Know All the Safety Measures for The Power Lines from The Effects of Lightning

The lightning is caused due to the flow of electrical charge from the clouds to the earth. This natural incident can harm the power lines to a great extent.

There are many government agencies around the world that record all the data from different lightning accidents of power lines. These agencies have a strong data related to lightning accidents and determine easily if the cause of any fault in the transmission and distribution was lightning or not.


When lightning attacks a voltage network

Usually, in the case of lightning attack, voltage networks create a flash over. The one reason of this flash over could be the surge of the electricity. However, in case the lighting hit a high tower, then a back-flash occurs due to the development of excess voltage.

When the low capacity of lightning hits the phase wire, the shielding gets failed and a flash occurs. This effect of lightning is clearer in high-voltage transmission lines than low-voltage lines.

Even when lightning hits the ground very close to the sub-transmission lines, dangerous voltages cultivate on the phase conductors due to the electromagnetic field created by the stroke. This high voltage causes severely dangerous short-circuits on the insulators.

Safety measures necessary for the safety of voltage networks

There are certain rules that can save voltage transmission and distribution lines if followed perfectly.

Save phase conductors through shield wires

Shield wires save the phase conductors from lightning strikes in a transmission line. Hence, adding the necessary numbers of shield wires is a wise idea to save the conductors from the short circuits. The place of the shield wires in the distribution line is also very important. If placed carelessly, it can lead to more faults in the phase conductor due to lightning.

Reduce the voltage development by controlling the ground impedance

The voltage that develops after the lightning strike on the shield wire, needs to be controlled. And the method of controlling this voltage is by reducing the ground impedance of the tower. It decreases the insulation stress on the line during the lightning and ultimately controls the back flash-overs.

Insulation of transmission lines

Adding long insulators is beneficial during the construction of the transmission line because adding insulation becomes really difficult once the construction is done. The long insulators control the induction of flash overs due to a great extent. 

Limiting the voltage by installing arresters

Adding surge arresters with Polymer disconnectors can solve the problem of the voltage induction between the tower and the phase conductors. This, as a result, prevents the faults from happening in both low voltage and medium voltage networks.

It is really important that the engineer working on a particular distribution project takes all the safety measures to avoid any hazardous situations. By utilizing the best arrestors and other corrections on the power line, the preciseness and the accuracy can be achieved.

Hopefully, these tips will help the engineers in taking critical decisions to ensure the safety of the distribution lines from the lightning strikes.

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