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Medical billing and medical coding are correlated in the sense that billing is accurately done after accurate coding is done. Medical billing is the process of submitting medical claims to insurance companies or other government health bodies. Claims are generated after a patient receives treatment. Accuracy, quality and integrity are the core values needed in Medical billing to ensure the bills are a true representation of the services rendered. Medical coding on the other hand is the process that translates the patient’s medical records to standard codes using alpha and numeric codes to facilitate billing.

Major healthcare coding system includes:

  • For outpatient services CPT (current procedural techniques).
  • HCPCS (Healthcare common procedure coding system) for outpatient and other services like Ambulances as well as medicine and other hospital supplies.
  • For inpatient services ICD (international classification diseases).

These codes are assigned to different levels in medical procedure. Examination by Doctors recorded using evaluation and management codes based on time and detail determination.


Diagnostic services rendered at different levels like scans, laboratory tests etc. Codes, prices, patient details, phycisian information and insurance information entered in claim forms submitted for reimbursement to Insurance companies by medical providers.

Medical billing depends on coding and payment made upon issue of claims. Coding is part of claiming and billing is made on claims made. Coding and billing services can be obtained online. A team of specialized, dedicated and committed organizations offers Medical billing services in Las Vegas. Collaborating with these organizations takes your billing to the next level.

Let a team of experts do the billing for your organization. Visit us and let us unveil the best method you can employ in your organization. We will ensure that you receive the best in terms of customer services and up to date billing and coding services. Physician billing services are in the front of ensuring right billing and coding with no errors.

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