Grenada: The Unexplored Island of the Caribbean

According to the studies and surveys, Grenada needs to be pushed out to the tourists. This is a small island that has it all what it takes to be a tourist hub. Although it’s not so much unpopular as it used to be years ago but there is much more exposure that’s required here. You might not know but this island is bejeweled with the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. If you are eager to get fascinated with the man-made and natural destinations that are simply breathtaking, just make sure you visit this exotic island. So what’s more in there for you? Dig to discover more

Mount Qua Qua

Amongst the top 3 highest mountains in Grenada, Mount Qua Qua is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions of this island. For the ones who passionately climb mountains, this mountain is a true love. Along with trekking mountains, there are trails as well on food of the peak if you are not really fond of hitting the heights. Due to the Typhoon Ivan back in 2004, the popular tourist attraction was badly destroyed. One great things about this mountain is that it has recovered from that horrible disaster and now it’s known to be a very beautiful place to visit and sight to explore.

Underwater Sculpture Park

If you haven’t ever happened to see the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, it’s going to be entirely different experience for you. Astonishingly, it’s a very unique tourist attraction in this beautiful island as you have to go underwater to see statues and sculptures in the park. In there, you would also come across the Christ of the Deep that’s one of those statues in the park and most important it’s considered as a national landmark in Grenada. There are other sculptures in the park as well that for example Sienna, Grace Reef, The Lost Correspondent, The Un-still Life and etc.

Paradise Beach

It’s not only an attraction for the tourist and people living in the Caribbean but also it’s considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Perhaps that’ the reason as to why the tourists from across the world do visit the Paradise Beach especially when they enter Grenada. Most of the travelers who haven’t yet happened to visit Grenada are simply eager to show up at this place at least once in their life. For the locals, this beach has become a gateway in the island.

With such a great popular, this beach has become a place for relief for the locals (having Grenada passport). Most of the people living in Grenada as citizen must have plan a 2 day rejuvenation period to the Paradise Beach after a horrible Mon – Fri grind. Truly, what more relaxing than the white sand, crystal clear water and clam all around. Undoubtedly, it surely brings a sigh of relief. In this beach, you can do swimming, snorkeling and a plenty of water sports you may be interested in.


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