Best places to visit in Bhopal

If you are thinking about planning a trip to one of the most historically significant places of India, then Bhopal would make a very good option.

There are a lot of things to see and witness here and the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, exposes its Nawabi grandeur from time to time. Since this is a city, it is best that when you decide to tour Bhopal, it is best if you book hotels near bhopal station to save time. Since this is a very important tourist destination, hence you will have no problem in finding the perfect place for you to stay.


Bhopal is a store house of places to see. You can either travel a few kilometres away from the city or roam about in the city itself. Let’s take a look at some of the must visit places in Bhopal.

Outside the city

Two very important places are located very near to Bhopal- the Bhimbetka caves and the Sanchi Stupa. You can head out to Sanchi for a weekend trip, but Bhimbetka serves as a one-day sightseeing visit. It is only 46kms away from the city and hence you can book a car and go there. Cave paintings and etchings of the prehistoric man has been found in the caves of the Bhimbetka. There are more than 700 such caves in this area and it needs no other explanation as to why you need to visit this place.

Places within the city

Upper Lake: This is one of the most important places to see when in Bhopal. The Upper Lake has been there since the 11th century and local people believe that the water of this lake has healing powers! This is a nice spot to enjoy with your family on a lazy evening.

Van Vihar National Park: This sanctuary is located right in the heart of the city. No matter whether you are staying in hotels in bhopal railway station or some other part of the city, this park is so centrally located that you will not have any problem reaching this place. If you want to catch a glimpse of some rare species of birds, then you must visit this park during the winters.

National Museum of Mankind: If you want to see exhibits that portray the evolutionary process of man, then head out to this museum. It is also known as the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghralaya. The museum covers an entire area of 200 acres with more than thousands of interesting exhibits. Being located on the Shyamala Hills, the museum also commands a beautiful view of the surroundings.

The Bhojpur Temple: The wonder of the Bhojpur Temple is the Shiva Linga. It has a total height of 18 feet and naturally is an imposing but awe-inspiring structure. The Betwa River runs by the side of this temple. A very interesting feature about this temple is that it is an unfinished structure but it is not really very clear why it is so.

The presence of these places, both inside as well as just outside the city, makes Bhopal the coveted tourist destination that it is and hence they are a must visit on your trip to Bhopal!

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