How to establish a true brand identity!

Individuals, small, mid-size and larger corporations distinguish themselves from the competition with the concept of branding. It of course takes lots of effective research and patience to develop a unique brand from concept to creation and implementation. If somebody comes up to you and tells you that a brand can be created overnight, it’s not true. A unique brand is thoroughly planned, maintained and groomed. It costs a lot of energy, money and efforts to make it a reality.

A brand builds a reputation for a business, product or an individual. It’s basically a promise to its consumers and customers that promises to deliver with consistency and creates the perception, expectations and brand’s personality with is logo design.

Companies offering logo design services do not keep all the areas in mind before actually sharing the design concept with the client, it’s not just a simple logo design, it’s the seed planted which will grow over time with the same reputation as the brand’s logo reflects with its style, shape and color.

The objective of the strategy of branding should be consistent, clear and compelling which can communicate and convey the right message to its target audience.

The most crucial part of brand strategy is the logo design and it’s important to understand that logo is not your complete brand, it’s the visual element which symbolizes your brand’s true identity and it’s the part of your overall business.

The visuals of a logo not just communicate emotionally to your audience, but helps you promote your business through it via advertising, promotional activities, videos, brochures, flyers and a website. To build credibility the look, style, shape, color should be consistent to stand out from your competition.

There are rules which have to be followed before coming up with a brand logo design concept and the rule number one is unique. This is important when you are hiring a graphic design team that they put significant time and energy to make your logo unique and follow a strict SWOT analysis before actually sharing the design concept for your approval.

A review of your business model, products and services helps the graphic design team to deliver you the right logo for your business. But you need to be careful when you see the first draft of your logo and do not reject an idea without focusing on the idea, a short meeting regarding every logo design concept with the project manager will be important for you to understand the logic behind the logo design.

After viewing a couple of drafts you need to shortlist the best design ideas you think can be your brand’s true identity. Take feedback from family, friends, co-workers, partners and your business mentors get an idea for your loved ones and close professionals, their suggestion might help you find the right logo for your business.

You’ll either get a negative feedback or a positive feedback because it’s the basic public perception you’ll get when sharing the initial drafts with people close to you. They care about you and will share an honest feedback regarding your quest to find the right logo for your business.

Tagline is as important as the logo itself, so don’t forget to get a catchy tagline to keep your brand unique. This will help your audience relate your business and logo every time they’ll interact with your business. It is important to keep your business taglineeasy to remember and simple, being clever is advised here, keeping it short will help you typically incorporate the tag line in your logo design and other marketing material.

Best of luck for your logo design quest.

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