disrespect as well towards your profession, coworkers, bosses and the company. 

Given all the responsibilities and tasks one needs to accomplish can be exhausting and draining however, an environment lacking rules of etiquette is more irritating than sitting in a desk full of business projects. A professional atmosphere is vital in keeping a workplace ‘workable’ and respectable.


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