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Rice is a staple diet in many parts of India and is consumed mostly on a daily basis. There are many other uses of rice as well. It has religious significance too, as it considered as auspicious and is used in many rituals and while worshiping God.

There are ample varieties of rice available in India. However, one of the most used rice in Northern part of India is the Basmati rice. The Basmati rice has a unique identity of its own owing to its sleek and slender look. The Basmati rice is best consumed when it is aged for 1-2 years. After aging the color of rice turns to little yellowish.


The Basmati rice has derived its name from its distinctive feature of captivating aroma that it spreads while cooking. In Hindi, Bas means fragrance; hence it has got its name ‘Basmati.’


  • Basmati rice is majorly consumed in Northern states of India like UP, MP, Punjab and more.
  • Basmati is long and sleek and can be identified easily among other types of rice.
  • Its aroma also makes its different from other types of rice.
  • Basmati is only grown exclusively in India and Pakistan across World. It is exported to few parts of the world like the Middle East, Persian and Arabian countries, which consume Basmati rice.
  • For Basmati, the older, the better.
  • Best Basmati Rice can be found easily in themarket as there are renowned brands in India selling best quality Basmati.
  • In India, Basmati is cultivated at UP, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Bihar, Uttarakhand and MP.
  • There are many sub-types and breeds of Basmati rice which differ as per the location of their cultivation.

Popular varieties of Basmati rice are:

  • Dehradun
  • Type III Uttar Pradesh
  • P3 Punjab
  • 386 Haryana
  • HBC- 19 Safidon
  • Basmati 198
  • Kasturi Rajasthan
  • Basmati 370
  • Basmati 217
  • Kasturi Bihar
  • Mahi Suganda
  • Pusa 1121
  • Pusa

Health Benefits of Basmati Rice:

  • Basmati is considered as a high-calorie If you are looking for high energy meal, basmati will keep you satiated and energized for long.
  • Basmati is considered as storehouse of carbohydrates and proteins. Also, it is to be noted that there are certain specific types of basmati which have more protein and carbohydrates than others.
  • It is quite low in fat and gluten and hence can be consumed by people who are keeping a watch on their weight.
  • It is a good source of vitamins like niacin and thiamine. These vitamins keep heat, the nervous and digestive system in good condition.
  • It also offers Iron to the body while the brown variant of Basmati offers fiber

Best Super Premium Basmati rice brands are available in supermarkets and even online stores. AMIRA, Daawat, Kohinoor, Lal Quilla, India Gate, Aeroplane, Indus Valley, Doonand the likes are some of the popular brands in India. One can easily find these brands in departmental stores or can be bought online.

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