KVPY – For Talented Students

Kishore Vaigyanik Pratibha Yojana or better known as KVPY is a government run National fellowship scheme which is administered by the IISc or Indian Institute of Science and currently being run by Department of Science and Technology (DScT), Government of India (GOI). The aim of this National Fellowship program is to inspire the students who are extraordinary to pursue basic science courses and then finally pursue Research Career in the field of Science. The Objective of the program when it was first launched in 1999 by the then Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was to encourage students who are highly talented and have an aptitude for Science and realize their true academic potential by inspiring them to take up a career in the field of Research.

The students at three different levels are given the opportunity to get qualified to avail this fellowship scheme. To get qualified to avail this scheme, interested students have to give a KVPY exam 2017, on the basis of which students are selected who have a greater aptitude, then an interview is conducted for the students who have been selected. The students are further segregated on basis of this interview and the final remaining students get qualified to avail this fellowship. The students can give this exam in Class 11th, Class 12th and while studying in the first Year in a Basic Sciences Course.

On basis of the level the Students give the paper in, they are classified into three streams. Different Schemes have different eligibility criteria and different examination syllabus and pattern. The streams are Stream SA, Stream SX, and Stream SB. The students who give the qualifying exam while studying in Class 11th are called Stream SA students, the students who give exam while studying in Class 12th are called Stream SX students and students who give the exam while studying in the First Year are called Stream SB students.


The Eligibility criteria for different streams of students are different but are linked to each other. For an SA Stream student to be eligible, he must be pursuing his studies in Science stream, he/she must have more than 80% marks in aggregate in Mathematics and Science subjects in class 10th or equivalent. They also must score more than 60% marks in Class 11th and 12th in aggregate in Mathematics and science subjects to remain eligible for the Fellowship.

They also must take up Basic Science Courses at Under-Graduation Level and must score a minimum of 60% or equivalent in the first year to remain qualified to get the fellowship. For an SX Stream student to be eligible to give the exam, he/she must pass the qualification eligibility criteria of Stream SA students and moreover, they must score more than 60% marks in aggregate to remain eligible to get the scholarship.

For a student to be eligible to give exam as Stream SB student he/she must pass the qualification eligibility criteria of Stream SX students and moreover, they must secure a minimum score of 60% marks in the 1st-year examination. Basic Science courses include B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math. The students will keep getting scholarship till the period they remained qualified to get the fellowship. For students to remain qualified after Under-Graduation, they must pursue M.Sc./M.S. at Post Graduation level.

Improve Your Rankings in Google with Search Engine Optimization Companies

SEO is an ever-evolving concept. Therefore, any business worth their salt needs to keep constantly evaluating their SEO strategies to keep up with current trends and to see whether current efforts are working or not. Search engine optimization companies in India keep in touch with the hundreds of updates that Google has made to its algorithm in the last few years.

Along with these updates, the SEO strategies and tactics of your business need to be overhauled too. Here are some ways search engine optimization companies in India evaluate your SEO strategy and overhaul it to meet current trends.

  1. They Audit your Inbound Links

Inbound links play a critical role in search rankings. But they need to be used wisely because Google penalizes websites that engage in Black Hat SEO tactics. Outstanding and proven search engine optimization companies in India will ensure that your website doesn’t practice any of these tactics as it could decrease its ranking and prevent it from getting the visibility it needs to attract traffic, leads, and sales. Search engine optimization companies in India will organize an inbound link profile audit, followed by removal and disavowal that allows you to get rid of the bad links your website has.

  1. They Perform an Audit from a Technical SEO Perspective

After they have located and removed the inbound links from your website, they will approach it from a technical standpoint and ask the following questions:

  • Can your website be crawled by search engines?
  • Does its website load fast?
  • Is your content logically organized?
  • Do it have unique Meta tags and title present on every page?
  • Do you have both an XML and HTML sitemap?
  1. They Will Re-evaluate your Content Strategy

The content on your website is critical to its search rankings. The trick lies in creating a combination of sterling content and SEO optimization. It is not enough simply to create and publish piles of blog posts while ignoring the need to evaluate the content your site currently has.

Search engine optimization companies in India will ensure that your content is grammatically correct and error-free. This has a positive impact on both readers and search engines. Your website’s content needs to be valuable to your visitors. It needs to be relevant, engaging, resourceful or problem-solving in nature to keep users hooked and wanting more. Most SEO professionals will keep your target audience in mind when they create your content.

  1. They Will Integrate your Social Media Strategy

As soon as your content marketing strategy has been overhauled, SEO companies will leverage social media channels to maximize your reach, establish your brand within your market, and build your audience by leveraging social media channels. Social media marketing strategies are an efficient way to build brand awareness, authority, website traffic, credibility, social signals, and inbound links.

How Can Experts Help to Improve your WordPress Site’s Performance and Speed?

Many business owners are depending on WordPress sites that help them in establishing connections with both existing and potential customers. However, the attractiveness of your website will not help you achieve your business goals if it takes too long to load.

Both performance and speed are crucial to the success of your website. You should take preventive measures before the slow site speed and poor performance invite problems to your business. Take a look at some expert-recommended steps that will tell you how to improve the performance and speed of your site.

Test the Speed of Your Site

Before you do anything with your site, you should measure its actual speed. This will help to make all the changes required to your site precisely. You can test the speed of your site using tools like, Google PageSpeed Insights, as it helps to know how many seconds your site is taking to load.

Don’t Deal with an Ordinary Host

Whenever you try to find a better host for your site, you encounter many choices with different price tags. Some of them are even open for a bargain. However, you will face issues like irregular performance, slow speed, and frequent downtime, if you deal with an ordinary host. However, WordPress host can take care of all such issues and help you in getting rid of performance woes. To learn more about the process, you can visithttps://www.lasvegaswebdesignco.com.

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The CDN network of servers will allow your site to load quickly, no matter what the location of the user is. The websites that are not using CDN network will take the time to load if the user is sitting miles away from the server. For example, if your site is hosted in New York and a user is trying to open your site from Paris, the latter will have to retrieve from the server placed in New York and the process will take time.

Audit Your Plugins

The inclusion of plugins can bring a change in the performance of your website and its functionality. However, many plugins bring a performance overhead with them and they can disrupt the functionality of your site. However, good thing is that there are thousands of worthy plugins that will not harm the speed and performance of your site.

Cache Both Server Side and Client Side

The cache should be available at both the server side and the client side and it is one of the most important parts for the performance of a WordPress site. If a user is visiting your site for the first time, you can take advantage of his or her browser by loading the cache, so that the user can open your site quickly on the next visit.

These are some of the easy steps mostly used and recommended by industry experts for improving the performance and boosting the speed of a site. If you still find your site slow, you are advised to hire an expert, so that you can address such things precisely.

FAQs on Online GST Registrations

GST is the new tax regime recently introduced in India. People didn’t get enough time to prepare and gain knowledge about the new taxation regime that is going to be a part of their lives. Still people are confused and have questions about getting registered in GST, the annual turnover limit, composition scheme and so on. It has become difficult for sellers, and even for the consumers to decide whether or not they have selled and received the product in the right amount. To clear your confusion, let’s discuss the basic questions for which most of us want to know the answers.

Q1. Advantages of getting registered under the GST?

The advantages of getting registered under the GST regime is that as a supplier, a person will be legally authorized for the supply of goods and services. Input tax credit can be availed, and the person become legally authorized for the collection of taxes from the purchasers, also becomes eligible to avail various benefits and privileges under the GST.

Q2. What is the Effective Date of getting Registered Under the GST?

The application of GST registration has to be submitted within thirty days from the date at which the person becomes liable for the registration. If a person is taking a voluntarily registration within the threshold exemption limit of paying tax, the date of order of registration will be the effective date.

Q3. Does the Existing Taxpayers Need to Enroll for GST Registration Online in India?

No, the existing taxpayers who are registered under any Acts will be transitioned under the GST. The data of the existing taxpayers will automatically be available in the GST database without any amendment process.

Q4. Documents and information required to Enroll Inline Under the GST?

Before enrollment, a taxpayer has to provide certain documents and information required for the successful online registration under the GST.

  • Password received from the State/Central authorities
  • Provisional ID
  • Valid Mobile number
  • Valid E-mail address
  • Bank IFSC
  • Bank account number

Q5. Do the Taxpayers have to Get Registered Under the Central and the State Authorities Separately?

No, the taxpayer has to only get registered under the GST Act through the GST online portal. The enrollment done under the GST will be considered as the enrollment under both CGST and SGST. Therefore, there will be common return, registration, and Challan under the State and Center.

Q6.  Who is the Primary Authorized Signatory?

Primary Authorized Signatory is the person responsible for performing actions on GST portal on the behalf of taxpayer. The person will be responsible for the communication from the GST system portal. In the case of a business partnership, authorized person will be the Primary Authorized Signatory. The copy of authorization is important to provide in such cases. If multiple authorized signatory is there for a single business entity, one person will be selected as an authorized person.

Q7. For How Long the OTP generated is Valid?

The OTP which is sent to your mobile number or E-mail ID is valid up to fifteen minutes.

Q8. What do you mean by DIN?

DIN is the Director Identification Number that is provided to the Directors of the company by MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). In case, you want to know your DIN, go through your DIN allotment letter issued by MCA.

Q9. Is it Mandatory to provide Adhaar Card Number for the GST Registration?

During the enrollment process, aadhaar is not required, however, at the time of submission of the documents and application at GST portal, Aadhaar would be required for Aadhaar-based e-signing.

Q10. What is the Principal Place of Business?

The primary location of the business within the State where the taxpayer supplies or performs the activity of selling goods and services is known as the principal place of business. It is also known as the place where the nosiness books of accounting and records are kept and where the top management is located.

Wrapping Up

GST is a new change which will take time to implement successfully. However, it won’t be able to stand out without the co-operation of the local population. It’s important to have proper knowledge of rules and regulations before registering under the GST.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. – Pablo Picasso

Beautiful artwork not only rejuvenates your soul, but it is also a perfect way to invigorate your home. A gorgeous painting or a beautiful statue can lend sophistication and class to a room. But, spending a fortune on the artwork is not enough. You have to ensure that it looks like a million bucks as well. And, how do you do it? The answer lies in accent lighting.

Choose Accent Lighting for bringing out the Beauty

As a homeowner, you have to make a decision. Do you want to highlight the statue or focus on each and every aspect of the room? If you want to focus on the artwork, you can consider accent lighting. It is ideal for focusing light on a particular painting or a statue. Learn a few tips related to accent lighting and make the most of your artwork:

  • The Frame Issues

If you want to display a painting, remember that the glass frame of the painting can cause reflection and glare problems. So, do not forget to buy a non-reflective glass. Also, ask the electrician to ensure apt placement of lighting.

Before you buy a glass frame, you must know whether you want to highlight the painting with attached picture light. If you do not want track light or mantel light for the artwork, you will have to buy a sturdy frame that supports the picture light easily.

  • Illuminating the Artwork

Usually, electricians install recessed lighting below the statue for highlighting it. But, when it comes to accentuating a statue, your options are endless. You can install a light source above the statue. Alternatively, you can fit a light source on the sides to create a shadow effect.

You can choose track lighting for a painting because it offers you great flexibility. You can customize the lighting sources according to the artwork and make it shine. Whenever you install lighting for illuminating the artwork, remember that it should be at least three times brighter than the other parts of the room. It will help you to emphasize the artwork and make it the focal point of the room moving companies

  • The Heat

Lighting has a negative effect on your artwork. If the lighting source generates a lot of heat, it can end up damaging the painting. Heat can ruin oil paintings. So, it is better to place the light source away from the artwork. You can choose LED lights because they do not emit heat or UV rays that ruin your precious paintings. If you want to use halogen lights because of its high illuminating power, make sure that the electrician places a UV filter above it Manchester home removal.

Choosing the right artwork that reflects your personality needs research. And, choosing the right lighting for the artwork requires expertise. Hire a licensed electrician with adequate experience of highlighting artwork. He will be your best guide in making it look like million bucks.

Power Electrical will help you to install accent lighting and make sure that your artwork looks splendid.

Characteristics of High-Caliber Managers in Market Research Firms

Recent studies have showcased that more than half of the businesses in existence today are struggling to make a mark. These studies are not primarily focused on the organizations that are failing. Yet, many of the business setups are hit hard by the market conditions and are facing a lack of growth because of their inability to break through the barriers. It’s not that these entities are doing bad or are strolling with an unprofitable venture or their inability to service their customers but they are lacking that one breakthrough factor that takes them over the line. There is an old saying in the industry setting, “if you are not growing, you are doing.” If a business unit does not come up with a feasible method to make a major breakthrough, it will die a natural death.

However, the recipe for growth lies right within the confines of an organizational setup. It’s just that we need to have the right pair of eyes to derive the hidden gems. If prudent market research firms are looking to deliver top-notch services to its existing set of clients, it needs to have the people with the right skill and mindset to achieve our objective. This is where the role of a great manager with an eye towards a future plays a key role. Such managers understand that growth is never an easy path to travel, managers often need to work out of their skins to achieve desired levels of growth.

Let us now highlight some of the qualities that world-caliber leaders possess that are instrumental in achieving an organization’s growth objectives.

  • Simplicity is a vital ingredient

A seasoned professional with proven managerial skills have this innate ability to make even the most complex of problems sound very simple. Many world-class market research firms are blessed with the presence of such seasoned professionals working towards a growth driven future for their clients. High caliber mangers working in call centers are known to take responsibility of guiding a number of executives working alongside them.

  • Delegating to a profess

Many managers find it hard to master this skill. This is one factor that actually differentiates good managers from the excellent ones. Many market research firms delivering exceptional services to their clients have quality managers who are well versed with the art of delegation of jobs to executives who have mastered their skills in their respective verticals. High-caliber leaders not only focus on delegating the assignment but focus on empowering the executives with an astute eye on their overall development.

  • Foresight and innovation

Managers need to have a certain sense of foresight about where certain actions will take the organization before it actually gets there. BPOs focused on delivering world-class research services for their clients have quality managers at their service with proven credentials and with an ability to foresee the implications of their services. This will not only be instrumental in delivering the best possible service but will also help in devising a backup plan if things don’t work out as expected.

  • Significance of systematic operations

Quality managers keenly observe the current set of operations. Once the problems with the current system is identified, these managers begin to rectify the operations in a systematic manner. This practice is prevalent in market research firms where companies try to outperform their competitors by delivering quality services for their clients and achieve highest level of satisfaction.

Now that we have enhanced our understanding of how high-caliber mangers operate, it is important to make sure that the managers working in our organization possess the above mentioned skills to lead our organization towards a growth-oriented future. However, it is important to note that not all managers will have the skills mentioned above, but every business unit must make sure that every manager at least tries to attain these skills in order to become a better version of the managers they are now.

CBSE class 10th result to be declared soon

The result of class 10th of central board of secondary education will be declared by Central Board of Secondary Education on 2nd June, 2017. The central board of secondary education is a central government board which was initiated in November, 1962. The headquarters of Central Board of Secondary Education are located in New Delhi. The board maintains and conducts the examination for both classes 10th and 12th in the schools which are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. It also conducts much national level competitive entrance exams such as Joint Entrance Exam and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.


Central Board of Secondary Education is responsible for declaring result of class 10th. The result will be announced on the official website of the board. It is expected that the board will release the result of the board examination in the month of June, 2017. The students who all appeared in the board examination can check their results online on the official website of the board. The facility of result through SMS is also provided by getting the mobile registered about the message alert of the result. The updates of the result of central board of secondary education of class 10th are also sent to the candidates via mail. The candidates are required to register their e-mail for availing this facility.

How to check the result?

The candidates need to follow the given steps in order to access the result of the 10th class of Central Board of Secondary Education which are as-

  • Firstly, the candidates are require to visit the official website of the exam conducting authority which is Central Board of the Secondary Education and official website is www.cbse.nic.in
  • Search for the official link of the result of class 10th on the home page and click on it.
  • A new page containing the space for candidate’s information appears on the screen
  • Candidate is required to enter the details such as roll number of the board and date of birth respectively.
  • Click on the submit button
  • A new page containing the result of the board exam of class 10th of Central Board of Secondary Education of the candidate appears on the screen
  • The candidates can either save the soft copy of the result or can take the print out of the result of board exams
  • Keep the hard copy of the result safe for future uses.
  • The hard copy or the original result of the board examination will be sent to the schools by the central board of secondary education. Students can collect their respective results from the school in which they have studied.

Note- The downloaded result or the print out of the CBSE 10th Result 2017 of board examination by Central Board of Secondary Education will be considered to be the provisional result and original result has to be collected by the candidate from the school where he/she has done his/her matriculation.

Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

The digital advertising industry is an ever-evolving, complex sector, continually giving birth to new technologies to help marketers and consumers interact on a one and one basis. As we step half way into 2016, let’s take a look at some of the hot trends that are all set to rule the coming months. Let’s start by saying that the dominance of consumers will surely not change. Consumers will remain at the helm, driving marketers to think hard on how to connect and engage with them. Marketers will need to remain abreast of the technological advancements and device strategies to recognize the right consumers, gauge their needs and provide them personalized experience every time.
Let’s begin: Here are the top 4 trends to watch out for:

  1. Mobile Marketing
  2. Big Data usage for predictive analytics
  3. IoT and advertising on wearable device
  4. Native advertisement

Mobile Marketing

According to comScore, smartphone apps now constitute 50 percent of all digital media time. Overall, digital media time spent with mobile is now a whopping 68 percent. The desktop commands just 32 percent of our digital attention.

This implies that we are living in a cross-platform world and mobile dominance is primary. This data signifies the huge potential that mobile marketing has in store for marketers. Advertisers to break through the clutter need to think mobile first when making their digital advertising campaign strategy. Desktop websites would soon be phased out completely and replaced by mobile sites that offer more personalized experience. Today, an increasing number of mobile network providers are also launching 4G services. This is sure to further the consumption of mobile ads. All this data leads to advertisers allocating more budget towards smartphones, tablets, etc.

Big Data and Analytics

Today, the world revolves around data. Big Data forms the backbone of any marketing strategy. Without data you are lost in the sea. Companies are continually innovating and bringing to the table new Big Data and analytics technologies to help them in taking business-wise decisions, faster, better and more accurately. This trend will indeed not change. As a matter of fact, it will grow even stronger with marketers leveraging Big Data for predictive modelling and other data-based analyses to arrive at fruitful, more consumer-centric strategies.  The coming month will see a surge in startups offering, big data, predictive analytics & audience targeting solutions to all the stakeholders in the digital adverting landscape.

IoT and advertising on wearable device:

With Internet of Things (IoT) slated to be the next big thing, this new technology is sure to completely overhaul the digital world. IoT encompasses the concept of a connected world. Wearable devices which work on the concept of IoT will take the world by storm. In this age, when personalization wins, programmatic advertising that captures intricate and intimate information about a consumer will surely make all the difference.

Native advertisement:

Native ads are essentially those sponsored ads which are embedded in the website content, giving them a look as if they are a part of the content, thus enticing readers to click. Native advertising seems to be a lucrative option for advertisers and publishers in 2016.
According to BI Intelligence dollars spent on native ads will reach $7.9 billion this year and grow to $21 billion in 2018, rising from just $4.7 billion in 2013. Natives ads are gaining popularity because of their non-intrusive nature and its immunity to ad blockers. Even, social native advertising is growing at a fast pace. Content marketing and native ads will go hand in hand. Advertisers will have to create appealing native content to generate more clicks.  Programmatic advertisers are pitching for native ads as a great source for revenues.

Author Bio:

Preethi Vagadia is currently a Senior Business architect with the Service operations practice at a well-known IT Industry in Bangalore. She has worked in several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers. She has over 8 years of experience in mortgage technology and has successfully executed several projects in logistics management, logistics integration, reverse logistics, campaign management software solution, warranty software and programmatic solutions.

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test is an entrance examination which is organized by Symbiosis University located in Pune every year. This is basically organized to grant admission in Management courses such as Masters of Business Administration in various well known colleges and institutes. Symbiosis University is one of the well known universities across India. It provides many management courses to the students. This university organizes this entrance test each year in month of December. The SNAP Entrance Test 2017 is paper pencil based test.

Application Form-

The procedure to fill the application form is online mode only which is done after release of entrance Test official notification which is released online on the official website

The examination gets conducted once in a year only so candidates should be aware that the registration for the entrance test has been started from August 2016.
To apply for the entrance exam, candidate is required to open the official website and candidate can apply for the entrance exam there.
Registration process will last for 2 months.

Important Dates-

The schedule for the entrance exam has been released as-

  • The registration of application form started in the last week of August, 2016
  • Last date to register was in last week of November, 2016
  • Last date to make the payment of fee of application fee was in last week of November, 2016
  • Admit card was released in the first week of December, 2016
  • Exam will be conducted in third week of December, 2016
  • Result will be declared in the second week of January, 2017

Registration Process-

To apply for entrance exam, candidates are required to visit official website.
Once candidate hits apply online link, after that candidate will have to fill the form correctly and completely.
If candidate wants to make any changes in the application form then candidate need to do thechanges before the last date of the registration.
Candidates also need to upload scanned photograph and signature.

Eligibility Criteria-

Candidates must have the following eligibility criteria:

  • For General category candidates, minimum 50% marks are required and for ST and SC category candidate 40% marks are required.
  • NRI/OCI/PIO/FN candidates can also apply for the entrance exam.
  • Candidates who have graduated from foreign university they need to showcertificate from Association of Indian Universities.

Selection Procedure-

Candidates will be selected as on the basis of their score in the entrance exam and performance in personal interview.

Exam Pattern-

Entrance exam will have four sections that are General English, Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency, General Awareness and Analytical and Logical Reasoning.

  • Exam will be 180 marks.
  • There will be 150 questions.
  • Exam will be of 2 hours

MCQ’s will be asked in the exam and negative marking will be done.

Topic Marks
Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 40
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 40
General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Business Scenario 40
Analytical & logical Reasoning 60


Result of entrance exam will be declared on official website of Symbiosis University. Candidate need to download the result from official website.

For more updates on SNAP 2017, you can visit www.motachashma.com

Latest Wedding Color Trends for Year 2107

A new year begins with the new ideas, planning, trends and much more. Brides to be, if you are looking for your wedding planning and getting tired of boring and consistent color themes then the year 2017 have many new color and ideas to offer you. we think you are going to love what we have to offer you. They are all sophisticated, completely fabulous and fresh. Have a look and get inspired by the ideas.

You can add the color combinations in your wedding theme. It also enables you with many DIY approaches to create and décor the things according to your personalities. Such as wedding cards, curtains, cocktail party, wedding aisle décor, outdoor area décor and more.

The Greenery wedding ideas were one of the most popular idea in 2016 and it will be continuously popular in the year 2017.



Greenery will be one of the biggest trends of the year 2017 with a color combination of green and natural white. You can pick the theme and apply it in your wedding planning and décor. The color combination will fit perfectly with the barnyard, outdoor, pool-side wedding areas.

You can make elegant invitation cards using a white base and green color ribbons to tie on it. You can use this combination in making head crowns, flower bouquet, apparels and more. The trend will add more elegance, freshness and natural look to your wedding.


The barn is the color for beautiful rustic and barn weddings. The theme is filled with the wooden stump, nature inspired décor, wooden centerpieces, candles, lanterns are more popular than ever. The vintage wedding trends are still in the strong flow.

Romantic mint and pink wedding color combination


The color combination spread freshness, elegance, romance in the couple to be life. your guest will feel pleased and their eyes will tell the truth that how amazing the color combination will look in the wedding décor.

The color combination and its visual appearance in the wedding celebration will look amazing and the twinkling lights and candles add an extra gleam of love in the celebration.

Elegant silver and Ivory neutral color combination

The silver and ivory color will go perfectly with the Christmas, snowfall, winters, and such light and elegant occasions. The spark of the color is so amazing that it attires the beauty of sparkling stars, dark night, full moon and more.

So, use the above color combination in your wedding and plan for it to apply latest ideas. We’ll come with the remaining color themes as soon as possible.