Why Meditation is Taught in a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Transcending the boundaries of ethereal, meditation is a gift to mankind from the Vedic Culture to make it through stress and tension. A yoga teacher training course teaches the students to practice this harmonizing art daily in the meditation classes. These guided classes offer many benefits to the learners, which they can use to synchronize their professional and personal lives. Without analyzing and speculating, meditating involves the attention of the practitioner to his/her thoughts. It demands us to sit without the attitude of judgment rather requests us to imbibe the attitude of gratitude.  Those who regularly practice meditation can be identified distinctively from those who are under constant stress or depression:

Meditation and yoga teacher training go hand in hand, let us see why is tranquility an integral part of a month long certification program:


An aid in course

A yoga teacher training program can be intense and challenging. Daily meditation classes in the course act as a breather for the fatigued. Usually the students are asked to meditate once the entire day’s schedule is wrapped up. After working both the body and mind, our entire being gets tired and needs a boost of relaxation and tranquility to assimilate everything thoroughly. Our mind finds a sense of peace and calm through this process and also is able to refine the loads of information it is exposed to in the program. Also, meditation helps in performing asanas in the practical classes and the other way round. Both the asana and dhayana are like two rivers that help each other flow smoothly. Inculcating patience, focus, gratitude and a calm demeanor, a teacher training course would be a waste or incomplete if meditation is not practiced.


An essential for yoga teacher

An extension to the aforementioned point, a yoga teacher is expected to have all the qualities and skills of an adept or a yogi. The future clients would come to the graduates of a yoga teacher training course for both yoga and self-contemplation. If a teacher is unaware of the meditative practices, he/she will not be able to help those who are looking for deeper answers or meaning in life. Therefore a meditation in yoga teacher training is inevitable. One cannot expect to be a master of it when they do not know the basic and it would not be wrong to say that the art of concentration is the key to mastering yogic studies on the whole.

A handy tool

It is not necessary that all the students of the course are planning on taking up yogic teaching as a career option. Some are there to just enhance their lifestyle and understand the ancient art forms deeply. Mediation in yoga teacher training course is helpful to these students as well. They take home more than they can imagine. With the help of yoga nidra, chakra meditation, color meditation, inner silence etc. one can expect a higher quality of life, better sleep patterns, enhanced relationships with the world and the self, better focus and also patience as well as anger management.

Meditation classes are a boon to the society and must be practiced by everyone to enjoy a healthy body, mind and soul.

Author Bio – Manmohan is a yoga enthusiast, free spirit, traveler and freelance writer from Rishikesh. He run yoga teacher training in India, Nepal, Thailand and various other countries, where yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and spirituality is taught under the expert guidance of traditional and authentic yoga instructors.

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