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Is Haier Slider The Best In Comfort And Style For You?



It is now known as a product brand in home comfort and domestic appliances. Its reputation as a trusted brand is the reason why you should purchase a Haier Slider air conditioning unit.

Ultimate Cool Comfort

For those who have horizontal sliding windows, the Haier casement air conditioner is one of the best home appliances you can ever buy. With its All Top Discharge Airflow pattern, the Haier slider air conditioner guarantees that your home will be as cool as it can be during those hot summer months. Your family will never sweat with Haier slider quietly running in the background, and you will not even know that there is an air conditioning unit around.

Like its more expensive counterpart, the Frigidaire slider, this Haier air conditioning unit operates without any whirring sound. This makes you sleep better or even do whatever you want without being bothered by its sound. It has a safety power cord and a hydrophilic resin coated indoor coil, so that you will be sure that it won’t cause you any electrical problems.

No Professional Mounting Needed


The best thing about Haier brand of casement air conditioner is like the Gibson casement air conditioner, you can fit it into your casement windows without any worries. It is easy-to-install and mounting kit will save you the cost of hiring a professional to install it. You can easily put Haier A/C into any room even if you don’t know the first thing about tools or equipment.

The Cheaper Alternative

If you are worried about unclean air, Haier A/C’s filter is easily accessible. You can quickly clean the filter and you will have fresh air every time you turn it on. Its stylish modern design is the same as Amana slider, but it will cost your fewer dollars.

You can also change the settings because Haier Slider has 3 fan settings and 3 cool settings. So whatever the weather is, you will be sure to never sweat or perspire ever again. You can just adjust the settings using remote control and it even has a digital timer if you want it to turn off when you are sleeping.

The Haier slider operates on 8,000 BTUs, so you don’t need to wait very long for your room to become cooler. All you do is sit back and relax and let the Haier slider keep you nice and comfortable inside your home.

Truly, with the Haier slider, the Haier brand knows what meeting customer demands is all about! With their established repair and service network throughout the United States, you will be sure to get full customer service whenever you are having problems with your casement air conditioner.


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