DIY Slate Chalkboard

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Easy and simple DIY slate chalkboard

If you are looking to get a chalkboard for your young kids study time instead of a white board, you don’t need to go to the market to purchase the heavy and expensive chalkboard to use at home. With a bit of creativity and DIY skills, you will be able to make the chalkboard by using a slate at home only! The advantage of this is that you don’t need t spend too much for the chalkboard and you can find most of the supplies at home. If you don’t, these supplies won’t cost you much and you can easily get them at the local stationary store. Another advantage of the DIY slate chalkboard is that you can pick the right slate board weight, size and shape you prefer. This article will take a look at easy and simple DIY slate chalkboard.


Supplies that you need for creating the DIY slate chalkboard:
• A slate of your preferred size. You can either get a smaller sized one or you can also get a large one for large slate chalkboard.
• Ribbons of different colours.
• A masking tape.
• Protective goggles
• Electrical drilling machine
• Marker

How to create the DIY slate chalkboard?
• To create the DIY slate chalkboard, first of all, you will need to get the slate of your preferred shape and size. If the slate is not clean enough, you can clean the slate first and the dry it properly. Make sure that it is dried up properly. You will need to wait sometime for the slate board to dry up.


• Then you will need to stick the masking tape on the front side and also at the back side of the slate board where you are intending to drill the holes. The holes need to be drilled as you want to hang the slate board on the wall. The idea of sticking masking tape on the slate board before drilling is to make sure that the slate board doesn’t crack the drilling the holes on the slate board.


• Then using the marker, you will need to mark the spots on the slate board where you want to drill the holes. Wear protective goggles and also make sure that your hands are dry before handling the electrical drilling machine. When drilling on the slate board, make sure that you hold the chalkboard and the drilling machine properly and firmly or otherwise, you may end up missing the marked spot on the slate board and drill somewhere else. You can also make someone to hold the slate board properly and then start the drilling process on the slate board.


• The slate board may get heated up when drilling it with the electrical drilling machine. Therefore, if you find that the slate board is indeed heating up when drilling the slate board, you will need to take a short break and when the slate board is cooled down, and you can resume the process again.


• After that, clean the slate board and remove the masking tape as well. Dry the slate board properly. Then you can attach ribbon on the sides of the slate chalkboard and you can also use the ribbons to hold the chalkboard.

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