Fine Opportunities to Edit Pictures InMovavi

We all want our photos to be beautiful and attractive. Of course, you need to think about this at the time of shooting, carefully choosing the angle, correctly framing the picture and setting the optimal shooting modes. However, even the already made photos can be greatly improved with the help of not tricky tricks and the Movavi image editor will help us with a simple and intuitive interface, including in Russian.

Movavi Photo Editor is a computer program for image processing allowing improving their appearance by removing various defects in photos or vice versa adding new effects. In the process of image editing, you can choose between automatic algorithms and manual changes. If you want to know how to edit pictures on mac then it is for sure that with Movavi you will be having the best options now.

All the necessary tools for work are collected in one graphical editor, which allows you to perform all the processing of images from start to finish in the photo editor Movavi. Let’s discuss in more detail


How to edit photos tools that you can use while processing your photos

The tools are grouped by their respective tabs for easy work on images.

Improve photo

The photo editor gives you the opportunity to customize all the image parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, tone, temperature, hue and others. Also available is an auto-enhancement function for quick editing in automatic mode.


Here are collected more than 30 different filters that can be applied to the image achieving new artistic effects. Convert the image into black and white, add sepia effect, vignettes, oil paintings, impose different color filters and textures achieving special artistic expressiveness. The tools of this group give a wide freedom of creativity allowing you to transform even a boring photo.


Is your picture shot inverted or at an angle to the horizon? It does not matter, it’s easy to fix in a few mouse clicks. Simple and understandable tools allow you to rotate the image, reflect in different planes and align the horizon in manual and automatic mode.


Easily crop your photos by cutting off all unnecessary and concentrating on the really important. It is possible to set the framing frame manually or use templates.

Adding text

Add text to the image is easy, just use the appropriate tool. For the text to fit in the most natural way, you need to choose its location, size, color, effects, transparency. Do not neglect such an important parameter as the font type, you can choose any of the fonts installed in your computer.

Resize the image

It’s no secret that for different ways of using photos there are optimal sizes. In this program, you can easily resize the images to a larger or smaller side, depending on your needs.

Delete objects and background

The following tools are divided into two tabs in the program, but they perform similar actions. In the frame got an unnecessary object or person? Simply select it with any of the tools available in the program and click “Erase”. Replacing the background in the image is as simple as that. Select this time unnecessary areas in the photo and indicate what to do with them. You can fill them with the desired color, specify another image as a background or leave them transparent.


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