Few Facts about Alcoholism and Underage Drinking in America

Alcohol consumption is a huge social activity and economic producer within the United States. At least 75% of America’s population has consumed at least one alcoholic drink within the past year. This social activity is also very elusive because millions of people drink intermittently. The fact is that alcohol is consumed by most Americans within any given year.

American People and their Drinking Habits

Many people 18 and over drink alcohol for social reasons. As a matter of fact, at least 70.1% of all adults have taken a drink within a given year. This figure indicates at least 173.6 million people consumed alcohol in 2017 and this number will be about the same for adult alcoholic consumption in 2018.

This statistic applies to adults 18 and over. When it comes to teenagers and adolescent children, at least 10 million minors consumed one alcoholic drink within the past year. The numbers clearly indicate that many people drink once they reach the adult stage (18) of life.

Keep in mind that just because people had one drink in the past year does not mean they are alcoholics or have a drinking disorder. People often drink for social purposes. Alcohol is commonly served in various social settings. People drink at parties, small gatherings, family celebrations, holiday celebrations, when they go out on dates and on the weekend. Drinking also happens at social functions, restaurants, clubs and bars and in private settings between couples.


Drinking Facts and Statistics for People 17 and Under

Teens typically drink in their social gatherings as well. People under the age of 17 typically acquire alcohol from older people who are willing to get this substance for them. While underage drinking is illegal, adolescents 17 and under can get a drink from adults who keep this substance in their home or purchase it from a store on their behalf.

Some teenagers have a problem with drinking. At least 2 million people 17 and under have a drinking problem. Many of these teens are addicted to alcohol and are considered heavy drinkers. Teen and adolescent alcoholism is extremely dangerous because teens and children have not fully developed mentally or physically. Alcohol could impede or completely prohibit their developmental process. These individuals can receive help from teen rehabs center to eliminate or at least control this problem.

American Society and Underage Drinking

One of the biggest problems with alcohol consumption for underage teens has to do with American society in general. On the surface American people do not want kids to drink and they do not encourage drunkenness for minors. Truthfully, fewer minors are consuming less alcohol than they did in the past.

However, many Americans do not mind giving children alcohol in social settings. Parents will often introduce their children to drinking through a private interaction. Some kids take sips of alcohol at family celebrations. Some adults will allow kids to drink at a party or social gathering. Other kids will pick up on drinking from watching their parents or older adults around them.

Alcohol consumption is a part of American life that many adults will not endorse publicly. However, they will promote alcohol consumption on a personal level. This might seem hypocritical, but this is how a lot of American people are when it comes to drinking.

Teen rehabs center can help young people get their lives back if they are experiencing a drinking problem. These facilities are known for their ability to tackle drinking problems at their root core. They can also provide young teens with practical solutions for maintaining an alcohol-free existence. Many communities all over the United States have these facilities for helping young people to overcome alcoholism.


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