A Guide in Choosing a Paediatric Cardiologist

If a paediatrician goes on to detect a problem with the heart of your baby, then most often than not the doctor would recommend you to get in touch with a paediatric cardiologist. In case of some defects you may not need treatment whereas in case of others, surgery may be needed to open up the heart.

A lot many questions will be posed regarding the care of your child. For proper guidance you would need to choose a cardiologist as any other doctor would not be of much help. Undertake a detailed research at your own end and then align with their advice.

The heart of an infant happens to be the size of their fist. If operation on such a small organ and that too with small vessels needs specialized training, experience along with skills. It is suggested that you choose a doctor who has technical knowhow and it should be someone with whom a reasonable rapport has been established.

You could also check out for other families who have been affected with a congenital heart disease. Do ask them about their experiences and how the cardiologist has gone on to take care of the baby. Do check out if they have gone on to provide suitable recommendations or tips on the same.

Once the diagnosis of your child is done, the parents are in a better position to assess a cardiologist. You can ask them information about the health condition of your child. They are going to provide you vital sources of information, but observe them with a critical eye.

You could ask your surgeon about the experience they possess. Do ask them how many times they have performed a surgery and what has been the outcome on the same. There are some hospitals or surgeons who specialize in a particular type of surgery. Do not be even afraid to ask your doctor if they have performed a surgery similar to which your child is suffering.

When it is a complex surgery there is a team of doctors along with support staff at work. You should learn as much as possible when they are working with a paediatric cardiologist. It would be better if you could seek more about the experience along with the skill sets of a cardiologist.

The best paediatric cardiologist in India is affiliated with the best hospitals. You should clearly understand where the doctor performs surgeries.

Sometimes it has been observed that you would need to travel so as to perform the surgery of your child. Not each and every hospital has a paediatric cardiologist. Kids would need to spend a considerable amount of time in the hospital and it is obvious that sometimes they would need than one surgery. The trend that is observed that the cardiologist is going to treat your child for a long time in the years to come as well. So you would need to be comfortable and confident with a cardiologist as well.


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