See Nature in Action This Summer

See Nature in Action This Summer – Enjoy the Eclipse

Summer is the season many of us go out to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  We take advantage of longer days and warmer weather to go fishing, hiking, canoeing, hunting and camping.  We prepare for these adventures by gathering our best outdoor clothing and gear, using Groupon promo codes and coupons to acquire outdoor equipment – from camping supplies and equipment to fishing or hunting gear and outdoor wear from L.L. Bean at substantial savings approaching nearly 50% off list prices. The last thing you want is to be caught in natures grasp without the proper gear. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous if you find yourselves out in nature without warm gear, emergency equipment, and the proper rations.

This summer will be particularly special to those outdoorsmen who are also interested in astronomy, since a solar eclipse shall be taking place in the month of August.  A solar eclipse is a rare event and one which draws attention from more that those who are professionally interested.  For centuries, an eclipse was believed to be a precursor of bad luck, or an indication of the Creator’s dissatisfaction with the behavior of mankind.  Even today people will still attribute certain mystical meanings to the event.  So it is no surprise that many are planning special trips to view the event from locations in the projected path of totality, which is expected to extend from Oregon to South Carolina.  Scientists, astronomers and citizens who want to see this unique natural occurrence will congregate at those locales.  And what could be a better way to spend an outdoor trip in the country than to have an opportunity to observe a once in a century event from a camp in the mountains or the open countryside while enjoying a fishing trip or hiking along the Appalachian trail?  Take advantage of a Groupon to get clothing, outerwear and gear from L.L. Bean at discounts of up to 50% off.  These items can be handy when you go to the best places to observe the eclipse, which some say are the National Parks in the path.

A person who combines a vacation trip – hiking, camping or fishing – will be rewarded with the dual opportunity of seeing a once in a lifetime occurrence of nature with the chance to savor the beauty and unique character of the natural world we live in but rarely take the time to appreciate while we are inundated with the mundane activities of our daily lives.  So take advantage of this opportunity to see nature and savor the event. After all, we fall fast approaching we have a short window of opportunity before our children go back to school and the hustle and bustle of the office beckons us once again. So put down your mobile phones, close up your laptops, and sit down with your family to discuss how you want to spend the rest of your summer before it’s too late!

7 Effective Call Center Strategies for Better Performance

Call centers play a vital role in providing great customer experience regularly. Some of the leading call centers or market research firms concentrate only on providing the premium quality service to customers. As per the market surveys, Customer Service Professionals (CSPs) tops the list of quality service.

However, it is observed that customers are more knowledgeable about the products and prefer interacting with Customer Service Professionals, who have good communication skills and can resolve their issues efficiently.

To cater to their needs, a skill able expert is required that can run the process smoothly. If you are a professional or a BPO owner who wants to improve the call center performance, here is a blog post that lists seven effective strategies that are worth the consideration.

Take a look.

  1. Groom customer service professionals

Young prospective candidates should be hired at the beginning, as they can be trained to be the best. Before hiring, it is important to gauge candidate’s emotional quotient because later it can impact his/her job performance. In addition, Customer Service Professionals should be motivated through good incentives and benefits, so that they can work passionately.

  1. Pay attention to training methodologies

It is observed that new agents or even professionals face a lot of challenges when they are welcomed on board. There are plenty of reasons behind it such as outdated coaching methodologies and a lack of communication between trainers and managers. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on these areas and teach the trainers in order to enhance their performance.

  1. Teach them the significance of multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is one of the most important skills that are required in most of the jobs nowadays. The job not only requires calling at one time but also some other activities like data input and reference materials for answering customer query, along with interpersonal and communication skills at the same time. The process of teaching such aspects should involve an integrated approach. Technical and soft skills should not be taught separately. To provide the best customer service, the training should be done on how to efficiently handle a call.

  1. Implement robust CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is not just about automating business processes, it is basically a culture within an organization that focuses on providing best-in-class customer service. Implementing robust CRM benefits agents with access to the customer’s history.

According to Forrester Research, around 66% enterprise organizations have implemented CRM.

  1. Eliminate abandoned calls

Customers hate it when their call is not answered or when agents do not resolve their issue. And this directly impacts customer satisfaction. For customers, who are requested to wait till Customer Service Professional (CSP), a call-back option should be provided. As per Benchmark Portal Study – “Even if a caller satisfaction increases by just 1%, then a call center improves its customer satisfaction by 3.5%”.

  1. Intelligently Use Technology

This is one of the most effective changes that every call center should implement. A call center has a potential to satisfy customers and reduce the expenses of an organization. Doing so help the organization to build a good reputation in the market. Technologies such as speed recognition, advanced routing, courtesy call backs and cloud should be used to improve the first call resolution rates and reduce cost per call.

  1. Streamline the processes

Nowadays, call centers use multi-channel avenues to interact with the customers. They use various tools for resolving simple and complex tasks. As customers, simple queries can be easily managed by professionals and for a fast redressal of queries, customers should be given self-help tools. Additionally, complex queries should be solved by only well-experienced professionals. The sole objective should be improving the first call resolution rates. By following these strategies of separating tasks can help companies in making the apt use of resources and minimize operational costs.

Final Few Words

There are numerous aspects of a call center that are hidden from the customer. When it comes to exceptional customer service, there are plenty of things that should be perfect, be it language, communication skills, and decision-making power. Besides, the above-mentioned strategies can be helpful for improving the operational performance of a call center. So, call centers or reputed market research firms should adopt the above-mentioned strategies in order to enhance the operational performance.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Scheme by Govt. of UK

Commonwealth Scholarship is an elite scholarship given to students of Commonwealth Countries. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) awards the scholarships and fellowships to over 800 students for under-graduation studies, post-graduation studies and professional development courses to citizens of Commonwealth each year. The scholarships are divided into two parts i.e. scholarship for students of developed nations and scholarship for students of developing nations. The scholarships are funded by Department for International Development, Government of UK for developing Commonwealth countries and the Department of Education, Government of UK for developed Commonwealth countries. The Scholarship scheme was started in 1959 for all the Commonwealth Countries. Since its establishment, the scheme has benefitted over 30,000 students. The scholarship scheme funds the students fully and since students of all the Commonwealth nation can avail the scholarship hence the competition for availing these scholarships are very high. Such high competition between the best students of Commonwealth nation makes this scholarship scheme one the largest and most prestigious scholarship schemes for studies internationally in the World.

The scholarships are divided into two parts i.e. scholarship for students of developed nations and scholarship for students of developing nations. The scholarships are funded by Department for International Development, Government of UK for developing Commonwealth countries and the Department of Education, Government of UK for developed Commonwealth countries.

The Scholarship scheme was started in 1959 for all the Commonwealth Countries. Since its establishment, the scheme has benefitted over 30,000 students. The scholarship scheme funds the students fully and since students of all the Commonwealth nation can avail the scholarship hence the competition for availing these scholarships are very high. Such high competition between the best students of Commonwealth nation makes this scholarship scheme one the largest and most prestigious scholarship schemes for studies internationally in the World.

Developing Commonwealth Nations included in the official list are: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Botswana, Cameroon, Cayman Islands, Dominica,Falkland Islands Fiji, Ghana Gibraltar, Grenada, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Kenya  Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia Mauritius, Montserrat, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Rwanda, St Helena, St Kitts and Nevis St Lucia, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Samoa, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Tanzania, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands,Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Virgin Islands (British), Zambia

Developed Commonwealth Nations included in the official list are: Australia, The Bahamas, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, and New Zealand

The Scholarship Programmes offered are different for developing and developed Commonwealth Nations. There are also some Commonwealth Nations which haven’t been classified into developing or developed for which the scholarship and fellowship schemes are again different.

1.) A student of a developed Commonwealth Nation can apply for Commonwealth Scholarships for Ph.D. or split-site Ph.D. study which would be done at a UK University.

2.) A student of a developing Commonwealth Nation can apply for the following scholarship schemes:

  • Commonwealth Scholarships for Master’s and Ph.D. which is to done in a UK university
  • Commonwealth Split-site (Ph.D.) Scholarships for Ph.D. candidates in which students will have to spend 12 months in the UK as part of their Doctoral Research
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Academic Fellowships
  • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships
  • Commonwealth Medical Fellowships

3.) A student of Singapore can apply for Singapore Commonwealth Fellowships

4.) A student of Falkland Islands, Seychelles, St Helena can apply for Commonwealth Scholarships for undergraduate study.

A student of UK can also apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship scheme for studying in other Commonwealth Nations

India comes under Developing Commonwealth Nations and the scholarship schemes valid for students of India are those scholarship schemes which have been mentioned under scholarship schemes for developing nations. The duration of these schemes is from three months to one year. The scholarships offered are for Post-Graduate students, Research Scholars, and Working professionals.

Hiring a Parramatta Lawyer: What to Keep in Mind

Law firms are capable of handling legal issues that individuals and small and large businesses face. As with most entities, they vary in a lot of ways. In terms of size, there are those that are either run by a single lawyer or run by multiple-staffed organizations. In terms of location, there are those operating statewide with satellite offices and there are those whose offices can be found across main cities in Sydney. In terms of legal practice, there are those who litigate cases or do legal transactions. Obviously, law firms focus on either single or multiple legal specialties.

Regardless of size, location, legal specialty, or any other attribute, law firms are readily available to provide legal services to prospective clientele. However, individuals and businesses facing legal issues must always consider which law firm is capable of resolving their legal situations. Considering certain factors can help them make the right choice in picking the best law firm for them. Indeed, doing so can truly make a difference between reaching a successful settlement or a preferable outcome and losing out on a legal opportunity.

If you are in a middle of a family law dilemma, you might find the services of a reputable and experienced family law solicitor important. To begin with, Parramatta law firms are composed of the best attorneys who specialize in a specific legal area, like personal injury law, employment law, family law, or business law. They have the best team of paralegals who are capable of assisting in-house lawyers in gathering information in relation to the clients’ cases.

While most law firms always make an effort to advertise the legal services they offer, they always emphasize the needs of the client as the focal point of their legal services. They make sure that you are well-represented during either the litigation or settlement process. Truly, it would be an absolute plus on your part if you managed to hire one that does not only do the necessary work as advertised, but they display genuine care for their clients.

Obviously, experience plays a key role here. Not only should an experienced law firm have handled thousands upon thousands of cases; it must also have generated results. Once you see how many cases it has won on their clients’ behalf, then you can say that you have a higher chance of winning your case with the law firm you chose. Also, you must not only look at how many years it has been providing legal services. You should also see if they are confident enough to represent you throughout your case and has enough resources at their disposal to ensure that your best interests are underscored.

Another thing why a law firm is important is because of location. Nowadays, there are a lot of law offices offering their legal services across the nation. You can easily find one in your local area or in your state. It would be much better if your chosen law firm is geographically placed in areas where they are near regional and state agencies. In addition, given the Internet as the go-to source information, you can easily find the best firms at the click of the mouse.

In summary, if you are facing family legal issues in Parramatta, then your best solution is to find a family law solicitor who will help you through the different stages of your case. Your Parramatta lawyers should be able to help you achieve a favorable resolution for your case. This is why it is very important that you carefully choose the law firm that you will hire, ensuring that your case will be resolved in a favorable and productive fashion.

KVPY Application Form for SA/SX/SB Streams

KVPY stands for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana which is a scheme by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for identifying and encouraging meritorious and talented students having an aptitude for science by providing them with scholarships to pursue their careers in the field of Science so that Country’s Research and Development can strengthen and grow.

Entrance Exam for KVPY is held for students at three different levels or streams. Stream SA (Candidates currently studying in class 10th), Stream SX (Candidates currently studying in class 12th) and Stream SB (Candidates currently doing B.Sc. or related courses and are in their first year) .

Scholarship is given on the basis on the basis of aptitude exam which is followed by interview for the students who qualify the written exam. Further, the merit list is prepared on 75% weight-age for Aptitude Test marks and 25% weight-age for the interview on basis of which scholarships are provided. The aptitude exam will be organized in online or offline mode. The duration of the exam will be three hours. The aptitude test is a multiple choice based exam of total 100 marks. It will constitute of two parts which will be 1 & 2, each containing 4 sections of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Paper I will contain 20 questions whereas Paper II will contain 10 questions in each section. In the Type SA, all questions will be compulsory (Science and Mathematics). For type SB and SX, candidates will be allowed to answer any THREE of the four subjects in Part I and any TWO of the four subjects in Part II.


Candidates should be Indian Citizen.

For Stream SA, Candidates have to complete their 10th class with Science & Mathematics subjects. They have to secure at least 80% marks (70% marks for SC/ST/PwD) aggregate in the qualifying examination.

For Stream SX, Candidates have to pass 10th class with minimum 80% marks (70% for SC/ST/PwD) in aggregate in Mathematics & Science subjects. Candidates also have to qualify the 10+2 examination with Science subjects & secure at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PWD category) in aggregate.

For Stream SB, Candidates have to complete their 10+2 examination & obtain minimum 60% marks (50% marks for SC/ST/PwD) in aggregate in Science Subjects. Candidates also have to pass their 1st year final examination & secure at least 60% marks (50% marks for SC/ST/PwD).

Application Schedule and Fee

Applications forms will be available from 9 July 2017 and last date for filling KVPY registration form is last week of August 2017. The application forms will only be issued through online mode. Admit Cards will be issued to students in the first week of October 2017. Exam Date is 29 October 2017. The results for which will be declared in December 2017.

The application processing fee is Rs 1055/- (Rs 528 for SC/ST/PwD Category). Candidates can submit the fees online or offline through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking or Challan respectively.

5 financial tips for young entrepreneurs

Starting up a business is no easy feat. it requires a number of factors from the management and its strategies to succeed, one of which is financial management—one of the most essential qualities entrepreneurs should hold.

You may have great management skills but if you’re negligent with handling your finances and keeping it in order, sooner or later you’ll find yourself struggling to keep the business afloat.


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters /Unsplash

As a business owner, you need to carefully manage your cash flow and overall finances. If you’re not knowledgeable with the fundamentals of it all, here are some basic tips to keep your business finances at bay.

Learn how to read a financial statement. This is extremely important: financial statements illustrate where your business’ or company’s money come from, where it goes, and it’s current state.

With this, as a business owner, you ought to understand what the numbers show—how to read balance sheets, cash flow, income statements, and other documents. Knowing how to read these numbers allow you fully grasp and effectively handle your finances. If you think you’re a long way from understanding the fundamentals of it all, seek the help of a financial advisor to look into it and help you learn the basics.

Seek help from financial advisors. As mentioned above, if you’re having a hard time reading the numbers, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to help you understand and manage your company’s finances.

These professionals will also help you set a budget, create invoices and help you understand them, as well as decipher your taxes. It’s also their job to pick you your company up from financial hurdles as well as avoid them.

Learn how to manage your cash flow. A lot of startups and small businesses fail to keep their company up and running because of a number of reasons; it could be mismanagement or the likes. However, one common denominator is running out of money.

This roots from neglecting their cash flow. No matter how great your products are or if your idea is worth a million, if you fail to keep your money from running out; not staying on top of your cash flow, you won’t make it in the industry.

Separate your personal from your business finances. This is a no-brainer. To all the entrepreneurs out there, keep separate accounts for your personal and business funds. This will help you easily track your cash flow and keep you from spending your business fund for personal luxury purposes. If your business is a corporation, you’re required by law to keep a separate business account.

Create a financial goal. Most businesses fail to create doable and attainable financial goals. Create a monthly or daily revenue goals to keep tabs on your growth and see if there are necessary adjustments. This will help you determine where you lack and improve on that area.  Small goals, when combined, leads to reaching one big goal.

Do you have any experience in business? What are your game-changing financial tips for budding entrepreneurs? Help a reader out—share your thoughts with us!


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When she’s not at home binge-watching shows, Chie Suarez writes for MarketLend, Peer-to-peer lending or marketplace online lending company that cuts out the middleman, cuts down on red tape and puts the investors and borrowers in direct relationship


7 bathroom trends you’ll see a lot of this year

If you’re about to have a new home in a few months’ time, don’t forget to check out some ideal styles for your bathroom. You could be too busy setting up the layout and theme for your living room, kitchen, and bedroom; that you forget to give some attention to the part of the house where your throne is designated.


Photo by William LeMond/Pexels

Since you spend the first and last few minutes of your day in the bathroom, it’s acceptable to style your bathroom the best it could be. Skip the 2016 trends and look at this year’s latest. Below are our recommendation to keeping your bathroom stylish and updated.

Eye-catching tiles

In this age, tiles are no longer seen as just a plain background in a room. Nowadays, tiles are seen equally important as wall colors; after all, bathroom walls are most likely tiled. Mediterranean motifs, patterned tiles, combine multiple tiles, and the likes are the trend this year.

So skip plain white large tiles that date back who knows when and experiment with it. Work it in honeycomb patterns or fish scales; combine various tile patterns, or decide on a color palette for your bathroom theme. It serves as a great visual display that your eyes can feast on.

Put art on walls

When it comes to displaying artworks, the bathroom doesn’t even come to mind when it comes to finding a place to put it for show. There’s no limitation to where you should showcase your art. Plus, it’s your home anyway to you can put it wherever your heart desires.

A bold wallpaper, framed movie poster, a few photographs and the likes are good to display in your bathroom—where you spend your most relaxing baths. Having a few while you enjoy those minutes isn’t too bad.

Bathroom greenery

Who said houseplants aren’t ideal to place in bathrooms? As you may know, houseplants, depending on the type, serve to purify the air you breathe in its space proximity. And if you have a bathtub, it’s great to have some greenery inside to keep you calm and relax.

Round mirrors for a change

If you’re planning to give your bathroom a low-cost yet stylish makeover, consider replacing your square or rectangle mirror with a round one; preferably oversized. If you have a square or rectangular sink, round mirrors are the way to go.

Don’t worry too much about whether or not it should be up on the wall with luxe frames or without. Frames add personality; bare ones, too, since it’s naturally grand-looking.

Darker, mercurial colors

Dark color schemes have been a trend for quite a while. Sulky shades on your bedroom walls can be dramatic and comforting in its own way. However, look beyond your bedroom walls. Why not apply the color approach on your bathroom?

Partnering dark colors with white fixtures and gold, rose gold, or brass accents (i.e. faucets, mirror frame, cabinet knobs, etc.) will perfectly balance the whole ambiance of your bathroom.

Wall mounted faucets

This is a great space-saving solution especially to those with small bathrooms: mount your faucets directly onto the wall. It’s a stylish and clever trick that we expect to see more of as the year progresses.

Creative, space-saving storage

We know how much toiletries, tools, and other knickknacks you have sitting on top of your bathroom cabinet. Add to this the decor and other stuff you put on there for show. Look for functional, space-saving, customized storage that accommodates more than it looks. For instance, a honeycomb wall shelf can accommodate a few things inside as well as a few on top. Also, do look for “stackable” organizers and storages.

Any other bathroom trends you adore that your think our readers would as well? Share it with us!

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6 common bad moves startups make

Starting up a business or working for a startup has its highs and lows. With hard work, perseverance, and a pinch of luck, you can go side by side with the likes of Zuckerberg, Ek, Karp, Chesky, and many others.

It will be difficult—from the planning process to the execution. But it will be worth it once you see your startup grow and progress in the industry.


Photo by Luca Bravo/Unsplash

Many startups have started smoothly only to make the wrong decisions towards the end of their venture. Avert from pulling the same wrong cards to your startup. Here are the common bad moves founders make that hits their brand hard.

Taking a long time to launch. Business planning and building up an outstanding concept can be time-consuming but it is an essential factor so it’s reasonable with regards to that. However, if you’re wasting too much time delaying your launch for unknown and unreasonable excuses, you got to ask yourself whether or not you should even continue.

Delays often mean hesitations and problems—lots of it—otherwise, you wouldn’t wait too long.   If you’re currently in this situation, you may want to rethink introducing your product. Create a timeline for your project and set a deadline.

Not enough budget. Remember, you spend on what you need, and that’s what you should get. If you’re short on budget, apply for a loan. Little budget means not having the opportunity to serve your products at a top-notch quality and potential. When you do get approved for a business loan, maximize that money to your startup’s growth. Don’t use too much that you don’t get any for backup. The same goes with having too much funding you don’t need.

Attending countless startup events. Startup networking events and seminars are good for your knowledge, connection, and business process. You’ll learn a lot from the aspects fo the industry down to strategies on how you should manage it. You’ll get a lot of insight first-hand from people who claimed success in starting up their ventures.

Although these are all exciting, motivational, and a great learning experience, you don’t have to attend each and every seminar or event opportunity permits. you can learn some of these aspects online, reading up on articles and networking through the online community. Only attend those events that you can actually learn something great from and where great speakers and presenters are present; make sure it’s worth your time and money since it’s an investment.

Ignoring customer’s and client’s concerns. As a business owner, you need to monitor not only the people you work with and the numbers but also the people who support your products and services. You need to build trust with your customers and clients early on in the process by interacting and reaching out to them.

With this approach, you’ll never have to worry too much about broadening your reach and contemplating strategies to target your demographic. Your customers, clients, and the people you work with will do the work in an organic way–through word of mouth. They’ll basically market your brand because they trust you and this is how it will show.

Failure to reach out to others. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to reach out and connect with others in your network as well as interact with your customers and clients. You’ve built a relationship with these people, you don’t want to be one of those people who start off their email message saying “It’s been a while since we spoke,” or other ‘failure to catch up’ shenanigans, do you?

Prioritizing popularity. It’s understandable if you aim to place countless ad placements on various social media platforms to promote your business. But that shouldn’t be your utmost priority. The quality of your products and services should be.

What other usual startup moves that knock businesses out? Share it with us!

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7 things to remember before you start a business

Isn’t it exciting coming up with a good business idea and building it up from scratch? But let’s get down to the reality of shaping a business. It’s going to be hard, especially at the start. But you’ll sort your way through along the way.

A lot of entrepreneurs start off their plan focusing on industry-specific grasp. Though that’s the usual path to take when starting out, we’d like to remind you that you’d have to go beyond that path and seek all the other factors involved when shaping up your business plan.


Photo by Lauren Mancke/Unsplash

To help you sort through the business planning process, put down the blueprints for a while and let’s be realistic with our plans and goals. Here are a few things to remember before you start your business.

Always conduct your research. Just like when you’re looking for the best options to finance your business, you need to do an extensive research, from how to start to your competitor’s tactics, before starting up a business.

Having an idea isn’t enough. That alone does not make the business happen. You ought to know many other potential entrepreneurs have the same concept in mind and you’ll be competing against others. You need to think beyond that; think of something better that would click with your market. Remember, you need to stand out among your competitors and in your area.

Pursue your passions. It’s okay if the rest of the world doesn’t appreciate your talent, at least for now. If you pursue your dreams and feel you have it inside you, just trust in your guts. Eventually, you’ll find the right market that sees your talent and that will fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

With a cup of a million-dollar idea and a spoonful of great marketing strategy, you’ll be able to make a living out of the thing you love to do.

Don’t worry about raising money. One of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make is raising funding a tab too early in the process. This may only cost you a great deal of debt in the long run.

The most important thing to keep in mind is having a concrete business model that will generate a regular stream of cash flow, that in the long-term. If you get this, you won’t have to worry too much about paying off your small business loan. If you have a clear mission and vision for your business, investors will come pouring in.

Don’t think about quitting your day job yet. Most people make this mistake: quitting their job to focus on planning their business concept. Though you need a lot of time building your business, it’s not necessary to quit your day job.

Instead of spending hours on Netflix and other things, spend your extra days off and time building your business idea, while you work your day job. And once you have a concrete and clear goal in mind; and you’re 100% certain with your plan that you need to pour your 100% on it, maybe that’s the sign you’re good to leave your job; when all goes according to plan and you can afford to leave now.

The fact is, you won’t know everything. Despite your rockstar personality and million-dollar idea, don’t pretend that you know everything. Because the reality is: you don’t.

You’ll hit a lot of bumps along the way but don’t see that as signs that you should quit. Every successful person has experienced failure, and look where they are now. You’ll learn through these humps and bumps, and through other people as well. As long as you’re doing what you love, quitting isn’t an option. Learning is the path to achieving your success.

Have a concrete work-life balance. This is every millennials goal: to find work and live their lives simultaneously. But the reality for entrepreneurs is you’ll be spending most of your time building your business up from the ground most of your day, especially in the beginning.

But once your business is up and running, and flowing smoothly, all those long days will be worth it. Set a realistic work-life balance where either won’t suffer; compromise is key.

Consult with a great mentor. Having a great mentor is like having the best parents—they’ll tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. Your mentor should be someone who has succeeded with their own business, someone who believes in your ideas and tells you whether they’re worth it or you should think of something better. Your mentor should tell their thoughts about your plans with honesty. They’ll guide you through the stressful yet exciting process.

It’s never too easy starting up a business but it sure pays off when you see your hard work growing.

Do you have anything to add or any relevant experience our readers need to know? Leave a comment below and share it with us!

About the author: When she’s not at home binge-watching shows, Chie Suarez writes for MarketLend, Peer-to-peer lending or marketplace online lending company that cuts out the middleman, cuts down on red tape and puts the investors and borrowers in a direct relationship.


Top 6 Effective Home Remedies for Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is known as a medical term – dyspnea which is a common problem you are easy to suffer. It is the situation that you cannot get enough air to breathe. Once you face this, you may know the terrible feelings when you cannot catch your breath.

What causes shortness of breath?

Normally, breathlessness may be triggered by these common factors:

  • This may occur when you walk, climb up stairs, run excessively
  • Shortness of breath is also caused due to heart and lung conditions. It is because these two parts are directly involved in transporting oxygen to your body and removing carbon dioxide. Any problem happening to either of these processes will affect your breathing.
  • Smoking is a major risk factor leading to shortness of breath because of diseases it brings to your health.


The symptoms of this problem are still controversial but the important ones may are:

  • High fever and cough
  • Chest pain
  • Lips or fingertips turning blue
  • Tightness in the throat or chest
  • Wheezing
  • Breathlessness that does not end after 30 minutes of resting.

However, an examination and further tests may be required. Some patients many need more complex testing including resolution CT scans to diagnose whether they are suffering dyspnea or not.


The treatment depends on the causes and duration of symptoms. There are some common things advised to do when you face this:

  • Pace yourself
  • Try some relaxation therapies such as meditation and yoga
  • Try not to hold your breath
  • Pursed-lips breathing
  • Breathe through
  • Stop smoking if you’re a smoker
  • Lose weight if you’re overweight

The article will point out some natural ingredients which are helpful in treating shortness of breath. You can note this and follow at home to see the better result.  However, you should visit your doctor if breathlessness does not decrease with treatments or accompanied by other symptoms seriously.

  1. Ginger

Due to its health benefits, ginger is among one of the most effective ways in controlling shortness of breath. Specifically, gingerols in ginger are super anti-inflammatory which can inhibit mucus from secreting in order to support breathing.

How to apply:

  • Prepare ginger tea by the following recipe:
  • Slice a fresh ginger into small pieces
  • Add one teaspoon of ginger slices and putthem into boiling water
  • After that, strain it and add some honey
  • Consume 2-3 cups every day

Alternatively, you can also regularly chew some ginger pieces to deal with congestion.

  1. Garlic

The second ingredient in this list is garlic.

In addition to various natural home remedies, garlic is an easily available and simple method to treat breathlessness. In fact, garlic contains the volatile oil allicin which can improve space in air passage through clearing congestion and enhance lung capacity. Thereby, the breathing will become normal.

How to apply:

  • Boil some garlic cloves in milk
  • Consume daily until you see the better result.
  1. Coffee

Coffee is considered one of common drinks which people often have to start a brand new day. Coffee brings many health benefits thanks to its antioxidants and abundant source of nutrients. Also, caffeine in coffee helps reduce the respiratory fatigue and strengthen airway function better.

How to apply:

  • Include a cup of coffee to your daily routine to ease the breathlessness.
  • Do not consume coffee excessively because it may simulate the blood pressure and improve heart rate.

In case you are contracting some symptoms of onion breath, coffee is among natural treatments

  1. Fennel

With an aromatic and sweet taste, fennel is one of the brightest stars in the medical world. In treating shortness of breath, fennel is loaded with expectorant properties that can prevent phlegm as well astreat respiratory disorders like bronchitis, coughs and congestion.

How to apply:

  • Prepare some fennel seeds
  • Add it to a cup of hot water
  • Steep for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Strain and drink this 2 or 3 times daily (you can also add honey to this fennel tea to get more flavour)

Alternatively, you can also chew fennel seeds roasted.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Normally, people use the oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves for medical purposes. Eucalyptus oil is well-known as an expectorant herb which is useful in treating shortness of breath. This oil can be considered as a pain-reliever due to its capability of dealing with spasm of muscles that can be caused by restrictive breathing.

How to apply:

  • Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water
  • Inhale the steam for 15 minutes.
  1. Beetroot

The last natural remedy in this article is beetroot. If you are suffering from the breathlessness as a result of anemia thatis caused by iron deficiency, beetroot is a good way for you.

It is because beetroot is packed with high amount of iron as well as with vitamins and calcium, potassium which can improve your condition effectively.

How to apply:

  • Prepare one beetroot, three carrots, spinach and a sweet potato
  • Extract the juice of these ingredients
  • Drink it once daily

Alternatively, having2 beetroots roasted. Cool, peel and eat them with salt and pepper.

About the Author:

This article is written by Ashley Bennet, a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. She has worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.