The Most Enthralling Religious Sites in Delhi

The most enthralling religious sites in Delhi

The national capital has inhabitants of various religions. And like any other city in India, it has several places of worship. While the Jama Masjid remains all time popular, let us look at the other places of worship in the national capital.

Lotus Temple– Known popularly as the Bahaitemple in Delhi, this temple is one of its kind for many reasons. Constructed in the shape of a lotus, having 26 petals made of marble, the temple remarkably maintains a very tranquil attitude, even though it is always heavily populated by tourists. Most of the Delhi day tour packages include this temple.

Akshardham Temple – This temple was inspired by another one with the same name which is in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. A visit here may give you a good knowledge of the Hindu culture and tradition. It is a relatively new place in Delhi which was opened in 2005. But it incorporates decades of Hindu wisdom. The grandeur of the temple is another reason to visit it. Fifty acres of lawns dotted with many statues ensure you have enough to see at this place.

Viceroy Church– Officially known as Cathedral Church of the Redemption, the church is named after the British viceroy of 1930. It was built to meet the religious needs of the British officers before India’s independence. It is designed in such a way that it is always cool inside the church and in its immediate surroundings.

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib – This is a prominent place of worship in Delhi for the Sikhs. The gurdwara has large scratches of white cool marble. There is also a pool here, the water of which is said to cure any illness related to the eye. It is associated with the eighth Sikh guru who is known for providing fresh water and food during the epidemic of 1620. There is also a langarhall here which serves unlimited free food to people of all fates. Covering your head is a must when entering this gurdwara.

Nizamuddin Dargah – This is the tomb of the very popular sufi saint – NizamuddinAuliya. This very vibrant shrine has kept its ages long sufi traditions alive and each evening, a qawwali event is held here. It is sure to strike a chord with any visitor.

Sri Digambar Dain Lal Mandir – This is the oldest Jain temple in the country and also the most popular of all. Located at a very convenient location near the Red Fort, this very impressive building is a classy example of typical Indian architectural marvel. There are several shrines within the temple complex here. You can also find a hospital within the complex which is exclusively for treating the bird species. It is the only hospital of this kind in the globe.

If you are choosing a private tour Delhi, make sure at least two of the above places are included in the tour. There is something distinct about the religious places in Delhi which demands a visit from you.

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