Affordable and attractive stainless steel closers, pulls and doorknobs

Historians have defined the period between 3rd and 1st millennia BCE as Metal Ages. Between 3200 to 2300 BCE was the Copper Age and between 2300 to 700 BCE is the Bronze Age and finally between 700 to 1 BCE as the Iron Age. These materials had changed the very way people performed their daily activities, traded with one another and fought. However, it is until early 1900s ACE that there emerged a new material which offered that significant impact on how people live.

Steel age

Steel is an ancient metal and is actually an iron alloy. It means that it is with the other elements that it is mixed, notably carbon. Several types exist of which the stainless variety is the most popular. It was introduced during the beginning of the twentieth century. Unlike other metals, stainless steel is said not to corrode, rust or stain.

Practical use

Besides construction, this type of metal is used for creating major appliances, tools, surgical instruments, cutlery, cookware, etc. Since, it has an appealing, attractive finish, this metal could be used in all types of utilitarian/decorative devices at commercial and residential places. It also includes closers, pulls and doorknobs. Browsing through the site of a reliable manufacturer of door pulls is likely to help the person to derive useful and valuable information.


Know the benefits

Brass was considered to be among the popular metal available, when door hardware is concerned. Two simple reasons are cited for this. It is easier to work with bras and it does come with attractive finish. Things have however changed for the better. New design and manufacturing technologies have helped things to become easier and produces superior quality door hardware of stainless steel type.

These doorknobs, closers and pulls are likely to last for a lifetime, since they are more durable and stronger, when compared to other types of mass produced metals. But, it needs to be maintained properly. The stainless steel door type is able to withstand continuous goings and comings of employees and clients.

Use in the home

Probably, brass is considered to be the most popularly used item in the domestic doorknob category. But, stainless is definitely catching on. The newer alloy is sure to win since it is much superior in every manner. Besides being versatile and stronger, it is also attractive similar to that of brass.

Door pulls

The kitchen is regarded to be one such room in any modern home to make use of this type of alloy. This room can be complemented well with door pulls & closers created from the same metal. Such accessories could be used on cabinets knobs and pulls, doors, drawers and cabinets. They are also more secure and stronger when compared to the traditional versions and do last a lifetime. Affordable and durable, the stainless steel type of door hardware is being used across the globe in large scale in both residential and commercial structures.

Checking out the official sites of leading manufacturers will help the person to know more in details.

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