Celebrate love today with these easy steps

This love season, romance is brewing and so are brilliant ideas for your partner

One need not be a hardcore lover of Nicholas Sparks’ novels to be able to romance with their partner. It takes much more than just ardent reading skills to impress someone you like or to showcase your love to them. There are various gestures that can make this relationship stronger and sweeter. Talking about sweet, the best way to make a permanent mark on the special person’s heart is by sending them some customised bakery items.

Now, one can send heart shaped cakes to India by following some very easy steps. This cake would determine the sender’s love and adoration for the recipient. It can differ in colors, taste, shapes, sizes and other important factors, but what matters is that this move has always proved successful in this beautiful world of love, passion and romance.

heart cake

Below are some quirky and creative ideas that one can implement in order to make the moment, day or month rather, special for their partner.

  1. Charting plan: In case this wasn’t known before, but planning things ahead is quite crucial. So for starters, one needs to prepare an exhaustive plan, which would include what all things the partner likes or desires or would be most thrilled looking at when the delivery boy knocks their door. Get a pen and paper and jot down points for this. This list will include the flavor of cake that the partner most likes. The flavors could range from chocolate to red velvet, black forest, pineapple, strawberry, dark fantasy, among million others in the market. Second, decide on a colour that the partner most favors. This colour will be utilized in creating the special cake with some romantic touches to it.
  2. Layers or tiers: Now that the basic planning has come to a close, one needs to decide how big the cake should be like. It could either be a normal one tier cake or more than that. If it is a very special occasion such as an anniversary, proposal cake or to say sorry or thank you, more than one tier cake is preferable, depending on the budget and other crucial factors.
  3. The grand finale: Once the size of the cake and all other details are looked at, one needs to inform the bakery outlet to design the entire cake in the form of a gigantic heart. There is no other way one can impress someone or display love than gifting a heart shaped cake to them. Now that this is done, focus on the love note that will tag along with this lovely delivery. Pick out the most famous romantic quote from a book or a movie and pen it down on the note.

Final touches: In case this gift is falling within the budget, then one can always opt for combo options, which include a cake with chocolates, perfumes or other special gifts.

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