What Should Doctors Consider While Choosing Examination Gloves?

Surgeries are an important aspect of the medical profession. Doctors operate upon patients and treat them for the problems or health concerns they have. In all this, hygiene is as important as precision on the part of the surgeons. This is where lies the utility of examination gloves – which are mostly worn for either getting a right grip of surgical tools or stopping germs to enter the bodies of patients. These gloves are present in virtually all hospitals or clinics where surgeries are routine. There is, however, a need on the part of doctors to take some care in choosing these gloves meant for examination.

Here are some of considerations in selection of examination gloves for the medical profession –


  • There are a wide variety of materials, including latex, vinyl and nitrile, to select for gloves in medical profession
  • Each of the materials comes with a unique set of attributes and benefits which doctors should analyze before making the right choice
  • The gloves made from latex are very popular, made out of rubber and they have as much usage in the medical as in the industry
  • Latex examination gloves are considered best for all and they even suit most requirements, except being unfit for those suffering from latex allergies
  • Doctors can use these gloves and get assured for superior comfort and dexterity in comparison to other products in the domain
  • Gloves made out of latex carry a superior level of touch sensitivity and fit like a second skin in an easy and smooth manner
  • They deliver good results in in high-risk situations involving infectious material and doctors can wear them for an extended period of time
  • These gloves are biodegradable, strong and very elastic and above all, lightly powered so that wearing them is easy
  • Those surgeons who have allergy concerns with latex will find gloves made out of nitrile very helpful as they use synthetic rubber and not the natural occurring form
  • These latex-free gloves are known to deliver superior puncture resistance
  • They can be molded to a hand for a perfect fit and often deliver a high level of sensitivity
  • They are good even when worn for an extended period of time and their ability to resist many chemicals make them a quality product
  • These gloves come with a long shelf life and are available in colors to easily spot the puncture if any
  • Gloves made out of nitrile are also considered good when used in high-risk situations involving infectious materials
  • Gloves made out of vinyl are perfect in cases where doctors or hospitals are more concerned about the durability and less on protection
  • These gloves are free of latex, come with anti-static properties and considered fit for low-risk and short-term tasks
  • They are used extensively in the food industry for delivering great results with non-hazardous materials
  • They are easy to put on for being lightly powdered so a sense of smoothness comes with them
  • These gloves are cheaper than all other options available and their durable nature makes them a good option for medical purposes as well as the industry

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