Cable Jointing Kits Need Your Attention: Have A Look Here

What are cable jointing kits?

Cable jointing accessories are needed in order to maintain the continuity of cables, especially when you need a cable of a considerable length. There are mainly two types of power cable jointing kits required for joining cables:

  • Straight Through for XLPE to XLPE or PILC TO PILC Cable
  • Transition Cable Joint Type for connectivity of XLPE to PILC Cable


The grade of voltage required for the kits starts from 1.1 KV onwards. The best quality cable jointing system functions in a perfect way in case of underground cables, even if there is stagnation of water. The range of products available in the market today is extensive. The kits can be classified on the basis of their application area. They may be:

  • Heat shrinkable type
  • Cold application type
  • Pre-moulded type
  • Push-on type
  • Slip-on type
  • Taped type

Cable jointing compounds are available in three – parts assembled sets of filter, resin and hardener, packed in convenient bucket packs.

Types of cable jointing systems available in the Market

The leading cable jointing kits manufacturers in India produce and supply cable termination systems of straight through joints, heat shrinkable and cold shrinkable type terminations and Tapex type of cable jointing kits. The transition cable jointing system is also available from these manufacturing houses so as to smoothly join XLPE to PILC cables, so that you may get undisrupted connectivity between cables, especially for longer lengths of cables.

The best products available maintain their quality in the most efficient manner and are priced at affordable ranges. They may cater to all your requirements and budgetary constraints. The jointing kits manufacturers also undertake to produce cable jointing compounds which are suitable for joining both XLPE and PILC cables for medium as well as high voltage usage.

Factors determining the type of cable jointing kits that you may require

What type of cable jointing kits you require for your work depends on the following factors:

  • What are the voltage parameters applied?
  • What are the cable types in use?
  • What are the physical conditions of the site where the cables are laid?
  • What are the operating parameters?

Besides, the type of cable jointing kit in use depends on the type of application like whether it is a tapex type, a push-on or slip-on type, pre-moulded type or the cold application type.

At the present market, you get a variety of cable jointing kits to serve any and all of your cable joining purposes. Some of the most popular varieties of cable jointing systems are:

  • Transition Joints suitable for 3Core XLPE/ PILC cables upto 12 kV
  • Straight Through Joint Suitable for 3 Core Screened PILC Cables upto 36 kV
  • Straight Through Joint Suitable for 1 Core XLPE/EPR/PVC Insulated Cables upto 36 kV
  • Straight Through Joint Suitable for 3 Core XLPE/EPR/PVC Insulated Cables upto 36 kV
  • Transition Joint suitable for 3 Core XLPE/EPR/PVC Insulated Cables upto 36 kV
  • Straight Through Joints Suitable for 1 Core Copper/ Aluminium, Tape / Wire Shield and Lead Sheathed Cables upto 72.5 kV.

So, with this much of variety, we hope that you get the required one.

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