How the Best Windows VPS Server Hosting Plans Benefit You

When you are seeking the best Windows VPS server hosting plans, you must do a thorough comparison of the packages being offered by different web hosting providers and select the ones that suit your business the most. It is an important and among the most difficult tasks that you must decide on, more so because there is a lot of difference in the services and the price-structure the vendors offer. You must determine who is the right provider for you to have the best impact for your business.

What is a VPS and how does it work

A physical server is split to create several virtual servers that are stored in a container like compartments. The accounts are individually hosted and allocated dedicated resources. Unlike in shared hosting, the acts of one account will not affect the other websites. The features of a VPS copy that of a dedicated server at far lower prices.

Each virtual server runs a copy of the operating system giving the users a choice between Linux or Windows servers. If your website is built on the .NET technology and uses the MSSQL database, you must opt for the Windows VPS plans as Linux does not support the .NET technology and there could be some hiccups in the performance.

There are several benefits that you get with the best Windows VPS hosting plans. It is a robust, reliable platform that majority of the high traffic websites choose. The software has total support from Microsoft and the tech giant provides regular updates and upgrades to the software and allows access to all the Microsoft. Like with every other Microsoft technologies you must buy a license to use the Windows products. The risks of data loss are low while your applications are transferred to the virtual servers or databases.

What you get with the best Windows VPS hosting plans:

  • Dedicated IP to each account by default.
  • Assured network uptime of 99.95%
  • Plesk control panel with several built-in features and support
  • Access to your site via Remote Desktop
  • Choice of wide-range of scalable plans
  • User-friendly Windows interface with server management tools.

Total control and highly reliable platform:

When you buy the best Windows VPS hosting plans, the clients get total control over the server. You are provided administrative control and can access your server using the Remote Desktop to configure and customize it in any manner suitable to your business. You can install any software you find necessary for your business but make sure the applications do not consume high resources as it could slow down your server and cause bad performance.

You are allocated dedicated resources even though you share the server. This ensures your business will not be disturbed even if another account holder overdraws their share of resources.


The best Windows VPS hosting plans comes with dedicated 24/7 server monitoring and around the clock technical support over the phone, live chat and email. You can contact them in case you find some issues that could hinder a seamless performance of your site.

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