FAQs Related To Travel Insurance At Ryanair

When planning a trip, no one wants their exciting trip to get skewed. But one must realise that happening of an unforeseen event is possible. With travel insurance, you’ll have valuable coverage that travels with you.

  The Infographic titled as “Travel Insurance At Ryanair FAQ” talks about some of the frequently asked queries by air-travellers about travel insurance policy offered by Ryanair. These include the following:

  • How can someone purchase travel insurance? : A person can buy travel insurance online while booking the flights, via Ryanair’s call centre or while check-in online.
  • Are there any exclusions to the policy? : There are general conditions and exclusions that apply to the travel insurance policy overall. Some of the exclusions and conditions are specific to individual sections.
  • Where to find the travel insurance policy number? : Insurance policy number is the same as the flight booking reference number. You can find this on the flight booking confirmation email along with the itemized insurance policy.
  • What should one do to cancel the travel insurance policy? : One can cancel the travel insurance policy within 14 days of purchase as long as he/she has not started its journey.

For further information, Call on Ryanair Contact Number or refer the given Infographic.

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