How can Data Science Reshape Public Life in India?

We tend to regiment technology according to the social class it serves. This is a major problem which often serves to deprive a certain group of the benefits of the concerned technology. This is almost an anthropological order which guides us to accept some and to decline some forms of technological developments. The reason why this discussion is initiated is that a body of discourse has regimented data science as a technology that helps large businesses get larger by acquiring bigger consumer bases. As if it has nothing to do with the lives of the common people. It is time that we shake off the biased speculations and look at the truth.

Refurbishing the job market

Disruption, depression, recession, unemployment are some words easily associated with the job market. It is the advent of big data and data science which has re-introduced large vacancies in the market. A tech-graduate without a job at hand has a clue about what to learn to get a job. A fair number of unemployed engineers have found employment after receiving Python training in Bangalore. The big data experts are finding employment around the world and getting a higher salary than corresponding IT professionals. As a whole it can be said that the analytics industry has revamped the job market.

Revolutionising agriculture

The newest developments on gene editing are all powered by data science. It is now possible to remove negative traits from an organism genetically without introducing any foreign gene which means without introducing any collateral damage. This technology has made it possible to improve the agricultural industry manifold. The crops are healthier, more secure and more in number. In this field data science is impacting the public life directly.

Healthcare and analytics

We often tend to misrepresent the use of analytics in healthcare as just a way for the healthcare units to draw more patients and earn more money. That is the business end of it and that will always be there. But with the use of advanced analytics and machine learning, diagnosis and prescription have become far more accurate than how it used to be. Machine learning has even made possible the detection of diseases which were previously impossible to detect at an early stage without an expert. The developments in cancer treatment have also picked speed.

Fraud detection

This is another major area where data science is used in the public sector. The financial analytics industry is not only ensuring better turnovers for the banks but also better security for the people’s money. Fraud detection, digital security and tax monitoring, powered by data analytics has changed the scenario somewhat.

We can say that data science and advanced analytics have come out of the cold office space and entered the daily lives of people. And it will help in the formation of a better tomorrow.


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