Know The Working Of A Car’s Electrical System

You can easily understand the working of a car’s electrical system. Yes, just relate it to your circulatory system.  The battery does the work of the Heart.  As blood circulates via blood vessels to the parts of the body, electrical current flows through the wires to the required parts.

This correlation becomes much stronger when you realize that similar to blood, the electricity, In fact, the analogy is closer still when you consider that like blood, the power also flows only from the battery to other parts of the car.

Also, as blood circulation happens under pressure, the flow of electrical current also takes place under pressure. The pressure gets measured in Volts and the electrical current in Amperes, but most of the time it gets expressed as Watts.

As the electrical current travels, it comes across resistance when the wire conducts (similar to the small blood vessel), and this effect gets measured in Ohms. Heat gets generated with high resistance.

Role of a Battery in Car

All Pro Exhaust an Auto electrical work system repair MA addresses any car problem. But you must know the working of a car’s electrical system to report conditions to the mechanic.

Car’s alternator produces electricity and the battery stores and distributes the same. The power gets received by all ancillary circuits including the lights. Power-hungry ignition circuit forms the next famous circuit in a vehicle including the spark plugs. In general starter motors runs on its own.

Battery current ranges between 200 and 1000 Amperes with a 12 Volt rating. 56amp/hour makes an ideal battery description. The delivering ability for 56 hours is One Ampere.

Know how the current flows

As mentioned earlier, the direction of current flow happens only from the battery through the positive terminal and return backs through the negative terminal.  Remember the negative terminal called as an earth terminal. Before approaching All Pro Exhaust for electrical car work MA, make sure that the ground connection is connected securely to prevent getting electrocuted.


Defining Polarity becomes very simple when you understand that the car’s electrical parts allow current to flow from one direction only.

Make sure to check the polarity of the car before fitting any electrical components. Know that the battery negative terminal gets earthed and known as negative earth system. To avoid any damage a switch present on the unit will enable you to identify the right polarity.

Dimming Lights Associated With Car Starting

 When the car starts, most of the electrical current flows from the battery into the car’s starter motor. More than 200 Amperes current required to initiate the engine. Automatically lights dim due to the lack f power supply.

Starting Car During Winter

Car battery power gets influenced by the atmospheric temperature. When the temp goes close to Zero deg C, the battery power drops to 50% less than normal. Thus ignited engine becomes difficult due to insufficient flow of current.

Know 48-Volt System

Due to the technological advancement and sophistication, the need for power has greater demand. The electrical system gets an upgrade from 12 V to 48 V. This will provide more power to water pumps and turbochargers. Also, the electrical motor that powers the car and autonomous driving computer systems would receive the required power.

But the car’s lights services and auxiliary services will continue to work on 12 V system paralleled.

Job of a Car Fuse

Behind a cover, in the dashboard, you can find the vehicle fuses. When the electricity flowing down a wire becomes more and breaks a bulb or fires, the fuse will burn by disconnecting the circuit. This helps to prevent the movement of current.

Ignition Key and Car

Car’s electric system starts functioning only when the ignition switch sets the car on. Know the reason. All the ancillary circuit components have got connected via the ignition switch. Turn the key to start and prevent battery draining.

Radio and Ignition Switch Connection

Radio and ignition switch connection has such a design that when you turn the key partly in auxiliary point radio starts functioning.  Radios don’t consume power, and hence you can use it even when the engine remains switched off.

Trust you understood how your car works? Efficiently use your battery for its long life.

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