Best Trading Platforms in India to Help You in Investing

When it comes to investing in stock market, knowing more about the trading platform is quintessential. Actually, these are the platforms which you can use for thesmooth transaction. Are you a day trader? Then, you must remember that if you don’t choose your trading software carefully, you may need to face losses instead of profits. Now, if you are an active trader, you must have enough experience about the market and know what you want in your brokerage services. Usually, people aim for those services which come with alow cost, innovative strategy tools, premium research and a complete trading platform. Here, you will get to know about the best trading platform in India.

  1. Zerodha Pi

If you are looking for a next-generation platform with advanced features, this is the best platform for trading you can get. It comes with advanced features that include Integrated Charting with up to 50000 candles, also trading and also over 80 technical analysis indicators. To talk about the features of Zerodha Pi, the essential things that come in front of us are-

  • Best 5 bids with best 5 offers.
  • This is the quickest platform when it comes to the upgrade of thespeed of quotes.
  • Placing adirect order from thechart is easy.
  • If you want semi-automated trading, amalgamate it with Metatrade and AmiBroker.
  1. Upstox

Today, people often go for thediscount broker as that is available at low cost. Upstox is one of the best trading platforms of the well-known discount broker RKSV. This trading platform is built on theweb and app-based platform, designed for top-class trading. The essential features of Upstox are-

  • This is a speedy option for the investors. One can place anorder within 15 seconds.
  • The security factor is updated as the platform is backed by 256 Bit Encryption.
  • Bandwidth is used minimum here.
  • You can place anorderdirectly on the chart.
  • Global search across exchanges.
  • Live tracking for the bracket orders is
  • Completely regulated by SEBI
  1. Angel SpeedPro

Angel SpeedPro is one of the best trading platforms that comes with amazing features that assist the investors with amazing features-

  • It can provide 30 days intraday with 20 years of historical data along with more than70 analytical reports.
  • There is acustomizabletoolbar that can control ribbon style menus and quick links.
  • You can access all information of accounts, like My Portfolio, Funds Management, Trade Report and Backoffice Report.
  • The other feature includes News Flash, Combined Best Five, Open in Excel, Intraday, Heat Map Analysis, historic charts and analysis of all.
  • Online fund transfer is possible along with multiple exchanges and streaming quotes.
  1. Sharekhan Trade Tiger

You must have heard about this. The Trade Tiger is one of the best trading software from sharekhan. When day traders look for the best platform for trading, this definitely comesin the first place. You can install the application on your phone. The essential features of this trading platform are-

  • This is a single platform that comes with multiple exchange options, like BSE and NSE, Currency, NCDEX, Mutual Funds, MCX and IPOs.
  • Comes with shortcut keys to place your order faster and access the reports.
  • You can get multiple market watch on single screen.

These are the best trading platforms you can try to invest and exchange smoothly when you are dealing with stock markets.


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