Best places in Delhi for a memorable trip

The national capital of India, Delhi, gives you plethora of choices when it comes to one day Delhi Tour. Both in and around the Delhi city, there are plenty of options for recreation. With so many options, you are sure to have a memorable weekend this time. To have a rejuvenating travel experience, you can pick up from hordes of cultural tours, wilderness escapades and tours to religious places. If you are enticed at the sight of historical places, long roads, here are the hand-picked best trips meant for Delhites.

Old Delhi Bazaar

Touring Masterji ki Haveli with Old Delhi Bazaar walking tours

India is the land of rich culture, heritage and culinary experiences. The Old Delhi Bazaar Walking and food walking tour is very famous. Besides the food, your senses will come alive by encountering captivating sights and mesmerizing sounds that Old Delhi has to offer. ‘Master Jee Kee Haveli’ is sure to give you the real taste of Old Delhi. In the Old Delhi Bazaar, street foods of various varieties can be enjoyed. While you wander through the streets, you are sure to feel hungrier. Experience the variety of food by taking a walk through the streets. Besides the food, the area has several temples, monument sights, shrines and old mosques. After walking for a while, you will visit Masterjee Ki Haveli that demonstrates home style Indian food. Masterjee ki Haveli is in fact the fine edifice and example of Mughal architecture. You will be impressed by the stone pillars and the traditional meal served in the bronze utensils. Enjoy the 360 degree clear view of Delhi from the terrace of the Haveli.

A combination of walking and cycle tour

Take up Old Delhi walking and rickshaw tours to have a comfortable experience of Old Delhi. The walking tour will give you the taste of Old Delhi and will certainly make you sink in vivacity, colorfulness and irresistible charm. The one day walking tour will let you disengage with the rest of the world while you walk through Chandni Chowk or Shahjahanabad. Here you witness the rich culture of India while encountering the captivating sights, the amazing sounds. You can indulge in the enticing food in order to refresh the body, mind and soul. Staying with the local Delhites will give you a unique kind of experience. You can personalize the tours to suit your schedule. In fact, the friendly tours are being organized by the tour operators online.

Places to visit with one day Delhi tour

One day tour to Old Delhi will let you enjoy Heritage and Bazaar walk, visit the Dariba Kalan, the Kinari Bazaar, Spice Market, Hindu/Sikh Temple, etc. You will also enjoy a traditional meal in the Haveli and at the local restaurant. Besides this, travel agencies offer chauffer driven cars to let you enjoy greater flexibility.

Places nearby Delhi for short trip are sure to give you a lifetime experience. The mentioned destinations will not create a hole in your pocket but compel you to return again and again.

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