Best Places to Visit in Delhi

Delhi which is the capital of India has several tourist places of attraction. Many people from different parts of India live in Delhi and thus, Delhi has a vivid culture that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Delhi has best transport facilities all over India. It is webbed with Metro facility and has numerous public transports, auto-rickshaw, and other facilities. The national capital has a wide range of historical monuments and forts which marks it as a place of historical importance. Delhi is very small on the basis of the area but, it has a lot of attractions like theme parks, temples, art gallery, monuments, forts and finest gardens. Delhi is famous for its street food, marvellous shopping malls, metro connectivity and fly-overs.

If you want to stay here, you can find numerous big and small hotels in Delhi. There are many places you can visit in Delhi. These are –

Akshardham temple

Delhi is famous for its Swaminarayan temple, Akshardham which was opened in 2005. The Akshardham is the largest Hindu temple which also holds the Guinness World Record. The temple is beautifully designed from pink sandstone and Carrara marble. The temple looks very beautiful and it is completely built according to Vastu-Shastra. The Akshardhammandir has several attractions like a musical fountain, boat ride showing ancient history, a 40-minute film based on the life of Swaminarayan, hall of values portraying the message by Swami Narayan. Akshardham also offers within complex restaurants that provide delicious food facilities for its visitors. Thus, Akshardham is the must-watch place in Delhi.

PuranaQila and National Zoological park

Another must-watch is the national zoological park; it is situated near the PuranaQila. So, visit both PuranaQila and national zoological park. In National Zoological Park, you can take a tour to visit the wild animals very closely.

HauzKhas Fort and Deer park

If you want to visit and enjoy in a fort then, HauzKhas fort is the must-watch destination of Delhi. You can also watch nearby deer park that is filled with beautiful deer. You can also watch stunning lake of the fort that has beautiful swan and ducks in it. The fort is good for photography and the HauzKhas village has restaurants, clubs, bars and you can also enjoy live performances of singers.

Lotus temple

Lotus temple is another must-watch of Delhi. It is basically a Bahá’í House of Worship which is constructed to look in the form of lotus. The white lotus architecture looks very stunning and it is a masterpiece of its own kind. The tranquillity in the temple gives relax to the visitors.

India Gate

Everyone knows about India Gate, It is the best picnic spot for tourists. The Beautiful fountain looks very relaxing. It is usually crowded with people who come with their family to enjoy there. India Gate stands to aware us about the glory of its soldiers and Amar JawanJyoti glows to owe them the respect.

QutubMinar and other attractions

QutubMinar is the tall structure of Delhi made from Redstone and marble. It was established by QutbUd-Din-Aibak around 1192. The beautiful QutubMinar has a mosque in its foot and an iron pillar in the courtyard. Other attractions of Delhi include – Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb, RashtrapatiBhawan, Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, etc.


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