Choosing a Baby Stroller

Few have you that while waiting for a child, call the 40 weeks pregnancy, study. At least in the first pregnancy. Of course, we must learn about the baby itself, about changes in the body of the mother and about childbirth, postpartum and that word you did not know anything but that he will never forget and that is none other than “puerperium” .

Those biological knowledge we have to add more complicated and much less emotional. The subject “What, how and where we need to buy for our baby” is undoubtedly the most difficult and the most headaches and generate conflicts between the couple.

I would have been extremely happy if someone close to me had explained what today I will explain to you: what types of strollers there and what we know to make a good buy. Next week will tell you the same thing about car seats, and I hope that will prove useful info at DiscountJoggingStrollers.Com.

The parts of the stroller or evolutionary chair

Strollers have, at most, three pieces in addition to the chassis (the legs and wheels), ie three “cubicles” different to engage in the same housing and bring our baby in forms and / or different stages:

1. The carrycot or cuckoo. For the newborn baby who is lying like a little bed.

2. The stroller, which we will use from 5 or 6 months when the baby can hold the head by itself.

3. The group 0, also known as “maxicosi” or “egg”. Maxicosi is really a brand, but it is common to call a group maxicosi 0 of any brand. As the bimbo bread, although it Hacendado, we call bimbo bread.

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