Mobile Apps and Banking

Science and technology have been making our lives easier since so long that we sometimes forget where we would have been if not for these technologies. Like mobile apps! Nowadays, mobile apps are making our lives a lot easier.

How Mobile Apps Make Our Lives Easier:

If you are in an unknown city or place, you don’t need to worry about anything. There are apps (such as Nearby, Around me, Find places near me) which will help you with finding nearest food court, gas station, railway station, hospital, nearest ATM machine or any specific place where you need to go, even WiFi spots. If you did not have time to read the newspaper this morning, then you can read them on your mobile through some apps. You don’t need to have a laptop to get access to all your e-documents, you can read them on your mobile through some pdf and doc reader apps. There are apps for shopping, you don’t need to walk all over to a shop just for some casual shopping. The list will go on if I start talking about all the fields where mobile apps are making things and work more convenient for us.


Mobile Apps and Banking

In the last few months I realized that the ability to do banking without actually going to the bank is something, for which I can’t thank mobile app developers enough! Last year when India was going through bank note demonetization, where the Indian government decided to stop 500  and 1000 currency notes for the betterment of Indian economy, these apps helped a lot. Even though demonetization was done to improve Indian economy, we can’t deny that people have to suffer because of it. Standing in queues from morning to get cash and what not. But mobile apps helped a lot in those days. Like I was able to find which ATM has cash without actually going there. And that’s not where it ends. Apps like paytm and freerecharge have also helped people with buying groceries, shopping, paying bills and etc. Not only in difficult days, these apps make your everyday life easier. You can lend money to your friends, even when you are low on cash. You don’t have to worry about whether the shop has card swiping machine or not, you can just pay the money in there paytm account. Banking through these mobile apps are taking off a great burden from us.


Managing financial exchanges through these apps is a lot safer than keeping large amount of cash with yourself. Your personal information like your card number, bank account number, passwords is kept safe. You don’t have to worry about online forgery.


These days you don’t have to worry about closing time for banking, you can do banking any time of the day from anywhere through mobile apps without worrying about online forgery.

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