Camera Phones

Here is a list of the Top 10 Camera Phones if you have a knack for Photography!

If you have a knack to click pictures but do not have the money to just invest in a good DSLR camera then buying a phone having good camera features is a good alternative. Nowadays, phones are replacing cameras both in the case of clicking pictures and shooting videos, and full-length films are also being shot with the help of a small android phone. More than that, the camera phones are used to document your day to day life, and in the age of social media with regular pictures being posted on Facebook or Instagram, a good camera phone is nothing less than a necessity.

Well, the next question is how do you choose the best camera mobiles within the given range of price? The answer is simple. You can take help of 91 mobiles, a mobile and price comparison site which can provide you with a detailed analysis of the best phones available in the market according to your preference and budget. To make it easier, here is a sneak peek at the list of the top 10 phones which come with the best camera features.

List of Top 10 Camera Phones

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – Rs. 14,449

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is a modification of Redmi Note 3 which was a great success sale wise. Xiaomi is known for good camera quality and smooth touch. This phone comes with 13 MP primary camera and 5 MP front camera along with a 5.5 inches full HD screen which gives a better and larger image quality and size.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 16 GB – Rs. 8,545

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 16 GB has good camera features keeping in mind the price of the product. The phone possesses a 13 MP primary camera and 5 MP front camera along with a 5 inches Full HD IPS LCD screen. Also, the inbuilt 16 GB storage helps you to store a large number of images. Those who can go for some lesser known brand and a device in the low budget can go for this model as it offers beautiful result of images and video clips with its quality camera.

Nokia 3 – Rs. 9,499

Nokia 3 is one of the latest models of smart phones from Nokia, and at a really low price, you will get a rear and a front camera of 8 MP along with a 5 inches HD screen though it is not a full high definition. It is a good buy for customers who prefer Nokia phones over other brands. One of the known brands in the mobile market has got excellent camera features in this device known as Nokia 3.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A – Rs. 7420

Being released at the beginning of this month, the Xiaomi Redmi 4A comes with good rear camera feature at a really affordable price. The rear camera on this model is 13 MP, and the front camera is 5 MP, and it has a 5 inches HD screen which gives the images better resolution and quality. The known Chinese brand is famous for its stunning camera features and video qualities that can simply offer a mesmerizing resolution.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max – Rs. 17, 250

Samsung Galaxy J7 is one of the latest models of Samsung Galaxy J-series and has areally good camera with 13 MP front and rear camera. The 5.7 inches screen is really good for taking pictures and provides one with better image quality. Also, it has a full HD IPS LCD screen which gives the image a high-resolution quality. Among various models from this brand, it is a device in the medium price range that can offer excellent quality of images and videos.

OnePlus 5 – Rs. 37,999

OnePlus 5 is primarily a high-end phone, but the ones who prefer OnePlus here is the latest model of the same. The phone has 16 MP+20 MP dual primary camera along with 16 MP front camera with a 5.5 inches full HD optic AMOLED screen. Though the brand is not much old and known, it is much famous among the selfie lovers. The device is loaded with numerous other features also.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime – Rs. 14,990

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a relatively old phone of the Galaxy series, which has a 13 MP primary front camera and 8 MP rear camera with a 5.5 inches full HD screen. The brand is much famous for its camera resolution, and hence, those who love to have good use of the camera for image capturing and video shooting, this is a much-known device that one can go for.

Vivo V5 – Rs. 15,449

The Vivo V5 is primarily a camera phone and more specifically a selfie phone. The phone consists of a 13 MP rear camera and a 20 MP front camera with a 5.5 inches display screen which has a full HD IPS LCD screen. It is a known device among the selfie lovers hence it is also known as a camera phone.

Lenovo K6 Power 32 GB – Rs. 9,549

This phone was released last year and is a good choice for the customers who are looking for a Lenovo phone at a low-price range. The phone has 13 MP back camera and 8 MP front camera along with a 5inches fully HD IPS LCD screen. Among the camera lovers, this is a wonderful device that can offer the best of the camera resolution in terms of images as well as video clips.

Oppo F3 – Rs. 17,199

The last one is the list is also a phone have a good camera but is generally good as a selfie camera. This beautiful model has a 13 MP back camera and 16 MP + 8 MP dual front camera with a 5.5 inches full HD display. The device is much known for its stunning camera features, and hence those who love to go for images and pictures frequently must buy this device.


Online Invoicing

Reasons to Use Online Invoicing

As a small business owner, it can be tough to keep on top of your clients’ invoices to see who’s paid and who hasn’t. While you may be profitable with ample sales, your cash flow will suffer if you don’t get paid on time. And without cash flow, your business can suffer.One of the best ways to ensure timely payment from customers is to have a solid invoicing strategy in place, and online invoicing is the way to go.Here are just a handful of reasons why you should be using online invoicing with free templates from

It Saves Time

With traditional paper invoices, it typically takes a few days for them to be sent over to customers, and then it takes even more time for them to send their payments over to you. With an online invoice, you can send it through your desktop directly to your client who will receive it instantly. Both you and your customer will then be able to retain a digital copy of the invoice and paid receipt, making filing much more convenient.

You Can Create an Invoice Anywhere, Anytime

The use of online invoicing software makes invoicing a breeze. You can literally draft up an invoice on the fly from wherever you happen to be, whether you’re commuting to work, at the coffee shop, or at home. Regardless of what device you’re using – be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone – an online invoice can be made up anywhere.

You Can Link Up Payments to a Credit Card or PayPal

Online invoicing allows you the flexibility to link up an invoice to a credit card or PayPal account. All it takes is one simple click and the money will be transferred directly to the account of your choosing. This will not only save a lot of time, it can even increase your profitability.

You Can Use the Cloud

Tracking, storing and maintaining your invoice records is much easier thanks to the advent of cloud technology. With online invoicing, you can make use of the cloud. There’s no need to store paper invoices in-house any longer, which helps save a lot of room that would otherwise be dedicated to storing inventory!

Online invoicing is certainly the wave of the future when it comes to accounting for small businesses. If you haven’t already hopped on board, now is the time to do it!

Brokerage calculator software

Brokerage calculator software – Know trading charges in advance

There is no doubt commodity trading or stock trading business is gaining fast and reliable momentum in these years. Yes, numbers of professionals and people entering the trading market is increasing in a tremendous way. It is one of the profitable business sectors to depend. At the same time chances are lot to edge with loses if you have not executed your transactions well. Yes, here comes the importance of financial or trading broker. Most of the traders depend on financial broker service to stay away from the chances of loses. Now it is your time to get the services and to enjoy profits from trading.

Is the fee cost so high for brokers?

This is the first question that runs to the mind of everyone thinking about the service of financial brokers. Since different brokerage firms charge different rates, it is your responsibility to find the best firm to provide you with options to calculate the brokerage fee online. Yes reputed firms never show hesitation in disclosing the free of financial broker and discount brokers.  You can make use of brokerage calculator software online provided by brokerage firms to know your trading charges in advance.

Am I overcharged?

Have you ever experienced the doubt of overcharging by your financial broker? Then it is the time to know your correct amount charged for your services. There is no doubt your brokerage firm or financial broker will charge certain amount to handle your trading transactions. But this doesn’t mean that you have to pay them high commission rates when you can get the same service at low rates. You have the freedom to switch your firm or broker to save a lot on your brokerage fee. Make use brokerage calculator to get the exact estimate on the fee you are charged for your services and make a comparison before you take a decision.

Instant brokerage fee calculator

You are made free from making phone calls or sending mails to know about your brokerage fee. At present, you can make use of online brokerage calculator India to get brokerage charges for your services within seconds of making the clicks. Yes most of the Indian traders are so happy with calculator services to save a lot on their brokerage fee. You can calculate the charge with different credentials including price and quantity to get instant quotes.  This service helps the traders to stick with the firm providing quality service at low brokerage fees.

If you are ready to spend just few minutes online, you can get the exact fee charged for your service by the current financial brokers and others providing the same service. If you find you are overcharged, you can have a good talk with your existing firm or broker for better rates or can switch to the new service provider.

Brokerage calculator is a great help for fresh traders, since they can start their trading transaction with broker who provide services at economical rates. They can make their stock trading process really profitable without the risk of loses.

Now it is your time to make use of brokerage calculator.

monitor for gaming console

What to look for when buying monitor for gaming console?

It’s a well known fact that web based Gaming is winding up plainly more prevalent in the standard. While LAN Gaming and early FPS titles ruled the Market in the late 90s and mid 2000s, PC Gaming was still in darkening region.

PC Gamers have the regular preferred standpoint of not buying a completely new Console for every era of Gaming. PC Gamers require pay for new parts and moves up to their system as they end up noticeably accessible, yet PC Gaming over the long haul is by and large more affordable than Console Gaming.

For in-your-face PC Gamers, it is essential to have a setup that gives leverage in on the web and focused play. This implies Gaming mice and consoles are a basic piece of any system.

Why is it so critical to have a decent Gaming console?

Having a console with a ton of additional keys implies that players can dole out their spells, weapons, or in-Game interface choices to various adjustable, simple get to keys.

The top Gaming consoles take into consideration a HUD (Heads Up Display) add on screen that showcases significant data about the Game or the status of the player’s character.

Most high-level Gaming consoles are made to last, which implies they are a significant venture for all Gamers to consider.

Some Gaming consoles incorporate stencils or adjustable stickers to help players recall the elements of each of their fundamental catches.

The stages through which computer games are played have been advancing since the start. From straightforward stick ball machines to arcade machines, they have been played with various units. There are a few stages accessible for playing electronic Games nowadays. The mainstream ones are specifically: Personal Computers, Video Game Consoles and Mobile Devices.


PCs are a standout amongst the most helpful sorts of computer game platforms accessible today. They can be desktop PCs or Laptops with exceptional equipment setup that helps users stack up and run these Games on their system. The equipment ought to incorporate a capable fundamental memory and furthermore a realistic preparing memory known as GPU. Capable GPUs are viewed as better to generate superb yield. Together with these and other normal equipment of PC, for example, a show screen, console and mouse Games can be effectively played.

Best console gaming monitors can likewise be arranged with extra gadgets like joysticks to improve the experience. The experience can likewise be enhanced by associating PCs to huge TV screens with the assistance of links like HDMI or VGA link that the TV bolsters. Together with all these, Personal Computers fill in as an awesome Gaming stage.

Computer game Consoles

Computer game Consoles are gadgets that are exceptionally made just to play computer games. They regularly accompany input gadgets, for example, a joystick and a fundamental unit that does all the handling work. They ordinarily are associated with TV screens keeping in mind the end goal to see the visual criticism of the Consoles.

There are a few sorts of Consoles accessible in the Market today. The prevalent ones are Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 for instance. These have turned into a helpful name for electronic Game Consoles. There are likewise handheld Consoles, for example, Nintendo DS and PSP Vita. These handheld Consoles are light in size and highlight their own show unit. Thus, the computer game Consoles are another well known stage which is broadly accessible nowadays.

Office Space for Rent

Let Your Business Boom with the Right Choice of Office Space for Rent

For a new enterprise or a pre-existing business, location plays an important part in the achievements of your business. Mind you; numerous factors need to be looked into while selecting an ideal place for establishing a new business. As an entrepreneur, you should get yourself a vast area of work in which your business can operate very well and with the availability of transport and communication facility. However, as a business person, you should try and establish in the place where it can boost your productiveness and market share while lowering the prices for production as well as other expenditures.

Selecting a location for your workplace could be the transformation level for your company. The reason is that an incorrect office space could lead to missing of various essential offers which at the end results in inefficiencies among the staff. Alternatively, an ideal space can drive your business on the highway to achieving success.

For that reason, it is necessary to be the focus while choosing an office space for rent to guarantee peaceful operations of the business.

Below are some important factors to consider before selecting an office space for rent in Bangalore.

  1. Location

The location is important when it comes to you deciding on the space for your business. An office in an attractive area will set off a positive feeling on your customers. Even some workers would prefer to gain jobs in an office from a popular area. Many office space companies also provide work restaurant or a kitchen lounge in the office building.

  1. Space

It’s not so important you choose a huge space. Though, space must be proportional to the amount of workers and range of your business. Rather than selecting a large area, you need to choose a correctly organized office. The place should also have a properly designed meeting room to guarantee meetings carried out seamlessly.

  1. Affordability

Some office spaces may design with high-end facilities but yet can burn up a hole in your wallet with their skyrocketing monthly rent payment. For that reason, you have to make sure that office rent does not turn out to be a serious hurdle for your business, even if you face financial problems in the foreseeable future.

  1. Security

Safety has been one of the overlooked elements when it comes to choosing an office space. Always ensure that entrance doors, skylights, and windows of the office are properly secured to prevent you from being robbed. An area with multi-level security will guarantee the safety of your workers, together with the protection of your classified info.

  1. Parking space

Before deciding on the location for your company, be sure that sufficient car park space is available for your staff as well as guests. Think about the bad feeling you might leave on prospective clients if they are struggling to park their cars efficiently while visiting your organization.

In conclusion, As a result of the recent globally financial meltdown, both consumers and businesses are trying to play safe. There is no better cost-effective option compare to an office space for rent. It will provide your business the breathing space it requires as it establishes itself over time to emerge as an efficient and profitable enterprise.

office space in Pune

Tips to Choose the Right Office Space

Choosing the right office space is a make or break decision for the fortunes of your business. It will be a tough act to balance a perfect space and its affordability. Getting the right space is crucial as the business will have to live with repercussions till the end of the lease period.

Here is a check list of various considerations for choosing the right office space in Pune:

  • Location:

Location is a big deal for any business. First consideration is whether the location is in a safe neighborhood. Your employees and clients will like the office premises if only it is located in a safe neighborhood and has a good reputation. Safety is apriority as employees spend most time of the day in the office premises.

The second consideration location wise is whether it is well connected for transport. This refers not only to public transport but whether the office is accessible by car or bike. For this decision on location, you must sit down with employees and consider their views. Also, connectivity for clients and customers is also a major factor.

The third consideration is the presence of nearby amenities. Is there a restaurant nearby where staff and clients can grab a lunch? Choose a location close to a pharmacy, shopping area or bank, and you will earn the gratitude and loyalty of staff.

Fourth consideration is whether the area is a hotspot for upcoming businesses like start-ups. This can impact the way in which employees and clients view your business and add to the social scene.

  • Building:

First consideration is whether the building is secure. Is there adequate security for physical and social dangers?

Does the office provide a manned reception and what is the quality of customer service offered by these receptionists? The latter will affect the first impression received by clients about your business.

Next, you must consider whether the building you choose is undergoing major revamping or renovation. If so, you will have to deal with the dust and noise for some time to come.

You must also ascertain whether the building is maintained well. Enquire details from existing tenants. Enquire who is managing day to day maintenance and security of the building.

Most important consideration is whether the building has access to a parking area for staff and clients. If there is no parking space in the building, at least there must be space nearby.

Another consideration is whether there are competitors in the same building. In this case, there is a danger that the latter will steal a part of your business.

  • Space:

First task is to determine whether there is enough room for your business. You can ask the designer of your office to do a test fit of your company and its infrastructure.

Next you must ascertain how much freedom you will have to decorate the space.

The acoustics of the office space is also a consideration as employees will not like a noisy office.

Also, consider the total layout of the office space. Space that is shaped irregularly will fit less desks and will increase cost per square foot per employee. One solution is to go in for shared office space. Shared office space Pune will bring down costs of renting or lease.


These are some tips for choosing the right office space in Pune.