Automated data extraction

Automated data extraction2

Automated data extraction means extraction of specific data from any readable data. This data could be of any website or something else. Here the word used is automated. Automated means works automatically. Extraction of any data could be done with the help of the different software and tools. These tools and software use for the extraction of data are available from different suppliers. Any data extraction is also called data scraping. Automated data extraction is the process in which data retrieve by the help of the software from the other data. Once data is retrieved from the available data then it is used for the further processing.

Automated data extraction is the extraction of data automatically from different unstructured resources. Some of the unstructured resources are given below from which data extraction is used to be done till now.
•    Email,an unstructured source
•    PDF, an unstructured source
•    Web pages
•    Scanned texts
•    Classifieds
•    Spool files
•    Documents
•    Tables
•    Indexes
•    Analytics

It is a technical challenge for extracting the data from these resources. To face this challenge, various kinds of tools and software are in use for the purpose of data extraction.

Automated data extraction

In this time most of the data extraction is from web pages and software formats.When data is stolen from the primary source of the data and then it is imported into the computer for some other purpose then it is called data extraction. When the data is extracted with the help of some tools or software, which work automatically then imported into the computer, then it is called automated data extraction.

Data extraction is used for the different purposes. Some people extract data for getting contacts numbers and addresses. Some people extract data to get the information about the company. After extracting of data, they could use it in their web pages with some fluctuations.

Relevant information is retrieved from the date of primary resource in a specific pattern with the specific automatic software. Data extraction is also called data scraping.
Structural data could be transformed into the unstructured data through various phases. Some of them are given below.

The further process of data extraction is data workflow.

1: to understand the text, text analytics are used. After that links that text to the other information.
2: to identify small or large scale structure they use text pattern matching.
3: to identify common section under the limited domain they use table-based approach.

Usually, data extraction is anundesirable activity for primary data resources. They do not want their data to be extractedthat is why they use some software to get rid of it. Data is also available in the audio form. An audio form of data could also be extracted.  The data extracted in any form from the primary source use for the input in the other area, which has the almost related data.

Automated data extraction1

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