Building Wine Cellar– 4 Important Factors that Can Make It Perfect

Do you crave for the luxury of having a wine cellar in your home that will not only help you store and preserve the huge wine collection you have, but also let you flaunt the luxury and aristocracy of wine? I am sure you do. Wine is an asset. It is not just a liquid that will give company to your meal; it is a luxurious beverage that will add a spark to any gathering, as well as your lone time. So, it is natural that such delicate beverage will surely need more attention. A wine cellar not only helps you to keep the wine stored, but it also preserves and helps in aging of the wine.

wine cellar cooling unit

If you go to the country, you will find many houses with ancient underground cellars that will not only help you preserve the wine, but also add a vintage charm to it. But, when you are living in a modern city home and thinking of preserving your collection of fine wine, you feel the lack of such underground cellar, isn’t it? In such a situation, it becomes necessary that you build a cellar in your home.

The wine cellar is not just a regular room. It is a place with a controlled environment that ensures proper health and aging of wine. So, now when you are thinking of building a wine cellar, it is necessary for you to consider some important factors. Wondering, what are those important factors? Then take a look at the following points to know more.

Location of the Cellar

Generally, when you are choosing a perfect location for your wine cellar, it has to be a cooler place in your home. Most of the time, it is the basement that has the coolest temperature, when compared to the other rooms. That is why it is always wise to build a cellar in your basement. It is not just naturally cool, but also away from the direct exposure of sunlight. In fact, it will be lot easier for you to control the environment in the basement. And, don’t forget about the vintage appeal of it. When you are bringing your guest down at the basement for wine, trust me, they will be already impressed even before seeing your wine collection.

If you are not blessed with such a huge basement, then choose an area that will not be in close proximity of heat from the kitchen or near any source of sunlight. If you are thinking, how this place can become aesthetically pleasing then trust your architect and designer.  They will surely make this cellar gorgeous and charming.

Sealant and Vapor Barriers

To keep the ideal atmosphere intact in a cellar, it is necessary that you pay attention in picking the right vapor barrier. A 6- to 8- mill plastic sheeting can be ideal for such a cellar. It should go on the warm side of the insulation. All joint and studs should be covered with vapor barriers. To ensure better protection and prevent air leakage, opt for good sealant. Allow overlapping near the corners so that it can keep the environment intact.

A Good Cellar Door

Consider getting a good door for the cellar. There are different types of wine cellar doors available in the market. Doors not only help in maintaining the environment of the cellar, but also contribute to the aesthetical appeal of the cellar. So, choosing the right material is important. There are many types of materials like wood, glass and wrought iron. When you are choosing the door think about the functionality, as well as the look and feel of the cellar.

Temperature and Humidity

For wine preservation and aging, it is necessary that the cellar retains a particular temperature and humidity. For that, it is necessary that you invest in a good wine cellar cooling unit.  For storing wine, make sure that the temperature remains around 55 – 587 degree Fahrenheit. 55% – 75% humidity is necessary to keep the wine at the best health. These factors can be maintained only by a cellar cooling unit, instead of a general air condition.

So, now as you know about the factors that can make your wine cellar a perfect one, what are you waiting for? Hire a team of architects and designers, and start planning your own cellar at home.



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