You Can Have the Best Food Experience in Streets of Chandni Chowk

Have you ever been to Delhi? If yes, then you might have visited Chandni Chowk, don’t you?Don’t worry, it’s never too late. Next time, just taste the plethora of this amazing place. It has its own class and charm.

If you are a foodie, then Chandni Chowk is an icing on the cake for you. Your Delhi tour is incomplete without visiting it. Thestreet food in Chandni Chowk Delhi isfull of deliciousness and rich variety. Once you visit there, you will fall in love with its tasty food.


A walk Through Famous Street Food of Chandni Chowk

  • There are many mouth-watering dishes on the plate of this street. Starting with sweets, jalebis of this place are very delicious. Famous Juicy jalebis will make your day. You must try the variety of jalebis. For example, you can check out the amazing jalebis of jalebi wala store in Chandni Chowk.
  • Then who can skip the parathewaligali?Of course, you can find special kalakand of this area on every shop of this place. Another speciality of this chowk is its sohanhalwa. You might have eater this halwa many a times in your life earlier, but once you will taste halwa of this area, you won’t believe your senses. These famous sweets of these streets have mapped themselves at national level. Many people who visit Delhi, long to visit Chandni chowk for its famous delicacies.
  • The chaatwalas of this place can make you experience the best chats of your life. And not just this, you can relish different types of special aloo tikkichaat and fruit chhat. They have so much variety on their hand for food lovers. Whether you want less masala chaat or chaat with different masalas, you will get everything. If you visited this place and haven’t tasted the delicacies of this area, then you truly have missed something really special.
  • We Indians love parantha, don’t we? So, if you too are a big fan of parantha, then you must check out the famous rabriparantha and papad ka parantha of Chandni Chowk. Everything thing from taste to presentation of these paranthas can make anyone crave for them. Try it yourself and you will share the same views. Apart from these two specified paranthas, you can find many other types of paranthas too. And what makes them all special galiwalaparanthas is their unique tang.
  • Have you ever eaten Kachoris in your life? Even if yes, then too, you might not have tasted something like the street Kachoris of chandni chowk. While the Kachoris of this area are amazing as a whole, still you must try the special Kachoris of JB kachori wala. Their Kachoris are little spicy and hot but their taste will linger on your tongue for long. Even the sauce used on different eatables like tikki, kachori etc. has its speciality.
  • You can also experience the popular bedamipoori pieces richly dipped in aloo subzi. Its every bite can make you feel yum. Moreover, you can also try out the special doodhwalashahi paneer which crowns the hearts of visitors.

Thus, if you haven’t tried the best food in chandni chowk,one of the places to visit in delhi in one day, then your visit to Delhi will remain incomplete. Don’t miss out this street food of Chandni chowk; you are not going to taste it anywhere else in the world.

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