online gifts for father’s day

5 best ideas for father’s day celebration! Plan something unique!

Father is the one who sacrifice his whole life to earn good living for their children. Father is the one who never let you to fall down. Father is the one who teaches you how to deal with this world. Father is the one who can be your best friend. Father is the one who deserve all that pampering, respect and love on each day when you stand out in this world.

So, what are you doing to make your father feel so blessed and loved this father’s day?

Are you planning something unique or going with the same routine celebration?

Try out something special this day! After all, it is your time to make your father feel special and grateful to have child like you! He must be so busy in his office life. Father’s day is the best day to take a break from a busy schedule and spend the whole day with him. Buy him something or plan outing or write a letter for him. You can also surprise him by inviting his old friends (his close school friends if possible) and arrange a party to celebrate this father’s day.

If you are still confused then there are following ideas which you can consider on father’s day.

  1. Relive the memories

One of the best gifts that can ever give to your father is your memories. Record your favorite memory with your dad. You can surprise with making a CD of all your and your father’s memories from your childhood. You can play the video on father’s day to make him feel so important and special. This could be the best and emotional gift for your father.

  1. Something handmade

On this father’s day, you can write some lines for your father on a plain white paper and frame it. If you have any younger sibling, then you can tell one to draw something for him by using crayons. This gift can really make your father feel happy and surprised on father’s day. It will be similar to a tribute given to him.  You can also go for personalized online gifts for father’s day available on various online gift shops.

  1. Recreate past memories

The best thing is to recreate those memories of your past that are most enjoyed by your father. Such as, a camping trip, a sporty day out, museum trip in which you had a great time with your father. It will be like living other past moments that were so precious and unforgettable. This is the best way to spend some quality time with your father.

  1. Clothes and accessories

You can also gift him a nice shirt of his favorite color. You can match it with a decent accessory, such as neck tie or a bow tie or a nice cufflinks. You can find many online gifts for father’s day.

  1. Surprise by cooking his favorite dishes

On this father’s day, you father deserves a breakfast on bed, or a nice coffee in the early morning. Cook his favorite dishes and surprise him by serving all dishes he love. This will definitely love this surprise.

The bottom line is….

You can also plan an outing with your parents, or book movies tickets for your father.  Anything that is gifted by putting some real efforts will definitely deserves an appreciation from your father. Choose the best and make him feel special!

Top 5 Gifts For The Lovely Moms On Mother’s Day

Does anyone recall the days of childhood when mothers would save money for the kids and surprise with awesome gifts? This is how mothers are. It is time kids show these special ladies in life, how much the mothers are loved and appreciated. There can be no better day than Mother’s Day and there are a number of gifts ideas that a child can spare pocket money for and get for the super women. Five that tops the list and inexpensive at the same time will be discussed here.

Top 5 Gifts For The Lovely Moms On Mother’s Day

5 Best Gifts for Mothers that are Inexpensive yet Valuable

Of all the gifts available online and in stores, there are five best gifts that can make an impact on the support system of everyone’s life that is a mother.

  1. Pillow with the Initial: Anything personal is highly acknowledged and valued. Moms across the world love this gift as it is one of the most personalized gifts. No matter where the mother goes, the pillow can be carried for that homely feeling and sleep even in hotels during vacations.
  2. Mobile Cases: Technology is everyone’s love and a smartphone without a case is like a bouquet without flowers. Getting one embellished mobile case and getting it wrapped beautifully can be one unique idea. Moms can flaunt the phones with grace.
  3. Pendant: Women love jewelry and donning a beautiful pendant with gorgeous evening attire is loved by women all over. Pendants come for cheap and don’t dent the pockets. Anyone can afford this for mother. This can be categorized as one of the best mothers day gifts to Kolkata for the love of jewelry in the city of joy. Be it any occasion, jewelry is given the first priority in gifts. Make this Mother’s Day special with a pendant.
  4. Nail Care Set: If the mom is stylish and a style diva, gifting a nail care set can be a rational thought. This will add elegance to the nails and walk in style. Don’t stay away from encouraging a mother’s hidden desire to be stylish forever. Let the woman live her life like it was in the days of youth. It will be a gift perfect and quite inexpensive too. Without squandering, make the special occasion extra special.
  5. Cook Book: After cuddling the children, what interest a mom the most is cooking. So get a cook book with recipes the person loves and wrap with love. No matter how annoyed or upset the mother would be because the sender can’t make it to meet; a big curve will naturally spread across the face.

“A smile is a curve that makes things straight”. That’s so true and there can be no smile in the world as pretty as that of a mother. The effort in bringing that smile in itself is an achievement. So this Mother’s Day, make special arrangements with the above-listed gifts and create magic. It is time to reciprocate and show the love mothers always want to feel from the children who have grown bigger.

Gifts that make your eyes sparkle with joy!

A birthday is an occasion, which loses its meaning without gifts. Gifts are ways of telling people how much they are loved and cared for. Without the aid of gifts, many people would not have been able to express everything that they wanted to say. When a perfect gift is chosen for someone, it helps to make that someone feel special. The person understands the love and effort that have gone into choosing that gift. The days of walking into beautifully decorated air-conditioned gift shops have disappeared. Yet, this has not dampened the spirit of gift hunting in anyone. A whole bunch of online gift stores have cropped up where one can find all types of gift items, ranging from cakes to toys. Wonderful flower bouquets with decorative ribbons and sparkles are also available on some online portals that would make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones.

Kiddie style
Be it anybody’s birthday, it is incomplete without gifts. A kid, who is celebrating his or her birthday, will wait expectantly to tear open all the big and lovely presents received. Kids love things they can play with, like teddies, toy cars and dolls. Online websites through which one can send birthday gifts to Kolkata offer a range of innovative and fun toys for kids. Things like toy guns, Roy cars, remote control cars, remote control aeroplanes, balls and many other gifts for boys are available. Pretty dolls, soft toys and teddy bears are also available in plenty. Other toys like play dough, legos and building blocks are on display too. Just skimming through the websites will provide one with a clear idea as to what would be the best birthday gift for a kid.

The young adult life
Young adults are those who have just started to experience the world from their independent point of view. They usually tend to become choosy about what they read, what they play with or even what they wear. It would be best to ask them what they need. As per their requirements, one can visit online stores who send birthday gifts to Kolkata from anywhere in the world. One can gift them a set of real cool T-shirts that they can wear to college. More or less everyone has a phone now so one can present headphones to him or her too. A pretty dress goes a long way with the girls. One can also choose some make-up items if the girl likes to use cosmetics. Flowers, chocolate baskets or hampers make the best gifts, as everyone loves flowers and chocolates. For young adults, personalised items such as coffee mugs or t-shirts can also prove useful.

Gifts from far away
Even when one is not settled in other countries, one can easily send gifts to one’s loved ones through websites that forward birthday gifts to any location across the globe. Delicious and decorative cakes of various flavours for one’s parent’s birthday or a huge bouquet of 50 red, pink or yellow roses for one’s grandmother’s or grandfather’s birthday will make them happy to know that they are loved and remembered.

Emotions Are Best Expressed with Flowers: Check Out How!

A flower is the most appropriate natural gift for any gathering or event. It symbolizes unequivocal love and as well as exceptional care. It is an eccentric approach to present flower gifts, in order to pass on your warmth, fondness and implicit love to somebody who is near your heart.

Presently, it has turned out to be very simple for anybody to buy the flowers from various online stores at a reasonable rate and get the delivery done anywhere within the desired time. Not only this, but the online flower shops also provide you lovable, adorable, as well as charming and fresh or crisp blooms that look exceptionally exemplary and refined.

Flower For

If you are aiming to send flowers to Delhi, then you can always get those exclusive buckets of flowers or unique flower bundles at the pocket-friendly cost and can undoubtedly send them online to the distinct address particularly when you are not ready or able to be present in the gathering or the party. With this, you can win the heart of your dearest ones and get a lovely grin all over their face, when they are expecting about your presence in the party and you couldn’t turn up, unfortunately!

The online shops are brimming with handpicked as well as an outlandish collection of flowers and are certain to have the capacity to satisfy your choice and demands. Therefore, go through the websites and pick your favorite floral bouquets and send them anywhere you want, but what if you are not able to find the right choice?

Then, these 3 tips will help you to pick a wonderful floral bouquet that is well-received-

  • Always know your Audience –

In the event that you have already sent flowers to your recipient in the past, then there are great possibilities that you might know some of his/her inclinations. A color additionally plays a great role while picking a floral bundle.

  • Know your Budget

There is no sense in getting your heart set on a big flower bunch or any fancy floral bouquets in the event that you can’t stand to pay for it. There are a lot of littler bunches that will probably be within your price range.

  • Getting the Right Flowers

In online stores, you can see the photos of the bundles of flower that the vendor offers, so it makes it simpler to pick something that your beneficiary might like. Most sites that offer flowers will have an exact picture of what the bundle will look like when your recipient gets it so you know precisely what you are getting.

Apart from the gathering or any such party, you can also opt for sending those charming bundles of blossoms to your partners or soul mates with an intention to shock her with amazement. Therefore, along with these flowers, you can also talk about your concealed love or fondness for your partners.

A Uniquely Designed Cake for a Special Person

It is easy to present an ordinary cake to someone one considers special. However, it is only a thoughtful mind, which will consider presenting a specially designed treat to delight the receiver’s heart. If one falls into the latter category, one might give due consideration to diverse kinds of designer cakes sold online.

al cake

The 26 Alphabets or Numbers
One is well aware that the sound of one’s name is the sweetest sound in the world. The giver definitely knows the first letter of the recipient’s first name. It would be nice to obtain a cake shaped in alignment with that particular alphabet. It may be covered with delicious icing, topped with edible roses or other flowers, etc. If the receiver is sentimental by nature, he/she will treasure the gift! In case, the gift is being forwarded on a special occasion, such as a birthday or an anniversary, numerical shapes might come in handy.

A Child’s Heart
If one desires to send designer cake to Meerut, to a small child, one had better opt for something different. For instance, an older girl would love the idea of a beautifully dressed doll perched on top of her cake. The ingredients may comprise of delicious-tasting chocolate, mouth-watering strawberries, tasty truffle, etc, but the doll would hold all her attention. She would even feel grateful to the giver for being so understanding of her likes and dislikes. The toddler would make a grab for the cute little teddy smiling at her! A young boy would love Pokémon or Doraemon staring at him from his lofty position. The older child would enjoy the sight of a cricket pitch, a football field, etc, on his treat. One could also have diverse types of toys depicted on the cake. Thus, designer cakes may be custom-made to thrill the heart of a child.

Exhibit your Love
Of course, the best way to do so would be to have a heart-shaped cake delivered to the special person in one’s life. In fact, one may even have a bouquet of roses and a personal message delivered along with it. The occasion could be significant, such as Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary, celebrating one year of dating, etc. The popular flavours of romance include dark chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla, raspberries, strawberries, red velvet sponges and truffle, amongst others. The latest style to join the cake bandwagon is kit-kat cake. One’s loved one must have his/her favourite recipe too. One should just find out what it is, and go all out to please the receiver!

Unconventional Styles
Not everyone is fond of following traditional styles; some love to be different from everyone else. Towards this end, one could decide to have a zany cake design that no one had ever seen before. For instance, there could be festoons of colourful blossoms (all fashioned from icing) trailing down the sides of a multi-layered cake. Then again, there could be quirky characters from books and fairy tales depicted on a multiple tier of cake.

Cherish the bond of love, this Mother’s Day

A mother is a creator. A power house of strength, love compassion and patience! She does so much for the wellbeing and the existence of her child and asks nothing in return. The relationship and the bond between a mother and a child, is surreal, everlasting and a lot beyond words.

She is the one who is up since the first ray of the sun and doesn’t rest until the entire family gets comfortable. Her devotion and the dedication towards her family is priceless and selfless. There is absolutely nothing that exists on earth that can actually compensate her efforts and true love for her children.

day of mother

Hence surprise her this Mother’s Day with the something she likes or is her favorite. No matter you are physically not present around her, you can now choose to send beautiful mothers day gifts to Pune.

There is a lot to choose for her, while the thought that you literally thought of her on this special occasion is enough for what she has been selflessly working for. Celebrate This Mother’s Day with some exciting and lovable gift hampers and flower bouquets . Gifting is indeed redefined while you can now place your orders online for a wide range of options to choose from.

Apart from Mother’s Day gifts and accessories you can also browse through a wholesome range of Other Gifts to India.

So, if in case you are all set to make your mother feel great about her and cherish her hard work. You can connect to any of the websites and online stores, as most reputed ones are offering a great range to make this special occasion look amazing for your precious mother, your supreme creator.

There is a lot of Mother day special gifts floating online. Right from mementos, mugs, quotes, décor items, cosmetics, saree and accessories for her, perfumes, shoes and the list goes unlimited from here. It is often seen that even if you have a very supportive family, mothers tend to be ignored in terms of being busy on the routine life and her passion towards her family commitments. So, this Mother’s Day, make sure to offer her due respect and love in the form of some beautiful gift items that will surely make her day and let her feel good about her family!

You can choose from a couple of options and get them delivered right to your mom, at her doorstep, from anywhere across the globe for the matter of fact. The online business has indeed made all of that happen with ease and added a lot of convenience in terms of making precious people happier than ever before.

Hence you must make the most of it and ensure that the precious people in your life receive their share of love as well as respect particularly on special occasions without fail. Choose to send the finest of them all while you browse through a large collection online before you settle down on the best mothers day gifts!

Celebrate love today with these easy steps

This love season, romance is brewing and so are brilliant ideas for your partner

One need not be a hardcore lover of Nicholas Sparks’ novels to be able to romance with their partner. It takes much more than just ardent reading skills to impress someone you like or to showcase your love to them. There are various gestures that can make this relationship stronger and sweeter. Talking about sweet, the best way to make a permanent mark on the special person’s heart is by sending them some customised bakery items.

Now, one can send heart shaped cakes to India by following some very easy steps. This cake would determine the sender’s love and adoration for the recipient. It can differ in colors, taste, shapes, sizes and other important factors, but what matters is that this move has always proved successful in this beautiful world of love, passion and romance.

heart cake

Below are some quirky and creative ideas that one can implement in order to make the moment, day or month rather, special for their partner.

  1. Charting plan: In case this wasn’t known before, but planning things ahead is quite crucial. So for starters, one needs to prepare an exhaustive plan, which would include what all things the partner likes or desires or would be most thrilled looking at when the delivery boy knocks their door. Get a pen and paper and jot down points for this. This list will include the flavor of cake that the partner most likes. The flavors could range from chocolate to red velvet, black forest, pineapple, strawberry, dark fantasy, among million others in the market. Second, decide on a colour that the partner most favors. This colour will be utilized in creating the special cake with some romantic touches to it.
  2. Layers or tiers: Now that the basic planning has come to a close, one needs to decide how big the cake should be like. It could either be a normal one tier cake or more than that. If it is a very special occasion such as an anniversary, proposal cake or to say sorry or thank you, more than one tier cake is preferable, depending on the budget and other crucial factors.
  3. The grand finale: Once the size of the cake and all other details are looked at, one needs to inform the bakery outlet to design the entire cake in the form of a gigantic heart. There is no other way one can impress someone or display love than gifting a heart shaped cake to them. Now that this is done, focus on the love note that will tag along with this lovely delivery. Pick out the most famous romantic quote from a book or a movie and pen it down on the note.

Final touches: In case this gift is falling within the budget, then one can always opt for combo options, which include a cake with chocolates, perfumes or other special gifts.

Sending a little love her way!

Words always fall short when we describe ‘mother’. She is the one around who a child’s life revolve. From the time she protectively carries a child in her womb, till the time she sees the last light in her twinkling eyes, a mother gives up her everything for her children.

Nothing in this whole world can substitute a mother.

Mother’s Day therefore is a day when all mothers are revered, remembered and cherished. It is a day that gives every child an opportunity to show a mother how important she is. No one can give back what a mother gives to a child, but on Mother’s Day, one can shower her with the love and care that she deserves.

Mothers day ideas

While materialistic gifts will always fall short to express gratitude to a mother, they will definitely mean the world to her – just because her child, her baby, her most prized, loved and dearest has given it to her. She will treasure it till the end, just like she has treasured every little card, shiny stone and book-pressed flower her child had given her when small.

Sending gifts to India, has become even easier than it was earlier. Especially for those who are far away from their mother, living in another country or city, or even studying in another place far from home.

There are a wide range of mother’s day gifts available online, where one can choose the right gift, get it packed and delivered right to the doorstep, in time for the special day, all at the click of the mouse. The mere variety available will help one choose the right gift according to likes of their mother. Some of the gifting options available online are –

  1. Flowers – A wide variety vases, bunches, bouquets and baskets with flowers like red or coloured roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids, lilies, gladiolas, anthuriums, etc. are choices that are available. A loving message can accompany the flowers, or a short sweet poem can be sent too.
  2. Cakes and chocolates – Remembering the days when mother would bake lovely cakes and make tasty sweets, one can send her favourite cake. Cakes are available in a variety of shapes, flavours and customizations. Gift her with her favourite pineapple cake or a chocolate one. Gift her vanilla cake or a strawberry one!
  3. Personalized gifts – make a bunch of memories she can cherish forever. Personalised gifts like mugs, calendars, photo frames, cushions, etc. choose a loving family photograph and it can be uploaded on photographed gifts.
  4. Fashion and accessories – All through childhood, a mother lovingly chooses dresses and smart clothes for her children. It is time show that she has helped in cultivating a stylish you. Opt from a number of branded clothes and fashion accessories and see how she lights up and flaunts your style!
  5. Utility gifts –How about gifting a useful gift. Mothers love little useful gifts like smart branded kitchenware, electrical gadgets, jewellery, perfumes, crystal ware, home décor items, etc.

With so many options available, sending mothers day gifts to Mumbai or anywhere in the country is the wisest thing to do!


How to Spend Valentine’s Day with A Long Distance Girlfriend?

Long distance relationships are always difficult to handle due to the unavailability of both the persons at the same location. There are numerous people who are having a long distance relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend. These are the people who usually long for a “good time together” and are always looking for reasons to spend some quality time together.

What if your girlfriend or boyfriend is living miles apart from you? It could definitely be a great setback for your Valentine day plans due to your long distance relationships. Here are the quick Valentine day ideas for those couples who are handling a long distance relationship.


Send him/her a presentation slide or photo collage- I know you must be missing your partner on this Valentine day with whom you can’t meet face to face. In these scenarios, it would be an ideal Valentine day gift for your partner to send him/her a presentation slide or photo collage of the old memories. It could help both of you enliven your old romantic memories and can give a new boost to your long distance relationship.

Gift a special Valentine cake- You have been together in a relationship which has seen numerous ups and downs in the long run. Isn’t it a good reason to celebrate your “rock solid” love inspite of the long distances and minor differences? Valentine cakes are a great way to help you celebrate this feeling of togetherness with your partner. So, why not send a special Valentine cake for your partner on this occasion?

Buy a piece of lovely jewelry- There are varieties of things that are available in the market to celebrate the triumph of love and romance between couples. Maintaining a long distance relationship is not everyone’s “cup of tea” and it is definitely a good reason for celebration. To add a unique appeal to your love celebration, you can buy a beautiful love pendant, bracelet, ring or locket for your beloved. Don’t worry about the pocket size anymore, there are plenty of online stores that can offer you a wide range of inexpensive jewelry items.

Book a ticket of his/her favorite concert or movie- Your partner may be a huge fan of some heavy metal bands, a rock group or the movie of a particular actor. It would be really cool if you can book a ticket of his/her favorite rock concert, movie show or any other exhibition on the Valentine’s Day eve. It would help in improving the mutual bonding between you and partner with this small “sweet gesture” of yours.

Don’t let long distances between you and your partner spoil the mood and fervor of this Valentine’s Day. Just stick to these simple tips and you can celebrate this special day with your love interest easily.


What Are In The Gift List To Spend A Lovely Winter Vacation?

The cool breeze are waking us up early in the morning to switch off the fan or A.C. and go to sleep again. This notice of winters brings many memories in front of eyes. Some memories are of the times of childhood when waiting eagerly for the winter vacation was a big thing. Some memories are of the college days when our friends group used to greet a foggy and numb winter morning with fast bike rides. I feel childlike and younger again when winters arrive. Every other friends, family members, and relatives also get excited for this break from normal routine of work. I have some plans ready in my head and also some gift options for greeting my guests and friends.

Ever enticing cake


I love baking and cooking and winters give me extra boost to enter kitchen. Various cakes from fruitcakes to rum n raisin cakes, from plum cakes to coffee and walnut cake, I love baking them with enthusiasm and love. As an endearing gift to Dallas for my sister staying there, I have these wonderful cakes. She loves my cakes and she would be surprised with these cakes for sure. If you don’t know how to bake cakes, this winters you can take up this passion.

Long Overcoats and sweaters


For the fashionista younger sister of mine those long overcoats would be a great idea to chill around in winters. For my mom, I have planned for a Pashmina Shawl and for my brother a blazer would be perfect. Meeting people and getting them gifts is a lovely process of uplifting the self-mood. I always find refinement and rejuvenation in showering gifts to others. I am sure you also feel the same.

Never-ending night parties


The winter nights are long and that gives us an opportunity to party more and party hard. How better a gift can be than a party? Your friends and loved ones would love you more for a lovely party. For that party, keep your home décor a cool and casual one with pale long door curtains and bright window curtains. Throw more cushions here and there and the floor should be adorned with deep colored rugs. So, have fun with the new bottles of rum and scotch and the smell of barbeques.


If some of your friends and relatives cannot come back home in vacation, use online shopping to greet them. Send gifts to San Diego to your best friend and wish a happy winters.