Enjoy Lip-Smacking Food While You Are On The Go

Ordering for your food online has never got this easier. You just have three simple steps in order for lip-smacking delicacies, while you are out on the go.

These include:

  1. Selecting your train- You can select the train you would travel. The choice of railway stations will be displayed on the drop-down menu. You will just have to select one of them.
  2. Choosing an option from the menu card- You will choose for desired food items from the menu card.
  3. Receive fresh food- You are all ready to receive piping hot dinner or lunch at your seating table.

Presenting you with top 5 features you would expect from an e-catering site:

Combo deals on food

Suppose you hate the idea of having a dal and sabji, you can look for combo deals on food offers. You can order for exciting combo deals. You get butter cheese sandwich and French fries if you want a continental dinner. You may want to have chole nature along with vegetable biryani as an ideal food for the train journey.

You might want a dinner comprising of stuffed aloo parathas, papads, and Gulab jamoon. Foodies out there would love catching up with combo deals on food.

Discounted offers

Suppose you are a seasoned traveler and take one particular route, then you would want to capitalize on discounted deals or offers on food. The e-catering site will have an account opened in your name. Your regular orders are stated on that particular account. The combo deals you had ordered in the past are tracked through the online account.

This way, you can get discounted offers, on a variety of food that is offered to you as such. You can avail a flat 30% off on your bill if you travel by the same route, once every ten days or so. You can get additional sweets or delicacies, if you are traveling by the same route, during festive occasions. This is never the case with the standard food supplied to you by Railway caterers.

Fleet of other services

You might expect certain value-added benefits from the online caterer you prefer ordering food packets from. You will want the concerned authorities to check your PNR status. You would want to know if your train is running late or will be arriving at your platform on time. You may want additional details on whether your seat is a confirmed berth or is still showing RAC status (Reservation against Cancellation). You will want your service provider to provide you with these value-added snippets at the tip of your finger. Reputed online caterers provide you with such vital information at the nick of the hour. This way, you are able to embark on your journey, without any hassles.

Group travel offers

Say, you are planning an excursion party. You want students and teachers to occupy one entire compartment, you can again count upon the services of a reputed e-caterer. You can get discounted offers and deals for group travel. You have a group of friends for whom you want to order. Group travel offers can give you complete access to exciting deals, combo, and freebies on a variety of dishes that are served on your table, as such.

Party games and events

This is a lucrative feature you would expect from an online caterer who supplies you with fresh and hygienic food. For those of you who are traveling on a business meet or going to another part of the city for conducting a wedding or Engagement ceremony, you would want the caterer to help you organize games. Tambola, rummy games, passing the parcel and other wonderful games can be organized while you are seated at the table.

Your online service provider can organize anthakshiris or dumb charades to make traveling, even more, exciting and memorable.

These are the top 5 features you would expect along with food for the train journey. You as a customer always want something more!

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