This Festive Season Go for Tape-in Hair Extensions

There are various kinds of hair extension attaching method used by numerous people. Depending on your hair texture, your budget, your stylist’s suggestion and the result you want, the kind of hair extension method is chosen for your precious locks. One such method is the tape-in hair extension method. The hair strands are taped into the natural hair of the client. The hair strands are sandwiched between the strand of natural hair and it makes the natural hair looks more voluminous. The tape is basically a keratin tape. It is one of the newest method that has come into trend. The tape can be both single-sided and double-sided. Various lengths of extensions are available online and from the supermarket for any length you want. It can be 16 tape in hair extensions, 14 tape in hair extensions, etc. This festive season go for this kind of extension and see how your hair looks brighter and with it your look will bloom up as well.


Cost and maintenance

It is comparatively cheaper, but also depends on the kind of salon you will be visiting and the rate of the hair-dresser. Always ask your hair stylist for maintenance tips. Brush hair every day with a wide toothed comb,but do not apply oil based or siliconbased product at the root of the hair. Clean your extensions regularly as dirt can cause severe damage to them. Avoid using too much of your hair dryer while you are wearing your extensions and also you must avoid using a straightener directly on your tresses taped with extensions as it weakens the tape and the extension might come off. Go to your salon for regular maintenance and chose your hair-dresser wisely. Always towel dry your hair very gently without damaging the extensions and pulling them down.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages are:

  • They are very easy to apply.
  • It is best for a temporary duration of two to three months.
  • It looks very natural and can be styled like your own hair.
  • The method of application is even easier than compared to other methods. It takes a less amount of time than other methods of attaching hair extensions.
  • It doesn’t do much damage to your hair as there is no use of any heating tools while taping in the tape in extensions.

Disadvantages of tape-in extensions are:

  • If you have very thin hair, then the tape might be visible. It is not advised for thin hair for this very reason.
  • Just after the procedure is completed you will not be able to wash your hair for one or two days.
  • With these extensions you will not be able to style your hair many ways. There is going to be limited options only.

For beautiful and gorgeous mane, you can surely think of getting this extension done. They can help your mane feel more naturally long with a very easy application process. You can also opt for Remy hair extensions for getting more natural hair. There are various sizes of Remy extensions available like the 16 inch Remy tape in hair extensions, 20 inch Remy tape extensions, etc.

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